Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A mural of Savitr (Vedic God)

The mural of Savitr is complete and is implanted on the exterior wall of my home. For further reading read my earlier post @My home sweet home

Sunday, 3 September 2017

My home sweet home

The year 2017 has been a very busy year for me. After I quit my first job I had two choices either to go for higher studies abroad or buy an immovable asset and settle down in my hometown. I made the latter choice as I was not interested in higher studies because at the end it all boils down to talent and hard work rather than a bunch of certificates from Universities.

We looked quite a few houses but none suited us and hence we decided to construct our own house. We started it on February on the day when the Sun moves into summer solstice which we call it as Uttarayana or Ratha Sapthami as it is very auspicious. I am happy that the house is almost reaching its fruition end even though it was very stressful for me as I had to look into it and also do my job as a programmer. Luckily with god's grace I had the option to work remotely most of the days and also I had to start the work at noon since I had to overlap with my US client.

One of the things which I have to showcase is a mural art which I am planning to place it on my exterior wall. The below mural is still work in progress and still in its clay form.

At the center we have Savitr, the Sun God, riding on a chariot with Aruna has the charioteer. On the top left corner we have Yajnavalkya, the author of the famous Isha Upanishat and the White Yajur Veda which he received after extolling the sun. At the top right corner we have Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles because I believe that Paul was a Valentinian Gnostic and believed in the same Holy Father as we do. At the bottom left we have the great Valentinus, the gnostic for all seasons, we know next to nothing about him who is called as the great unknown of Gnosticism. At the bottom right we have Proclus, the great neoplatonic Successor, who was initiated into various mystery cults and obviously gave his homage to King Helios Mithras just like Julian the Emperor. I chose Proclus over Julian on the mural because his works should receive much attention and wanted to make him more popular like Julian.

There is one common theme with all these four great personas from different parts of the world and its the fact that their works were based on revelation. Paul received his revelation on his road to Damascus and Yajnavalkya saw what Valentinus saw which Valentinus expressed in his Gospel of Truth, "It was quite amazing that the Aeons were in the Father and that they were able to emanate in as much as they were not able to perceive or recognize the one in whom they were".

We are also placing this verse below the above mural which is the 16th verse of the Isha Upanishat.

पूषन्नेकर्षे यमसूर्य प्राजापत्य
व्यूह रश्मीन् समूह ।
तेजो यत्ते रूपं कल्याणतमं तत्ते पश्यामि
योऽसावसौ पुरुषः सोऽहमस्मि ॥
pūṣannekarṣe yamasūrya prājāpatya
vyūha raśmīn samūha |
tejo yatte rūpaṃ kalyāṇatamaṃ tatte paśyāmi
yo'sāvasau puruṣaḥ so'hamasmi ||
(Mantra 16, Isha-Upanishad)
Yajnavalkya, Paul, Valentinus and Proclus all of them basically had the same revelation and believed in the same Holy Father in the Pleroma which is the only thing which actually exists independent of us.