Monday, 23 October 2017

Deepa Kaurav - a colleague of mine whom I like

It is very important to know the difference between like and love in a relationship. Let's define a few things upfront so that there will be no ambiguity later.
"Liking someone means that you are happy being with that person, while loving someone means that you absolutely cannot bear to be without that person."
Deepa is my colleague who works along with me in the same project. Since we do not have anyone else in our team apart from the two of us we get to share a lot of things with each other. She was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. She has completed her BCA and pursuing her MCA in her leisure while being a software developer which is what she does for her living. She is hoping to pursue Phd after her MCA as she wants to be a professor and also wish to do some charity.

She is very independent, pretty, talkative and jovial. She very well knows how to converse with different kinds of people. She is very athletic too. If for some reason she didn't happened to be a software developer she could have been a Chef, a script writer, a school teacher, an athlete, a singer, a dancer or any other talented job which you can find out there.

My mom is making fun of me by saying that these Deepa's and Deepika's are not leaving you alone. She is sometimes very upset with me as I will spend more time with Deepa rather than doing the daily household work. I try my best to keep my mom happy as her health is a big concern for me.

I do not want to make the same mistakes again which I did during my first relationship which was a long distance one. I know what I got back for suppressing my feelings and turning my first love into friendship. Even though I wanted a romantic relationship the girl on the other side said, "Even your wife needs your love, I just want you to admire me for now". I compromised my feelings and gave her what she wanted because I saw innocence in the above statement but later on I was called a selfish leech who was there with her just because it met my needs and quite a lot of other painful words which bleeds my heart even to this day. Once you make an opposite sex as your best friend its very odd and difficult to imagine her or him with you on a bed.

Even though our horoscopes match quite well we are not taking it seriously and as professionals we are letting each other to progress on our career ladder and are giving enough freedom to choose any path which is best for us.  

Let's see what God has in store for us. We have to remember that everything is from the grace of God.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A mural of Savitr (Vedic God)

The mural of Savitr is complete and is implanted on the exterior wall of my home. For further reading read my earlier post @My home sweet home

Sunday, 3 September 2017

My home sweet home

The year 2017 has been a very busy year for me. After I quit my first job I had two choices either to go for higher studies abroad or buy an immovable asset and settle down in my hometown. I made the latter choice as I was not interested in higher studies because at the end it all boils down to talent and hard work rather than a bunch of certificates from Universities.

We looked quite a few houses but none suited us and hence we decided to construct our own house. We started it on February on the day when the Sun moves into summer solstice which we call it as Uttarayana or Ratha Sapthami as it is very auspicious. I am happy that the house is almost reaching its fruition end even though it was very stressful for me as I had to look into it and also do my job as a programmer. Luckily with god's grace I had the option to work remotely most of the days and also I had to start the work at noon since I had to overlap with my US client.

One of the things which I have to showcase is a mural art which I am planning to place it on my exterior wall. The below mural is still work in progress and still in its clay form.

At the center we have Savitr, the Sun God, riding on a chariot with Aruna has the charioteer. On the top left corner we have Yajnavalkya, the author of the famous Isha Upanishat and the White Yajur Veda which he received after extolling the sun. At the top right corner we have Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles because I believe that Paul was a Valentinian Gnostic and believed in the same Holy Father as we do. At the bottom left we have the great Valentinus, the gnostic for all seasons, we know next to nothing about him who is called as the great unknown of Gnosticism. At the bottom right we have Proclus, the great neoplatonic Successor, who was initiated into various mystery cults and obviously gave his homage to King Helios Mithras just like Julian the Emperor. I chose Proclus over Julian on the mural because his works should receive much attention and wanted to make him more popular like Julian.

There is one common theme with all these four great personas from different parts of the world and its the fact that their works were based on revelation. Paul received his revelation on his road to Damascus and Yajnavalkya saw what Valentinus saw which Valentinus expressed in his Gospel of Truth, "It was quite amazing that the Aeons were in the Father and that they were able to emanate in as much as they were not able to perceive or recognize the one in whom they were".

We are also placing this verse below the above mural which is the 16th verse of the Isha Upanishat.

पूषन्नेकर्षे यमसूर्य प्राजापत्य
व्यूह रश्मीन् समूह ।
तेजो यत्ते रूपं कल्याणतमं तत्ते पश्यामि
योऽसावसौ पुरुषः सोऽहमस्मि ॥
pūṣannekarṣe yamasūrya prājāpatya
vyūha raśmīn samūha |
tejo yatte rūpaṃ kalyāṇatamaṃ tatte paśyāmi
yo'sāvasau puruṣaḥ so'hamasmi ||
(Mantra 16, Isha-Upanishad)
Yajnavalkya, Paul, Valentinus and Proclus all of them basically had the same revelation and believed in the same Holy Father in the Pleroma which is the only thing which actually exists independent of us.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Falsifying Penrose's Orchestrated Objective state reduction

Sir Roger Penrose is of the opinion that quantum states reduces to a classical state in a non-random non-computational way due to mass displacements between entangled quantum systems.

In the below paper he has given an experiment to empirically falsify his viewpoint.

Quantum computation, entanglement and state reduction

I am a very big fan of his non-computable approach to human thought process but I am not a huge fan of his orchestrated objective state reduction. Nevertheless we must appreciate his willingness and courage to put his viewpoints to be tested against mother nature. Who knows he might be right of the opinion that quantum particles behave differently under the influence of gravity.

On the other hand Caslav Brukner and others is of the opinion that a gravitational wave will be no different from other waves and it too will end up in a superposition of states satisfying the quantum superposition principle. Penrose is of the opinion that it would contradict with the principles of general relativity in such a case. Its time we have a face off between these two giant successful scientific theories. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Spacetime is a mental construct

The contextual nature of Quantum mechanics proves that Space and Time are not fundamental. Scientists and physicists should drop the view that the mathematical nature of their theories are actually describing the external physical world out there existing independent of us. 

Any new theory of Quantum Gravity combining Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity should be non-real. All the competing theories the Twistor theory of Penrose and the String theory fall short of this basic requirement. 
“It is not at all clear how to construct a theory of gravity that is not real, which is what we need to do if we want to quantise gravity.”

- Vlatko Vedral, Reality Check by Michael Brooks.
Modern physicists will have a clear picture of the world if they treat space and time as categories of mind as Kant argued in the 18th century rather than viewing spacetime as something which exists independent of us.

Quantum mechanics does not explain why events happen. The wavefunction or the probability wave should be treated just as a mathematical tool to predict the possible outcomes of our experiences and no greater reality should be attributed to quantum superposition of states.

"So does the universe exist independently of measurements? That is a question we will have to face. Maybe it is time to revisit Einstein’s lost quest, if we are serious about uncovering the basic laws of the universe; the money spent on particle smashers such as the Large Hadron Collider certainly suggests we are. Perhaps we need to move quantum entanglement and the nature of reality to the centre of the quest to find a theory of everything. What was once a quirky side show may yet prove to be the main event." 
- Reality Check by Michael Brooks
Let's go back to the single particle double slit experiment, the photons or the electrons comes in two forms either in lumps or in waves as Richard Feynman explained in his lectures. How is that the electron or the photon behave as waves when we are not detecting them and behave as particles possessing a precise position and trajectory when we try to detect them? How does nature know about the choices we are going to make and decide to behave accordingly?

Its a serious problem for the objectivity of science. How do we know that when a photon or an electron when it leaves from its source is transiting as a wave or as a particle? Delayed choice experiments prove that the behavior of the photon in the past can be changed by the choices which we make at present or in the future. The future affects the past. There is one way to come out of this bizarre unreasonable weirdness of quantum physics it is to accept that the universe is super-deterministic and we have no choice in asking any questions to nature. Physicists do not want to take this road because it is the death of induction, the very foundation of science. Well I'm afraid if physicists have any chance of retaining an objective account of reality then they must give up the belief that they have free will.

"To track down a theory of everything, we might have to accept that the universe only exists when we’re looking at it." 
- Reality Check by Michael Brooks.

What I believe is that when you send a photon through two slits the photon neither passes through one of the slits or passes through both of the slits instead the photon doesn't go through any slit at all instead they just pop out into existence from no where just at the right moment when you place a detector near the slits or on the interference screen which acts as a detector eventually providing enough information to create the experience of a photon in our minds. What this means is that photons and electrons do not exist out there independent of us. Waves and particles are just concepts created by humans and it is unjustifiable to expect nature to behave or to work according to our pre-defined notions of reality. There is something else which exists in the external physical world which is causing the detectors to click giving us the experience of photons and electrons. Why do the detectors click the way they do is a theory which we are yet to understand.
“We need to rethink and radically revise our basic physical concepts before we can make the next big breakthrough in physics.”

- Caslav Brukner, Reality Check by Michael Brooks.
Think about it nature is using Quantum entanglement as we speak to communicate the state of a photon faster than the speed of light outside of spacetime but you stupid physicists (John Bell - "Who do we think we are?") who boast about creating the photons cannot use it for communication because you all are prisoners of the cave because what we call empirical reality is only a state of mind and when you are in this state of mind you are indeed a prisoner of the spacetime continuum. One has to escape the spacetime continuum or in other words one has to transform his mind and go into a different state in order to view the external physical world existing independent of us.

The dream of Stephen Hawking will never ever come true because physicists will always be vulnerable to dark mysterious forces since they are not certain of their own future or predict with certainty about any event. Quantum mechanics may be the most intellectual and successful theory human beings have ever come up with but it is actually a big embarrassment to physicists over mother nature. You physicists spent billions and countless hours on math just to figure out this? I mean this? A fact which the pagan mystery religions ushered us long ago when human beings were goat herders. 

Physicists must adopt panpsychism into their worldview rather than viewing rocks, rivers, mountains, light, air, space and time as dead non living entities they must start treating them as anthropomorphic beings who manifest themselves through their respective images in this world. In fact Conway and Kochen prove that if we human beings have free will then even photons and electrons must have the free will to choose a trajectory given a set of possible paths. They should start looking at a wholistic picture of the cosmos rather than viewing light as separable entities. They should treat it as a conscious being. There is only one photon in the universe and it behaves according to the cosmic plan of the creator of this universe. How does light know about the choices which we are going to make in advance and changes its appearance to us accordingly? Light knows it because it is a conscious being and that being can see our future actions which we do not have access to. Science will never ever reclaim its objectivity and realism if it does not accept the truth of platonic realism. The truth that everything has come to us in shadowy images rather than how they really are.