Tuesday, 30 August 2011


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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Glory Of Gayathri (Maha Bramhana)

Devudu Prathistana
         The Glory of Gayatri is a divine novel by the Kannada scholar Devudu Narasimha Shastry.
Along with this book(Maha Bramhana), the other two books namely Maha Darshana and Maha Kshatriya forms the trilogy(Maha Bramhana, Maha Darshana, Maha Khastriya) which bought great Honor to the scholar.  
Among the three, the novel Maha Darshana stands aside as the best novel according to me, though many would disagree with that since Maha Bramhana is a great work too.
Maha Darshana is the story of Yajnavalkya Maharshi and how god gave the famous Ishavasya Upanishad to the world through his means. God himself said to him saying "You'll write two books one consisting of a description about me and the other one will be your autobiography and I will always reveal myself to those who make a complete righteous attempt in studying these two Upanishads".

The novel Maha Darshana is almost like an Upanishad and hence the reason for me to stress individually on this. It includes a narration of Yajnavalkya's life as well as the truth hidden in his Upanishad.

Another reason why I loved this book is that it consists of many hidden secrets which not only help you to just read the scripture as it is but also a way to reveal the Upanishads or a way to explore or experience the truth for yourself provided if you can get the necessary guidance from someone who has mastered in it and its a knowledge based novel which provides great wisdom and insight into the vedic culture that was prevailing during ancient times. It is a must read book if you really want to know the basic philosophy behind the Vedic culture. Similar thoughts can be found in the Stoic school of Greek philosophers but this is very unique.

It feels like that your mind has gone into a new realm and it is not surprising if it takes some time for you to come to normal terms after reading this book.

I would love to bring this amazing work out to the public but unfortunately this book is not available in the English version yet and therefore I'm forced to introduce you to an another work of the same author which was the first novel that he wrote among the three books.

I hope the English version gives the same efficacy and touch as the Kannada version did. The Translator has made immense effort to keep the theme of the novel to its appreciable standards as intended by the author of the book.

                The Glory of Gayathri(Maha Bramhana) is a story of the origin of Gayatri Mantra. The author who saw the power of this mantra in his times thought of making aware of its origin to the public and in this way his desire to write this novel spurned. This form of Sun worship should be compulsorily carried out three times a day, but first you should be deserved to get the rights to perform this worship. This is not the only form of Sun worship which is available there are other ways of doing it too and I look forward to post them in the future. You'll comprehend what I mean by Sun worship once you have read this book. All the answers to your queries and the necessary introduction is provided in the reconstructed book itself.

I hope the readers find it interesting as I did and I also hope that it at least adds something to your World-view if it doesn't change it completely. I pray to God so that he stimulate your mind to comprehend the truth of it. Who knows what god has in store for you.
 I have uploaded the Chapter-wise documents to Google docs. I hope the link works, all the best!!