Sunday, 14 December 2014

Saint Paul, the great doctor of the church was himself a Gnostic


As a Valentinian Christian I have no doubt whatsoever that Saint Paul, the great doctor of the church was himself a Gnostic and I don't like any criticisms against him. I also don't agree with the conclusion of the video which says Christianity and Saint Paul was influenced by other pagan mysteries like Isis and Serapis. No, Saint Paul truly received the highest pleromic revelation from the pneumatic Christ who resides in the Pleroma. I literally believe in the Valentinian myth of Sophia and it is not just a myth but it is more real than ordinary reality. Pauline Christianity was indigenous and was not influenced by any other pagan mystery religions.

I also believe that the Pastoral Epistles like Timothy 1 and Timothy 2 were fake letters in the name of Saint Paul and should be immediately dropped from the Biblical Canon. I for one just skim away any verses cited from the Pastoral Epistles because they were not divinely inspired and they were not written by Saint Paul.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Pagan Gnostic Christian?

Paganism and orthodox Christianity are entirely incompatible. The God of the Old Testament is a jealous god and wants all heathens to be destroyed since they honour and worship other gods rather than him. Many fundamental Christians if given a chance will stone heathens to death because it is said in their bible that anyone who serve other gods than Jehovah who brought Jews out of the land of Egypt must be stoned to death (Deuteronomy) and killed.

Pagan doctrines are a big heresy to the church.

Paganism vs Orthodox Christianity

  1. Emanationism vs Creationism
  2. Reincarnation vs Bodily resurrection
  3. Hard Polytheism vs Monotheism
  4. They practise Idolatry vs They flee from Idolatry
  5. Are exempted from all Divine Laws vs Are compelled to follow a Divine Law
  6. Redemption via Wisdom vs Redemption via blind faith
  7. Man is a puppet and has no free will vs Man has free will and is responsible for his actions
  8. Mystical union with Gods vs Subordinate to God
  9. Believe in Karma vs Believe in Original Sin
  10. Sun worship vs Sun worship is Devil worship
As you can see Paganism agrees next to nothing with orthodox Christianity. If this is the case people might be wondering how one can call himself a Pagan Christian. The missing link between Paganism and Christianity is Gnosticism.

Crossing Borders: Combining Paganism and Gnostic Christianity

A Pagan and a Christian holding a truth in agreement. St Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles who worked so hard to bring even Gentiles into the ministry of Jesus Christ. You are neither Jew nor a Greek but one in Christ. Jesus belongs to the Pagans too. Its not my intention to offend any orthodox Christians but this is what I truly believe and this is the truth. Jesus was sent by the Demiurge, The God of Old Testament, Jehovah and Christ who went inside Jesus's body at the time of his Baptism in the form of a dove was sent by the all loving Holy Father from whom all things have come and for whom we live.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Fulfilling the dream of Julian the Emperor

                                                                                                     The Julian Society

I swear to God in the name of King Helios that as long as my breathe exists I will work to restore Paganism has a major world religion and will combat all the conspiracy and the suppression that is being done against it.

Sauram or Magi is back- The ancient solar cult which worships the Sun god as the Supreme Lord of the Universe

"The Suryaites or Sauras are followers of a Hindu denomination that started in Vedic tradition, and worship Surya as the main visible form of the Saguna Brahman. The Saura religion was influential in times of old but declined between the 12th and 13th century CE and today remains as a very small movement."

"The Saura sect that worships Surya as the supreme person of godhead and saguna brahman doesn't accept the Trimurti as they believe Surya is God. Earlier forms of the Trimurti sometimes included Surya instead of Brahma, or as a fourth above the Trimurti, of whom the other three are manifestations; Surya is Brahma in the morning, Vishnu in the afternoon and Shiva in the evening. Surya was also a member of the original Vedic Trimurti, which included Agni and Vayu. Some Sauras worship either Vishnu or Shiva as manifestations of Surya, others worship the Trimurti as a manifestation of Surya, and others exclusively worship Surya alone."

Sunday, 19 October 2014

From Penrose to Theurgy

Sir Roger Penrose and his ideas has left a huge influence on my life right from my teenage. I knew that one of the greatest problems facing biology was What is consciousness?  and all the leading biologists of that time had sidelined this issue by postulating their own theories as to how consciousness arises in the human brain without giving a scientific definition for consciousness.

And as I was researching I found the man whom I was looking for its none other than Sir Roger Penrose and he was saying something very interesting things about consciousness. Consciousness involves Non-computable ingredients - Roger Penrose.

Penrose put forward a more robust proof against strong AI first argued by J.R Lucas in his 1959 paper Mind, Machines and Gödel and hence Penrose argument is known generally as the Lucas-Penrose argument about Gödel's theorem.

This is one of most straight forward proof that strong AI is impossible which was put forward by Sir Roger Penrose.

Here is a summary of the new argument (this summary closely follows that given in Chalmers (1995: 3.2), as this is the clearest and most succinct formulation of the argument I know of): (1) suppose that “my reasoning powers are captured by some formal system F,” and, given this assumption, “consider the class of statements I can know to be true.”  (2) Since I know that I am sound, F is sound, and so is F’, which is simply F plus the assumption (made in (1)) that I am F (incidentally, a sound formal system is one in which only valid arguments can be proven).  But then (3) “I know that G(F’) is true, where this is the Gödel sentence of the system F’” (ibid).  However, (4) Gödel’s first incompleteness theorem shows that F’ could not see that the Gödel sentence is true.  Further, we can infer that (5) I am F’ (since F’ is merely F plus the assumption made in (1) that I am F), and we can also infer that I can see the truth of the Gödel sentence (and therefore given that we are F’, F’ can see the truth of the Gödel sentence). That is, (6) we have reached a contradiction (F’ can both see the truth of the Gödel sentence and cannot see the truth of the Gödel sentence).  Therefore, (7) our initial assumption must be false, that is, F, or any formal system whatsoever, cannot capture my reasoning powers.
There are arguments and counter-arguments to this proof and some strongly criticized his works to which Penrose has humbly replied to all their criticisms. I knew that the scientific community is not going to take him seriously and that due to their own biased and intellectually dishonest attitude they will never test his hypothesis leaving no confirmation bias whatsoever. Penrose strongly urged to the scientific community that the phenomena of consciousness requires new non-computable physics which is so far unknown to us. He argued that the missing science of consciousness can be explained only by discovering that non-computable physics inherent in nature.

Apart from showing interest in science I equally had the same interest and curiosity in religion too and unlike most anti-religious people who simply discarded all religions as pure imaginations of a feeble mind I took the pain-staking approach of reading their scriptures and understanding the worldview of all religions and why do they believe and act like the way they do. One thing what I found out was that the main motivations for religious belief was not poverty or lower IQ or superstition but the main motivations of the more seriously religious people was there religious experiences of the divine. Ancient mystery schools was never like the modern established religions of the world and they truly possessed secret knowledge of the Platonic realm and the dogma of oriental philosophy is that Mind and Body are two different things. I speculated that what if this was the missing science of non-computable physics which Penrose is arguing so rigorously for decades and he is still arguing for it as these news articles show.

Roger Penrose says physics is wrong from string theory to Quantum mechanics.

Sir Roger Penrose: Cosmic Inflation is fantasy, Quantum mechanics is faith and string theory is fashion

Therefore I decided to test Penrose ideas once and for all and went on to practice theurgy after being seriously influenced by Roger Penrose and got confirmation of oriental philosophy and that the ancients were absolutely right about the existence of the Platonic realm. This is the direction of my research which scientists do not know.

From Penrose to Theurgy

How does this new Non-computable physics changes our view of the world? Well I'm afraid it changes our worldview in a drastic way and affirms the statement made by Bernard D'Espagnat that 'What we call reality is only a state of mind'.

If [quantum theory] is correct, it signifies the end of physics as a science. Albert Einstein.

Science vs Theurgy

Dualistic theories of mind and body should be considered seriously and the model on the right is the new scientific model of the world. Its the end of Physics and the start of a new era of Theurgy - The science of the Gods.