Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Pagan Gnostic Christian?

Paganism and orthodox Christianity are entirely incompatible. The God of the Old Testament is a jealous god and wants all heathens to be destroyed since they honour and worship other gods rather than him. Many fundamental Christians if given a chance will stone heathens to death because it is said in their bible that anyone who serve other gods than Jehovah who brought Jews out of the land of Egypt must be stoned to death (Deuteronomy) and killed.

Pagan doctrines are a big heresy to the church.

Paganism vs Orthodox Christianity

  1. Emanationism vs Creationism
  2. Reincarnation vs Bodily resurrection
  3. Hard Polytheism vs Monotheism
  4. They practise Idolatry vs They flee from Idolatry
  5. Are exempted from all Divine Laws vs Are compelled to follow a Divine Law
  6. Redemption via Wisdom vs Redemption via blind faith
  7. Man is a puppet and has no free will vs Man has free will and is responsible for his actions
  8. Mystical union with Gods vs Subordinate to God
  9. Believe in Karma vs Believe in Original Sin
  10. Sun worship vs Sun worship is Devil worship
As you can see Paganism agrees next to nothing with orthodox Christianity. If this is the case people might be wondering how one can call himself a Pagan Christian. The missing link between Paganism and Christianity is Gnosticism.

Crossing Borders: Combining Paganism and Gnostic Christianity

A Pagan and a Christian holding a truth in agreement. St Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles who worked so hard to bring even Gentiles into the ministry of Jesus Christ. You are neither Jew nor a Greek but one in Christ. Jesus belongs to the Pagans too. Its not my intention to offend any orthodox Christians but this is what I truly believe and this is the truth. Jesus was sent by the Demiurge, The God of Old Testament, Jehovah and Christ who went inside Jesus's body at the time of his Baptism in the form of a dove was sent by the all loving Holy Father from whom all things have come and for whom we live.