Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Spacetime is a mental construct - Part II

In my earlier post titled Spacetime is a mental construct I had stated that the photon or the electron or a lump of atoms does not really pass through any or both of the slits in a double slit experiment and said that they just pop out into existence from nowhere.

Here is similar argument or work proposed by Jim Walker which adds support to my views.

Does Light Exist Between Events?

There is no classical world and the whole concept of causality has to be abandoned. Matter instantaneously affects other Matter no matter how far apart they are in the universe. This is how the cosmos was working since the beginning. You can see the birds flying in the sky not because a light ray reflected from them hits your retina instead a jiggling of the birds in the sky just jiggles the electrons in the retina and no light travels between you and the birds.

There are no trajectories between the influences of matter on one another instead there exist only inherent random probabilistic events which gets triggered from nowhere. This view resolves a hell lot of problems in quantum physics and it also explains the bizarre phenomena of quantum entanglement.