Thursday, 31 May 2018

When Venus crosses your ascendant

I wanted to take a quick moment to share how impressed we are with Harshit’s work on the Datasources team. The team is in a bit of a crunch due to a high volume of critical tickets that have hit us over the past two weeks or so. And Harshit’s been just fantastic in the way he is handling everything assigned to him. He is also assisting with KT to some of the newer team members we are bringing on board to assist with the volume of work.  
We much appreciate having him as our team member.
           - Senior Manager, Product development 

You are more than welcome! I have been very pleased with you & think it should be known. But, I have to be careful so that no one steals you away. ;)
          - Scrum Master

I’m building the Canadian version of the DS. 😊 and your work in converting the code is great.
          - Business Implementation Analyst