Thursday, 22 February 2018

What do I really want in a relationship?

I could not have put it better than this post by Diane.

what does a man with venus in scorpio want?

"This man works backward in relationships; he is likely to get to know you on a superficial level *after* he has gotten to know you on a carnal level. This can cause some early and inappropriate bonding that is more difficult to extricate from than he’d like to admit, but it’s how he works."

I hope the person who said this "thum bus physically attach hona chahthe ho mere saath" understand her misconceptions at least now.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

I am letting her go

         If anyone has ever tried to build a house of cards they would know how difficult it is. In both of my relationships the first one as well as the second one I have always sincerely tried to build the relationship by carefully placing each leaf infusing my sweet memories and load of feelings on to it so that the foundation of the house does not fall apart. I have shown lot of patience and have compromised in-numeral times to keep the house running smooth and safe but it hardly took a few seconds from the other side to crush it down by blowing through it without any care.  

People are born differently and will have different tastes and different levels of morality. Its true that I do not express my feelings but I show it in my actions. Its mature enough to accept that some people are not the right one for you no matter how hard you try. It just does not work out. They may not be capable of going to the same depth as you are or you may not be the right person for them.

Venus in Scorpio will either love you deeply or hate you deeply, never anything in the middle.

Since she wanted an answer from me soon I have taken the responsibility to write this post so that she does not have to wait any longer or bear my presence anymore. I wish her good luck for her future. I always wished best for you and will always do. 

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Holy sh*t, My first Saturn return has started

I am 27 years old now and jumping into my 28th. On December 19th, 2017, Saturn moved into Capricorn starting my first Saturn return. You just can not escape from the influences of Saturn no matter what, you can run nowhere or hide anywhere. 

Do you remember that Jesus became the person who he was after he was 30 and it is because of the influence of Saturn return. I am an extreme procrastinator, I was the kid who used to read for the exam on the previous night, the coolest kid on the block who does not really care for anything or concerned or serious about anything and like to do things in my own pace. I have never ever bent my ways for my teachers or my managers and always stood firm. I have never ever gone to college or to office in time, I was always late. My nature being like this no wonder why I hate Saturn's lessons.

Me being a Cancerian like to live in comforts and the opposite to my sign is Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn who likes hardships. I will definitely be pushed out of my comfort zone in this Saturn return. Saturn has always impacted me irrespective of whether he has bestowed positive or negative influences on me and its going to impact me this time around too. 

You actually can see the impact already because I am typing this post around 4:10 am in the morning since I am anxious, introspecting, mentally confused as to what the future holds for me and what should I do to survive this Saturn return.

The relationship which existed before the Saturn return is already being tested and I am in such a mentally awful state right now in deciding whether to make it or break it. God save me!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Spacetime is a mental construct - Part II

In my earlier post titled Spacetime is a mental construct I had stated that the photon or the electron or a lump of atoms does not really pass through any or both of the slits in a double slit experiment and said that they just pop out into existence from nowhere.

Here is similar argument or work proposed by Jim Walker which adds support to my views.

Does Light Exist Between Events?

There is no classical world and the whole concept of causality has to be abandoned. Matter instantaneously affects other Matter no matter how far apart they are in the universe. This is how the cosmos was working since the beginning. You can see the birds flying in the sky not because a light ray reflected from them hits your retina instead a jiggling of the birds in the sky just jiggles the electrons in the retina and no light travels between you and the birds.

There are no trajectories between the influences of matter on one another instead there exist only inherent random probabilistic events which gets triggered from nowhere. This view resolves a hell lot of problems in quantum physics and it also explains the bizarre phenomena of quantum entanglement.