Saturday, 15 December 2018

God controls all the things all the time

Saint Paul is right, God indeed controls all the things all the time whether we like it or not. All our voluntary thoughts which lead to voluntary actions are not really voluntary at all. All our thoughts are stimulated and controlled by God.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Get Free by Major Lazer and Amber Coffman

I got to know about this song from the Spanish movie Amar. They have very well used this song as the theme for their movie. The director Esteban Crespo has made a good job by casting teenagers in the movie which was quite apt for the screenplay. It indeed takes you back to your teenage days. Read his interview here.

I also felt that this song is quite apt with my blog's name as well.

All of my life been wadin inWater so deep now we got to swimWonder will it ever endHow long how long till we have a friend....I just wanna dreamI just wanna dreamI just wanna dream

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Jesus suffered on the cross but not Christ

As a Valentinian Gnostic I do not believe that Christ was crucified and suffered on the cross. Christ was not only before Abraham in fact he was before the time of Jehovah or Yahweh, the god of the Jews. Christ requested Achamoth to bring forth Jehovah and she maneuvered him to create the heavens and the earth which was modeled according to the Pleroma above. Achamoth who was cast out of the Pleroma was saved by Christ and out of joy she emanated weak spiritual seeds and these seeds required a place for them to become mature to finally enter the Pleroma. Earth was that chosen place.

If Christ wanted us to believe and worship him as a historical person then he would have left us blueprints of his existence through out his life but as the facts show he left no relics of his existence. The shroud of Turin is a fake from the 13th century. All this shows is that Christ did not wanted us to blindly believe in bodily resurrection and hope one day that you would be saved. I still haven't seen anyone physically rise from the dead. As a Valentinian I do not believe in bodily resurrection. 

Matter and Spiritual substances do not mix and they are completely different from one another. It makes no sense for Christ who was spiritual in make to suffer like an ordinary human being engulfed in matter. Christ entered the body of Jesus at the time of his baptism and flew out of his body before the crucifixion and the flogging. The psychic Jesus having a material body was sent by Jehovah and the pneumatic Christ possessing a spiritual body was sent by the unknowable Holy Father in the Pleroma.

Sorry Irenaeus, yes we Valentinians do divide Jesus Christ and its for a valid reason and it makes perfect sense rather than wasting our lives by blindly believing in the resurrection of the dead and falsely hoping that you will be saved one day. I wish our salvation was this easy but definitely its not unless you receive the gnosis of the Father from Christ.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

The world-view of a mystic or a gnostic

While scientists all over the world are busy working on to understand quantum entanglement, quantum gravity and the space-time continuum, we mystics or gnostics on the other hand have a problem of our own. According to the doctrine of Emanationism this whole cosmos was originated from the womb of a supreme anthropomorphic God.

How on earth can we reconcile this view with the vast number of distances known to exist between galaxies and our solar system? I always stress and use the word anthropomorphic because God is a person just like you and me. God is personal and you can converse with him.

The Gnostic view of Pleroma cannot be reconciled with the scientific empirical view and that's why statements like this: "What we call empirical reality is only a state of mind" by Bernard D'Espagnat, theoretical physicist, are very appealing to me. We have no other way other than to deny the whole of science and this empirical reality to accommodate the gnostic view of Pleroma in this modern age and time.

I am a Valentinian gnostic and I know that the Pleroma exists which implies this visible cosmos which we call as Kenoma was modeled from it. The problem is not that we have to update our classical notions of space-time in fact the problem lies more in our epistemology or ways of knowing things the way they are (or ontology). Physicists are still not settled in answering whether space is continuous, quantized or a 2d hologram. They have compiled a list of point particles that govern this cosmos which they call as the Standard Model but I am gonna ask the same question which Stephen Hawking asked, Is that a true understanding of the cosmos? I would say no, because according to the mystery religions space and time are anthropomorphic Aeons and without a true understanding of them its not possible to understand how they manifest in our visible Kenoma world.

Each one of the Aeons and including us (homo sapiens) is a Pleroma by itself. Just like a single cell has all the information with in it to encode a full human being (I mean regulation of gene expression in the words of molecular biology) similarly we have the full potential with in us to create an another universe. 

"If you have seen the Father in the real realm you will become the Father" - Gospel of Philip

The Holy Father emanated the Aeons and multiplied himself and entered into these Aeons. The cosmos is nothing but a manifestation of these Aeons which implies the Holy Father is everywhere and in everything. The cosmos is nothing but a playground for the Holy Father. How does this multiplicity of individual souls transforms back again to a unified world soul is one big mystery which the Father alone knows. Anything beyond this is ineffable.

Friday, 14 September 2018

The grace of God

Is there anything more greater in this world other than the grace of god?
“I found that whatever truth I had read [in the Platonists] was [in the writings of Paul] combined with the exaltation of thy grace.”
           - Saint Augustine 

The teachings of Paul of Tarsus was ground breaking at that time and they are still earth shaking transformational ideas for this modern age. The truth that our salvation is not in our hands and that we are saved not by doing good deeds but by a predestined election by God.

Most people do not realize that these teachings are very similar to the karma yoga of Bhagvad Gita where in it states that we should not expect the fruits of our actions because work has been given free to us and it is God himself who is stimulating our thoughts and doing all the works in the world. So where then is boasting? When we are not even the doer of our actions then why should we expect to receive the fruits of those actions? The glory of our works and achievements should go to God because it is he who is in everyone and doing all the activities of the cosmos.

We are no where in this world picture. Ego is God who controls the intellect and our thoughts. The intellect controls the mind and the mind controls the brain and the brain controls the body. That's how the flow of action is. Where am I in this world picture? Who am I? The I is the soul who passively experiences these playful activities of the gods. The only way to escape from this mortal world is through the grace of God. He has to give permission and let you go. You cannot win that grace of god by doing charity and other good deeds. No amount of good deeds will ensure a place in heaven and immortality for you. This is the bitter truth.

I for one have experienced the grace of god working through out my life and I consider myself very lucky to have received this knowledge and all the pleasures of the world from him. I must say right from my childhood up until now I have led a life without any hardship. My grand father was a police man and he used to bring me whatever I asked for whether its toys, cars, pigeons or German Shepherds etc and by the time when my cousins were born he was happily retired a privilege which they didn't enjoy. I never knew about Valentinus but god introduced his works to me. We never thought we would be building such a big house but it turned out to be such. Its as though I was predestined to know it and have it. The end goal of all these teachings is to take us away from the life of birth and death towards the immortality of the soul which is what we call as redemption.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Cogito ergo sum

Can an evil demon deceive everything including my own existence? The very fact that I am aware of my own doubting or thinking proves that I cannot deny my existence as long as I am aware that I am thinking.

This doesn’t prove that soul exists. Well, I could be just a voice simulator in my brain nonetheless I exist irrespective of whether I am virtual or real. To know whether we are souls or just a voice simulated being in a brain we need to face death.

Soul has three states. In the waking state it thinks it is the physical body and receives information from the sense organs of the physical body. This is what is dubbed as consciousness in the ordinary sense of the world. 

In the dream state it thinks it is the subtle body and receives information from the sense organs of the subtle body and in the sleep state it thinks it has no body and hence you get a feeling that you ceased to exist for that duration of time.

The soul is not the director of the activities that it is aware of instead it is just an passive actor collecting and remembering all the information that is being fed into it.

Brain, Mind and the Intellect all play an vital role in processing the information from the visible and the intelligible world providing a consolidated experience to the soul.

All these activities cannot occur on its own it requires an orchestrator and that organiser is none other than God.

Brain is just a sense organ in the physical body which collects information from the surroundings and feeds that information to the mind. All the decoding of information from chemical signals to audio, visual, speech, taste, color, depth, proximity is processed in the mind outside of the brain and an output feedback signal is sent from the mind to the brain which triggers the motor muscles.

How does anaesthetic chemicals causes unconsciousness? The mind withdraws itself from the brain and the soul goes into the deep sleep state when certain drugs are fed into the brain. The same thing happens with coma patients.

You do see brain activity but it has no meaning because there is no one there to receive that information and interpret it.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

When Venus crosses your ascendant

I wanted to take a quick moment to share how impressed we are with Harshit’s work on the Datasources team. The team is in a bit of a crunch due to a high volume of critical tickets that have hit us over the past two weeks or so. And Harshit’s been just fantastic in the way he is handling everything assigned to him. He is also assisting with KT to some of the newer team members we are bringing on board to assist with the volume of work.  
We much appreciate having him as our team member.
           - Senior Manager, Product development 

You are more than welcome! I have been very pleased with you & think it should be known. But, I have to be careful so that no one steals you away. ;)
          - Scrum Master

I’m building the Canadian version of the DS. 😊 and your work in converting the code is great.
          - Business Implementation Analyst 

Friday, 13 April 2018

I love Venus in Scorpio women

I recently discovered that all the women who I admire have their Venus in Scorpio. I was a big fan of Meg Ryan and Avril Lavigne right from my teenage and they both have their Venus in Scorpio. Being a Venus in Scorpio myself it seems I am naturally attracted to these people.

As some astrologers say, its all there in their eyes as though there is a dark mystery behind them and I love all of them having grown up watching their movies.

Jennifer Connelly, Blood Diamond and The Day The Earth Stood Still

Meg Ryan, You've got mail and Sleepless in Seattle

Anne Hathaway, Dark Knight Rises

Carla Bruni Sarkhozy

Avril Lavigne

Jodie Foster, Silence of the Lambs

Katie Holmes

Sigourney Weaver, Alien Resurrection

Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil

Naomi Watts, King Kong

Winona Ryder, Alien resurrection

Even Matt Damon and Leonardo Di Caprio have their Venus in Scorpio and mind you I love the movie Departed as they both are casted in it.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Evil is an emergent property of the cosmos

God did not intend to create evil. It was not in his mind to make us suffer in this world. God held our perfection with in himself when he created the cosmos and wanted to give back the perfection to us when we returned to him out of love. This ignorance of the Father (imperfection) gave rise to evil and suffering in this world which was an emergent property of system due to the design choice made by God. The origin of evil was in a way inevitable.

People started hurting others and participated in sinful acts because they had no knowledge of from whither they have come and whither they are going. This is the state of affairs in the world as we know it from the Gospel of Truth. Now what do we do? How can we proclaim our perfection back? How can we get back our lost identity? Well, the fact of the matter is God did not gave us free will, you might do lots of charity, help the poor and the diseased, feed hungry people and do all kinds of good things and yet there is no guarantee that God will save you and send you to heaven. You might still end up in hell even after leading a righteous pure life. Why? It is because God saves you not based on works of the Law but based on unmerited grace. He saves us because he loves us, period. Nothing less nothing more.

Rather than saying God's grace is arbitrary you need to the see the world from the viewpoint of God. The truth is we are all souls with each one having the full potential within us to become the Holy Father, we are the Holy spirit, that's our true identity. Once you know this you cannot hate God for what he has in store for us. He(God) can do anything with yourself and with this world because none of the things in this world are yours, it is his body and his world and he has full authority over it, one of the reason why the Gospel of John says do not love this world nor the things in this world, the lust of the eyes and the prideful way of life is not from the Father but is from the world, the world is a passing by but one who does the will of the father will live forever or will obtain immortality.

You cannot bribe God's grace by trying to please him by doing good deeds, you cannot earn God's grace no matter what you do, there is no way through which you can earn God's grace, the grace from God should come to you all by itself. The only way now for us is to love the Father unconditionally (because that's what he wants from us) and not turn away from him or blame him when he gives us hardships instead see those difficult times as a testing period and hope that one day he will release our soul from this world and gives back our true identity which we all deserve.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Why am I compassionate and altruistic?

I have Sun and Venus conjunction in the 6th house of Scorpio with Sun holding the lower degrees. One of the reasons why I give a lot in relationships.

Why do I like to do research?

I have Jupiter, Moon and Ketu conjunction in my 2nd house of Cancer. Watch the below video.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Spacetime is a mental construct - Part II

In my earlier post titled Spacetime is a mental construct I had stated that the photon or the electron or a lump of atoms does not really pass through any or both of the slits in a double slit experiment and said that they just pop out into existence from nowhere.

Here is similar argument or work proposed by Jim Walker which adds support to my views.

Does Light Exist Between Events?

There is no classical world and the whole concept of causality has to be abandoned. Matter instantaneously affects other Matter no matter how far apart they are in the universe. This is how the cosmos was working since the beginning. You can see the birds flying in the sky not because a light ray reflected from them hits your retina instead a jiggling of the birds in the sky just jiggles the electrons in the retina and no light travels between you and the birds.

There are no trajectories between the influences of matter on one another instead there exist only inherent random probabilistic events which gets triggered from nowhere. This view resolves a hell lot of problems in quantum physics and it also explains the bizarre phenomena of quantum entanglement.