Sunday, 30 October 2016

Trump is right on Syria and on foreign plots

Irrespective of what the outcome of the elections is Trump is absolutely right about Syria and on foreign plots. I don't care who wins or loses, why should I care? because I am not an American. Quoting Trump from the final presidential debate.
"And a lot of this is because of Hillary Clinton, because what's happened is, by fighting Assad, who turned out to be a lot tougher than she thought, and now she's going to say, oh, he loves Assad, she's -- he's just much tougher and much smarter than her and Obama. And everyone thought he was gone two years ago, three years ago. He -- he aligned with Russia. 
He now also aligned with Iran, who we made very powerful. We gave them $150 billion back. We give them $1.7 billion in cash. I mean, cash. Bundles of cash as big as this stage. We gave them $1.7 billion. 
Now they have -- he has aligned with Russia and with Iran. They don't want ISIS, but they have other things, because we're backing -- we're backing rebels. We don't know who the rebels are. We're giving them lots of money, lots of everything. We don't know who the rebels are. And when and if -- and it's not going to happen, because you have Russia and you have Iran now. But if they ever did overthrow Assad, you might end up with -- as bad as Assad is, and he's a bad guy, but you may very well end up with worse than Assad. 
If she did nothing, we'd be in much better shape. And this is what's caused the great migration, where she's taking in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, who probably in many cases -- not probably, who are definitely in many cases, ISIS-aligned, and we now have them in our country, and wait until you see -- this is going to be the great Trojan horse. And wait until you see what happens in the coming years. Lots of luck, Hillary. Thanks a lot for doing a great job."

           - Trump on foreign plots, final presidential debate.

We do know who the rebels are Mr. Trump (The Battle between ISIS and Syria’s Rebel Militias | Clarion Project) and these rebels whom America is backing and providing loads of cash and weapons have exactly the same kind of ideology as ISIS. ISIS is just one of the radical Islamic groups out of many. This is where Vladimir Putin has outsmarted the people in the white house. Putin might be having his own personal goals on Syria but he treats all rebel Islamic groups in the same way without differentiating them into moderates and extremists and wants to wipe out all the radical Islamic militant groups irrespective of whether they are less moderate than ISIS or not.

“Very simple. The U.S. and the CIA should stop this illegal and counter-productive war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad and should stay focused on fighting against who our enemy is, the Islamic extremist groups,” she said. “Because right now we’re seeing why this is counter-productive, by working towards that end, by working toward the overthrow of Assad we are not only strengthening our enemy, the Islamic extremists, who will walk in and take over all of the country Syria, right now they have about half of the country under their control, but it also puts us in that position of a potential direct head to head conflict with Russia which brings us to the brink of a potential larger conflict, a potential World War III situation.” 
“And secondly it’s counterproductive because right now U.S. arms are getting into hands of our enemy, al-Qaida, al-Nusra, these other groups, Islamic extremist groups, who are our sworn enemy,” she said. “These are the same groups who attacked us on 9/11 and who supposedly we’re trying to defeat and yet at the same time supporting them with these arms to overthrow the Syrian government.” 
- Tulsi Gabbard (female democrat), a member of the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees and a combat veteran of the Iraq War.

"She (Hillary) doesn't like Putin because Putin has outsmarted her at every step of the way. Putin has outsmarted her in Syria. He's outsmarted her every step of the way."
           - Donald Trump

Trump is bang on here and the above evidence proves it why.

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