Monday, 14 August 2017

Falsifying Penrose's Orchestrated Objective state reduction

Sir Roger Penrose is of the opinion that quantum states reduces to a classical state in a non-random non-computational way due to mass displacements between entangled quantum systems.

In the below paper he has given an experiment to empirically falsify his viewpoint.

Quantum computation, entanglement and state reduction

I am a very big fan of his non-computable approach to human thought process but I am not a huge fan of his orchestrated objective state reduction. Nevertheless we must appreciate his willingness and courage to put his viewpoints to be tested against mother nature. Who knows he might be right of the opinion that quantum particles behave differently under the influence of gravity.

On the other hand Caslav Brukner and others is of the opinion that a gravitational wave will be no different from other waves and it too will end up in a superposition of states satisfying the quantum superposition principle. Penrose is of the opinion that it would contradict with the principles of general relativity in such a case. Its time we have a face off between these two giant successful scientific theories.