Sunday, 24 April 2016

Why was Jehovah not mentioned in the New Testament?

The God of the Old Testament self identifies himself on numerous occasions in the name of Jehovah but the same thing doesn't happen in the New Testament. Why doesn't the New Testament testify that the Holy Father of Jesus Christ was none other than Jehovah by clearly mentioning or stating it in the NT? 

The actual truth is that Jesus and Christ were two separate beings, Jesus was the son of Jehovah and Christ was the son of Helios-Mithras. Jesus was sent to earth by Jehovah through the virgin Mary and Christ was sent by Helios-Mithras who descended onto the body of Jesus at the time of his baptism by John the Baptist.

The reason why the name of Jehovah was not mentioned in the NT was because the Holy Father of NT was none other than Helios-Mithras. I have arrived at this conclusion by a thorough studying of Valentinian scriptural writings and by recognizing the fact that the ontology of the Holy Father of the Valentinians was none other than the ontology of Helios-Mithras.

We know how much Irenaeus struggled to refute Valentinianism and tried to convince everyone else that there was only one Christ who descended, resurrected and died for our sins. But if it was so clear then why didn't your Jehovah self proclaim himself in the NT leaving no doubt whatsoever after all the NT was believed to be his true words and his religion. The ground reality was that Jehovah was never in control of anything in fact he was manipulated like a puppet by Achamoth (The lower Sophia) and he fooled himself into believing that he created the heavens and the earth all by himself without realizing that there was an Immortal perfect One, King Helios-Mithras above him who brought forth him into existence that's why he was called as Saklas or Yaldaboath ('The foolish one').

Even the mouths of the Jewish prophets were manipulated to make a prophecy which would lead to the appearance of Jesus Christ according to the perfect plan of Helios-Mithras. My theology is indeed anti-Semitic but I cannot back away from telling the truth to people around the world just because it offends the people of Israel who belong to a small part of the world.

In fact Christ existed before Jehovah was born and this is the reason why the Pharisees picked up stones to stone Jesus as he proclaimed himself to be before the time of Abraham in the Gospel of John which offended them so much and could not accept him as their Messiah since their Messiah would not speak to them in such terms.

I know orthodox Christians cannot accept this fact but one or the other day you have to face this sordid truth and move forward accepting the fact that your theology was wrong.

As a Valentinian Gnostic I have no secrecy to maintain

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand. I and the Father are one."

- Gospel of  John (28-30)
Most people often assume that Gnosticism is full of about secrecy and mystery as works like these Mystery and Secrecy in the Nag Hammadi Collection and other Ancient Literature: Ideas and Practices and others show. Many Hindus and Pagans often keep powerful spells a secret without sharing it in public which is so stupid of them to do like that. People of such attitude have not really understood about gnosis at all. 

Gnosis for all practical purposes is a private affair and nothing in this world can stop anyone of you to attain that and once you have gnosis no one can snatch it from you. It can be attained just like you attain any other knowledge only difference being other knowledge are readily available everywhere but gnosis is only available from the grace of God.

Just by sharing your gnosis or powerful spells with others will not decrease the gnosis that you have and will not burn down your house and even if others use the powerful spells that you shared with them for evil purposes its no great deal let them do why should we be so afraid of evil when we have our Father who is greater than all through whom both good and evil has originated and when no one can snatch the gift of immortality from him.

People are yet to come to terms with the religions of the Mediterranean people, they wholeheartedly accepted that the world which they were living was full of evil and accepted the fact that God has let both good and evil to equally co-exist in this world but in the end the good always win over the evil. Rather than blaming anyone or God for the current situation of the world they mastered the nature surrounding them and started controlling the forces of nature like divine magicians capable of achieving anything or even capable of creating a all new universe. This was the attitude of the Mediterranean people, they were not afraid of evil and they were not afraid to travel across the various worlds and the heavens.

When evil is rising across the world and ruling it what's the point of keeping your gnosis with yourself without sharing it with others? Don't we realize that the only thing that's going to save humanity from evil is the gnosis of the Father and not anything else? Did Jesus Christ resurrected and preached the gnosis for us only to keep it for ourselves boasting and making others look inferior to us of how special we are compared to others? No, he preached gnosis to us because we were the elected ones it doesn't mean that he has not sown the spiritual seed on other non-elected ones its just that they are not prepared for it yet.

I am not a Brahmin by birth and if I go and ask them to teach me Vedas, Upanishads and Sanskrit they will not teach me because of two reasons one I am a non-vegetarian and two I was not born as a Brahmin. However not all Brahmins are like that there are other Brahmins who oppose this and believe that everyone should be initiated into the mysteries of the Vedas and one such person was Devudu Narasimha Shastry who initiated me into these mysteries through his discourses just like the divine Iamblichus used to initiate people like Julian the Emperor into Mithraism through his discourses confessed by Julian himself. We need people of such attitude more in this world and not selfishly enjoy the grace which God has given to you when the whole world is actually burning. Gods never love such people.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Following this blog post 'I am rolling out my own discussion forum' I have released the landing page for my forum which will be available on The landing page neatly sums up what I have been arguing for through out my life and as you can see the website is geared up for the revival of pagan mystery religions, Valentinianism and Vedism.

Its quite amazing how quickly you can turn your meme into a reality with the latest technologies available out there today. The job is not even half done as I have started to code my own forum and design its layouts. Finally it seems I have cleared my indebtedness to Helios and Jesus for all the wisdom and grace they have given me.

The idea was to combine advances in Modern Science, Neoplatonism and Gnosticism and Vedism under one robust philosophy so that it can be conveyed easily onto the masses without too much baggage and what better philosophy to turn to than Platonic Realism. It fits the bill perfectly for my philosophical view of the world and it is indeed the correct true reality and falsifies a thousand other philosophies including Solipsism, Idealism, Pantheism, Panpsychism, Panenthianism, Scientific Realism, Vedanta, Illusionism, Transcendental Idealism, Cartesian Dualism, Monism, Non-dualism etc etc proving them all wrong. Platonic Realism certainly had the appeal to be the default philosophical view combining Western Esotericism, Eastern mysticism and Modern Science shattering people's most cherished beliefs and ridiculing the stupidity and idiocy of the Hindu Vedantic thinkers who believe that only Brahman is real and consider the world to be an illusion which was never really the view of Vedic Aryans at all which has been rigorously shown to be true by Sri Aurobindo.

The Pleroma or The Agnishoma Mandala or The Intelligible realm does exist independent of us so there is a real world out there independent of us and that world is the adobe of King Helios-Aion-Mithras. Actually the shocking truth is that the only thing that exists is the body of Christ or the body of Helios and nothing exists apart from that. We are actually surrounded by the body of Christ or the body of Helios or in other words our place in the cosmos is not in space but it is inside the Pleroma or inside the body of Christ. We don't know this because we all are prisoners of the cave and the first lesson of the mystery religions is to turn back and look where we came from and where we are going. This is nothing but the theory of modalistic Emanationism or in other words the world is an emanated expansion of only one God and the multitude of beings are indeed individualistic but are not separate from him instead they are situated in his womb from the beginning of time. So all that exists is nothing but God.

Some people or the enemies of my philosophy might try to destroy my pious movement after I die by saying that Harshit endlessly tried to persuade a Christian girl and when his love was unrequited he got angry and ran a polemic hate-crime against the orthodox Christians just like Ebionites try to destroy Saint Paul's image by saying that he converted to Judaism just to win the daughter of Jewish priest and just like Tertullian tries to neutralize the piety of Valentinus by saying that he turned against orthodoxy after losing the election for the Bishop of Rome by a narrow margin. So I want to make it very clear yes the pain of unrequited love is something impossible to bear but whatever it is it is between me and God.
The faith that you have, keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves. (Romans 14:22)
I will pick a sword not for Helios, not for Mithras, not for Jesus but I will pick one for Saint Paul of Tarsus not for anything else but for the retaliation of the repeated persecution of the Valentinian Christians at the hands of the orthodoxy in the name of Catholic Inquisition and there is simply no excuse or compromise on this for sure.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Gnostic women can safely ignore the Japanese yaoi and the western world's slash

People have different kinds of sexual orientations mainly:

1. Homosexual Gays - Two males attracted to each other.
2. Homosexual Lesbians - Two females attracted to each other.
3. Heterosexual Straights - Two human beings of the opposite sex attracted to each other.
4. Bisexual - A male or female attracted to both males as well as females.
5. Yaoi - Heterosexual Straight women attracted to straight or bi male on male anime pairings.
6. Yuri - Heterosexual Straight men attracted to straight or bi female on female anime pairings.
7. Pedophiles - A male or female attracted towards young children.
8. Cougars - Old women attracted to young teens. 
9. Zoophiles - A male or female attracted to non-human animals like donkeys, horses, chimps, dogs etc.

Of all the different kinds of sexual orientations above Yaoi stands out as one of the too awkward and too unacceptable phenomena of them all. Yaoi which means 'No climax, No action, No meaning' in Japanese were discovered by the Japs and was published in the form of Anime Arts and Video games.

Why do young American and Japanese girls watch and read Yaoi fan-fiction and get so obsessed with male on male romantic pairings? Its a difficult question to answer but anthropologists have attempted to answer this interesting phenomena on the rise.

In Confucian Japan, women’s sexuality has long been tied up with reproduction and the family system and this has made it difficult to represent women romantically involved with men as their partners and equals. As one Japanese fan of ‘homosexuality’ expressed to Sara Schulman ‘images of male homosexuality are the only picture we have of men loving someone as an equal, it’s the kind of love we want to have’ (1994: 245). Many other reasons for Japanese women’s fascination with male homosexuality have been offered (Aoyama 1988; Buckley 1991; Matsui 1993; McLelland 2000b). The usual argument is that these beautiful young men are projections of the largely female audience’s own femininity, the idea being that in a society as sexist as Japan, women can only identify with truly autonomous figures in male form.
So the main cause for such phenomena is the subjugation and submissiveness of women and not being treating them as equals with the opposite male sex. This is not surprising since the majority of the world religions starting from Judaism, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism were all misogynistic and they all taught a women to be submissive to their husbands and they were not allowed to speak loudly in male assemblies and synagogues and were not allowed to be religious leaders. So obviously somewhere in some part of the world's culture something had to broke out for all the suppression that were being carried out on women and it finally broke out in Japan in the form of Yaoi to satisfy their sexual and emotional needs which was fully extolled by the Japanese women and soon spread to the other parts of the world.

Saint Paul is often falsely attributed to be the greatest misogynist ever but all his misogynistic writings are found in his Pastoral Epistles which were fake letters written in his name while the real truth is that Paul was actually a Gnostic who would have loved a woman leading the Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So why do Gnostic women do not need to read or watch unhealthy materials like Yaoi? Its because it is only in some Gnostic sects that feminism is reigned supreme as the following below verses show and Gnostic women need not be threatened or feel in-secured in the presence of men. If Gnostic women are treated as equals in Gnostic assemblies and are being loved with the grace of Christ why do they have to stray towards wrong paths like Yaoi?

Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life." 

Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven."

- Gospel of Thomas
Peter also opposed her in regard to these matters and asked them about the Savior. "Did he then speak secretly with a woman, in preference to us, and not openly? Are we to turn back and all listen to her? Did he prefer her to us?

- Gospel of Mary Magdalene
As for the Wisdom who is called "the barren," she is the mother of the angels. And the companion of the [...] Mary Magdalene. [...] loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on her mouth. The rest of the disciples [...]. They said to him "Why do you love her more than all of us?" The Savior answered and said to them,"Why do I not love you like her?

- Gospel of Philip
Gnostic women need not have to read filthy porn materials like Yaoi instead they are too busy with their spiritual husbands inside the Bridal Chamber producing and nurturing the spiritual seeds in order to fight with the evil archons of the world and with ignorance and they don't have to watch silly immature Yaoi porn and turn men into gays.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

You've got mail

Long distance relationships can be hard to maintain as it requires a lot of commitment to make it work but surprisingly the feelings in these kind of relationships are much more stronger than normal relationships. If you were in such a long distance relationship before or if you are in one presently the screenplay 'You've got mail' is quite inspirational and is scripted perfectly for such a relationship although in reality things often don't work out that well.

For me too it was like a Kathleen Kelly, "I don't actually know him" cringing moment with the only difference being for me it was an, "I don't actually know her" cringing momentWhat does this mean? Does it mean it is not sane to fall in love with a person through the internet without knowing anything about the person? Are we falling in love with a real person who claim themselves to be what they are or are we falling in love only with a fictitious character on the internet who doesn't exist in real life? This is kind of hard to answer but its definitely not your fault if you truly loved a person on the internet then came to realize later that the person was hiding his or her true character just to win you over rather than being with their true character all along which in such a case you would never have fallen in love with such a person in the first place. Well, the movie certainly contests that such make ups and break ups are perfectly alright given how the technology has advanced over the years.

The innocence of true love is something which is priceless and unchanging irrespective of whether you love someone through the internet or through the real world. I have made a sincere effort not to lose that innocence because if I lose that I will lose myself. In other words true love remains unshaken despite technological boundaries or technological advances which keeps introducing us into alien situations challenging and testing human behavior every time.

Some people think that a wrong deed committed over the internet is not sin at all just as Kathleen Kelly asks Christina, "All right. Is it infidelity if you're involved with someone on e-mail?". You might not be   committing sins through your actions as in a real life event but you are definitely committing sins through your thoughts. There is actually no difference between a sin committed physically through your actions and a sin committed through your thoughts since both corrupts the purity of the heart equally.

Given the above case a long distance relationship can be as serious a relationship as you have in a normal one. It has the same feelings, expectations, commitments, dramas and roller coasters. So the lesson is to not to get confused when you encounter yourself with such a relationship, a common mistake which we all do instead we should handle it just as you handle a normal one in your real life.


Oh, well, it's not like that.We just e-mail. It's really nothing... On top of which I am definitely thinking about stopping because it's just getting-- 


Outta hand?


Confusing. But it's not-- Because it's nothing.

When are women not confused BTW? They always are.