Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bernard d'Espagnat's interpretation of Quantum mechanics

Finally after years of research I can cite a paper which fully conforms with my view on Quantum mechanics and why such an interpretation of QM has a huge significance for all those religious oral traditions and traditionalists who emphasize a great deal on revelation.

Quantum mysticism is quite often misunderstood by both New Age spiritualists and also by the scientific community, while the former rely on pseudo-scientific and pseudo-religious claims without getting neither science nor religion right on the other hand the latter simply rubbish away any such arguments by saying its all woo woo.

While people like Richard Jones have argued that neither quantum mechanics nor mysticism has given the ultimate nature of reality at this current time that doesn't stop optimistic ones like me to correctly lay down each ones domain and explain how both science and religion converge at a single point when both are interpreted correctly differentiating their epistemology and ontology precisely.

Many non-physical minds exist in the platonic realm.

One solution to Wigner's friend problem is to take seriously the dualistic theories of mind and body and argue that quantum mechanics applies to all the universe, our bodies and brain but not to the non-physical mind treating only minds as real having a dynamics of their own. This doesn't mean this view endorses solipsism or absolute idealism but a form of Platonic realism or in the words of Bernard d'Espagnat, a Veiled Reality.

Platonic forms are what exists in the noumena and give rise to phenomena, a distinction which Kant affirmed long time back. We have to take seriously the idea that minds are prior to time, space and other Kantian categories as Kant said and give rise to phenomena which is only in a state of inter-subjective agreement between minds. The correct formulation of quantum mechanics which is the quantum information theoretic framework is in complete agreement with this view and it is the only reasonable view possible which otherwise leads to unavoidable paradoxes if one believes that the quantum states have objective existence rather than interpreting it as representing our knowledge of the quantum system. This view is reasonable and highly intellectual and should be considered very seriously as these papers show. Thanks to the John Templeton foundation for recognizing the importance of Bernard's works and its implications to our world.

Consciousness and the Wigner’s friend problem - Bernard D'Espagnat

Information and fundamental elements of the structure of quantum theory - Caslav Brukner and Anton Zeilinger

Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm a strong Platonic realist

Platonic Realism
Valentinian Gnostics and Vedic Aryas are those people who broke out from the shackles of their prisoner bodies and turned back and saw the real Sun God who is stimulating everyone's mind and intellect, this empirical world is a mere shadow copy of the real Pleromic world. Scientists, atheists and other believers of orthodox religions are actually inside the cave of King Helios-Aion-Mithras. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Who is the first born of all creation? Christ? or the Sun God?

Saint Paul always upsets me when he said this in his letters,
Colossians 1:15 He(Christ) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. 16 For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities-- all things have been created through Him and for Him.…
I was upset because in the Rig Veda it says it is the Sun God, Hiranyagarbha which is the first-born of all creation. 
Rig Veda (10.121) 1 In the beginning rose Hiranyagarbha, born Only Lord of all created beings.He fixed and holdeth up this earth and heaven. What God shall we adore with our oblation? (Translated by Griffith)
So how can there be two deities at the beginning of creation and each one claiming to be the first-born over all creation? Now any non-believer will say that this is not surprising at all as Saint Paul took a lot of his themes from the pagan mystery religions. To me, that's like undermining Christianity even before addressing the real problem and such a view should not be tolerated and encouraged at all because these morons are ignorant of one aspect of Saint Paul that he had a genuine apostolic Christian tradition behind him named Valentinianism who claimed to have had authentic esoteric interpretation of Pauline Letters and a continuity of genuine apostolic tradition. As Einar Thomassen says Valentinians were the great Paulinists and we will not let anyone criticize our most revered Saint so easily and get away just like that.

Isn't it a irony that the person whom the orthodox Church quotes to fight against the Gnostics and the Gnostic ideas is in fact the person whom the Gnostics claim to be their sole initiator into the mysteries of gnosis. Both atheists and orthodox Christians have underestimated Saint Paul and the gnosis of the Valentinian Christians and they are going to pay for it big time.

So who is the first born of all creation? Christ? or the Sun God? The reasonable explanation will be that unity appeared as Christ to Christians and at the same time the same unity appeared as Sun God to Vedic Aryans. Well this is a typical pagan attitude isn't it showing tolerance and pluralism towards religions of other nations and their deities. Yes for I am a pagan first and then a Christian. Also I know what its like to have gnostic visionary experiences and it is absolutely arrogant and foolish to assume that only we had genuine experiences and think that the divine revealed itself only to us and not to the people of other nations especially when both of our visions are explaining the same reality word to word having differences only in our linguistic description of the divine. 

2nd century Gnostic Christians shouldn't be indebted to Greeks, Neoplatonists, the Persians or the Aryans because the knowledge of the divine is no one's intellectual property and I hope Plotinus and anyone who thinks like that understands it clearly. Any philosopher who expects credit in the matters of the divine and shouts at others for plagiarising his teaching is not a true philosopher and he doesn't really know anything about the divine. If the Vedic rishis had copyrighted all their teachings then every Greek, Egyptian and Persian philosopher and theologian would have nothing to boast about.   

Monday, 14 July 2014

Nicholas Kazanas, the Vedic scholar's research on Advaita and Gnosticism

Nicholas Kazanas runs an institute named Omilos Meleton and here he has published his paper on Advaita and Gnosticism.

A study on the possible connection between the ancient Indian philosophical system Advaita (an aspect of Vedanta) and certain ideas that circulated in the first two centuries of the Christian Era in the Easter Mediterranean and particularly in Egypt. Also, an attempt to trace great philosophical ideas e.g. The Unity of Being, The identity of Man's self with the Godhead, etc in Hermetic texts, Vedanta, Christianity, Gnostic writings, Judaism, Greek Thought and Egyptian culture.  
Published in VVRI Research Bulletin (Hoshiarpur) vol 2 (43-112), 2003.

Well disappointingly, even he could not find any reasonable explanation for the startling similarities found between Advaita and Gnosticism. It is this kind of unsolved mystery which compels me to dig deep through the rabbit hole and I am not approaching the problem from a historical perspective but from an esoteric perspective.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sir Roger Penrose influenced me to investigate the pagan mystery religions.


This is no mystery, our Vedic rishis who worshipped the pagan Sun God, Savitr very well knew how all the three worlds, the physical, the mental and the objective mathematical world interacted with one another to produce the empirical reality that we see around us. Brain doesn't create the mind actually it is the mind (Manas) which creates the brain. The empirical world of science is not the real physical world instead it is just a state of mind. Intelligence which we call as Buddhi exist in the platonic realm and we access those eternal mathematical truths when the Sun God stimulates the intellect and the mind with his divine rays. The empirical world is just a copy of the real Pleroma of God that exists out there independent of us.

The credit of this discovery should go to the Vedic Aryans and it is they who discovered this esoteric secret. This is how we view our universe, this is our model of the universe and we have the power to destroy the secular world and the arrogance of atheistic scientists.

Nārada Muni continued: What I referred to as the chariot was in actuality the body. The senses are the horses that pull that chariot. As time passes, year after year, these horses run without obstruction, but in fact they make no progress. Pious and impious activities are the two wheels of the chariot. The three modes of material nature are the chariot’s flags. The five types of life air constitute the living entity’s bondage, and the mind is considered to be the rope. Intelligence is the chariot driver. The heart is the sitting place in the chariot, and the dualities of life, such as pleasure and pain, are the knotting place. The seven elements are the coverings of the chariot, and the working senses are the five external processes. The eleven senses are the soldiers. Being engrossed in sense enjoyment, the living entity, seated on the chariot, hankers after fulfillment of his false desires and runs after sense enjoyment life after life.

This is the truth what you scientists must learn from eastern oriental mysticism. This view challenges the biblical religion, the scientific community and the atheistic community and your so called secular world will be destroyed very soon. All evidence is pointing to a hypercosmic Sun God. 

What I don't like about orthodox Christians is that how they completely ignore the history of the world and the religions of other pagan nations and assume that anything which is outside from the Bible is from the devil and it is New Age, to me this is the height of foolishness and millions of innocent people are brainwashed to believe just that and orthodox Christians tell me how do you think you are going to evangelize the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ if this is the attitude you show towards pagan nations and religions.

I am sorry to say this the world would be a much better place if Mithraism or Valentinian Christianity had won out over orthodox Christianity but the orthodox Church with its psychic mindset and its arrogant bishops persistently persecuted both of them and burnt their teachings. How would Christians feel if we had turned back and did the same thing to them that is bring down every church on the street and raise the statue of Mithras in place of it? However that would be very silly and we are not interested in such things because one doesn't receive redemption by just visiting a church or visiting the cave of Mithras.

Its quite obvious that why so many of the scientists are atheists because they would have read the silly beliefs of orthodox religions and would have read their foolish interpretation which is enough to make a man's heart to turn away from God and call him an imaginary being.  Its no wonder why orthodox Christianity produces so many of those extreme atheists.  What does orthodox Christianity which persecuted every innocent Valentinian Christian on earth gave to the world? Yes it produced atheists like these which it should be very proud of.
a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.
        - Richard Dawkins on the Hebrew God 

This is the reason why I as a Valentinian Christian reject both orthodox Christianity and atheism which is a deep mess which the western world has created upon themselves where the neither party is right about the truth. Its a irony that Valentinus, a 2nd century gnostic Christian is showing the light to scientists, philosophers, orthodox Christians, atheists, pagans and Hindus of the 21st century world. No wonder why he is called truly the gnostic for all seasons whose teachings doesn't make your heart torpid but fills your heart with joy and rest.

Valentinian Christianity backed up by Shukla Yajurveda tradition of the Vedic Aryans having scientific support from contemporary physics can bring the secular world down. If this is very disturbing to you then you better know as to where do we stand on the world scene.