Friday, 14 September 2018

The grace of God

Is there anything more greater in this world other than the grace of god?
“I found that whatever truth I had read [in the Platonists] was [in the writings of Paul] combined with the exaltation of thy grace.”
           - Saint Augustine 

The teachings of Paul of Tarsus was ground breaking at that time and they are still earth shaking transformational ideas for this modern age. The truth that our salvation is not in our hands and that we are saved not by doing good deeds but by a predestined election by God.

Most people do not realize that these teachings are very similar to the karma yoga of Bhagvad Gita where in it states that we should not expect the fruits of our actions because work has been given free to us and it is God himself who is stimulating our thoughts and doing all the works in the world. So where then is boasting? When we are not even the doer of our actions then why should we expect to receive the fruits of those actions? The glory of our works and achievements should go to God because it is he who is in everyone and doing all the activities of the cosmos.

We are no where in this world picture. Ego is God who controls the intellect and our thoughts. The intellect controls the mind and the mind controls the brain and the brain controls the body. That's how the flow of action is. Where am I in this world picture? Who am I? The I is the soul who passively experiences these playful activities of the gods. The only way to escape from this mortal world is through the grace of God. He has to give permission and let you go. You cannot win that grace of god by doing charity and other good deeds. No amount of good deeds will ensure a place in heaven and immortality for you. This is the bitter truth.

I for one have experienced the grace of god working through out my life and I consider myself very lucky to have received this knowledge and all the pleasures of the world from him. I must say right from my childhood up until now I have led a life without any hardship. My grand father was a police man and he used to bring me whatever I asked for whether its toys, cars, pigeons or German Shepherds etc and by the time when my cousins were born he was happily retired a privilege which they didn't enjoy. I never knew about Valentinus but god introduced his works to me. We never thought we would be building such a big house but it turned out to be such. Its as though I was predestined to know it and have it. The end goal of all these teachings is to take us away from the life of birth and death towards the immortality of the soul which is what we call as redemption.