Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Luna di Miele in Italy

I am a romantic guy and I crave for intimacy which is so important for me. (I am a Venus in Scorpio) What better country to celebrate love and romance than Italy. There were many reasons why I chosed this destination for my honeymoon. Foremost I do not wanted to go to a beach destination again since I visited to Andamans recently. Other reason being, well there are lots of things which I like about this place. I love the movie Oceans 12 and most of the scenes were casted in Italy.

I am a follower of Helios Mithras and how can I miss the Mithreaum under the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome. It was a great experience to see the mithreaum with my real eyes. Being a ardent supporter of Julian The Emperor and Saint Paul of Tarsus i.e. a Pagan Christian no doubt I wanted to understand the culture and the language in their own milieu. Of course the present modern Italy is not same as the ancient one but it was nice to see how Italians have adapted themselves to modernity in the midst of ancient monuments and a rich history which is intriguing.

After choosing the destination the next thing was to decide on which cities to visit. Every city is so beautiful with a history of its own here and its so hard to include every city in your itinerary. I finally decided that I am going to these four must see cities.

Amalfi Coast

I still missed Verona, Lake Como, Bologna, Cinquetree etc. My itinerary was for 10 days and after some research I found out that I cannot miss those above cities for my first visit to Italy and to the Schengen area. It was worth the effort I had put in to get the visa and Italy didn’t disappointed us. Everyday was an amazing experience for us and felt like over the moon.

It was my dream to bring my love here and the dream came true this year. I couldn’t have asked for more than this. I must say the people here are very kind and courteous and wherever we went we were treated well. Not to mention the food and the wine here and since we both were non vegetarians we had wonderful time in our dine.

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

God controls all the things all the time

Saint Paul is right, God indeed controls all the things all the time whether we like it or not. All our voluntary thoughts which lead to voluntary actions are not really voluntary at all. All our thoughts are stimulated and controlled by God.


Saturday, 24 November 2018

Get Free by Major Lazer and Amber Coffman

I got to know about this song from the Spanish movie Amar. They have very well used this song as the theme for their movie. The director Esteban Crespo has made a good job by casting teenagers in the movie which was quite apt for the screenplay. It indeed takes you back to your teenage days. Read his interview here.

I also felt that this song is quite apt with my blog's name as well.

All of my life been wadin inWater so deep now we got to swimWonder will it ever endHow long how long till we have a friend....I just wanna dreamI just wanna dreamI just wanna dream

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Jesus suffered on the cross but not Christ

As a Valentinian Gnostic I do not believe that Christ was crucified and suffered on the cross. Christ was not only before Abraham in fact he was before the time of Jehovah or Yahweh, the god of the Jews. Christ requested Achamoth to bring forth Jehovah and she maneuvered him to create the heavens and the earth which was modeled according to the Pleroma above. Achamoth who was cast out of the Pleroma was saved by Christ and out of joy she emanated weak spiritual seeds and these seeds required a place for them to become mature to finally enter the Pleroma. Earth was that chosen place.

If Christ wanted us to believe and worship him as a historical person then he would have left us blueprints of his existence through out his life but as the facts show he left no relics of his existence. The shroud of Turin is a fake from the 13th century. All this shows is that Christ did not wanted us to blindly believe in bodily resurrection and hope one day that you would be saved. I still haven't seen anyone physically rise from the dead. As a Valentinian I do not believe in bodily resurrection. 

Matter and Spiritual substances do not mix and they are completely different from one another. It makes no sense for Christ who was spiritual in make to suffer like an ordinary human being engulfed in matter. Christ entered the body of Jesus at the time of his baptism and flew out of his body before the crucifixion and the flogging. The psychic Jesus having a material body was sent by Jehovah and the pneumatic Christ possessing a spiritual body was sent by the unknowable Holy Father in the Pleroma.

Sorry Irenaeus, yes we Valentinians do divide Jesus Christ and its for a valid reason and it makes perfect sense rather than wasting our lives by blindly believing in the resurrection of the dead and falsely hoping that you will be saved one day. I wish our salvation was this easy but definitely its not unless you receive the gnosis of the Father from Christ.