Monday, 16 February 2015

The Grand Scheme of the Valentinian system

1. The Unknowable Father - The all loving Father of the New Testament is completely different from the God of the Old Testament as Marcion of Sinope and many other early Christians believed it to be. Christ was sent by Savitr, the God of the Aryans and the Holy Father of the New Testament.

2. The Holy Father emanated 30 odd Aeons in pairs of syzgies and held their perfection with in himself and did not gave it to them. Its not that the Holy Father is jealous because what jealousy could there be between him and his Aeons. The Holy Father wishes that his Aeons love him and return to him so that they can end their wearying search for the Father and come to rest with him and there by receive their perfection. The Aeons exist inside the womb of the Father and emanate from him and yet they do not recognize or perceive the One in whom they were.

                 The Thirty Aeons of the Pleroma emanated by the Holy Father

3. Sophia, the last of the Aeons wishes to know the Father and her passion to know the Father grows and she commits an error.

4. The bad elements emanating from Sophia is combined to form Achamoth (also called Lower Sophia) and she is cast out of the Pleroma as her existence inside it destabilizes the equilibrium of the Pleroma.

5. Achamoth sheds her tears and wish to return to the Pleroma.

6. With the permission of the Father the Aeons emanate an another pair of zygies (Aeon pairs) namely Christos and the Holy Spirit to save Achamoth.

7. Christos and the Holy Spirit emanate Christ - The common fruit of the Pleroma.

8. Christ, the Saviour receives a part of light from every Aeon in the Pleroma and therefore In Christ dwells all the fullness of the deity in bodily form.

9. Christ, the Saviour orders Achamoth to bring forth the Demiurge, the God of the Jews or Jehovah because the spiritual seeds produced from their union needed a place for it to grow.

10. Human beings are the breeding ground for the seeds of Achamoth, the Lower Sophia and hence the Valentinians had a very positive attitude towards procreation and marriage.

11. The Demiurge, the God of the Jews having created the earth and the heavens said that I am God and there is no God before me due to his stubborn ignorance without knowing that all along he was indirectly guided by Achamoth who secretly sown the spiritual seed in every human being.

12. The Demiurge, the God of the Jews is the Father of the Devil. Yes, the devil has a father and it is none other than Jehovah.

13. The Devil, the liar and his evil Archons rule this earth and they occupy the heart of men making them vulnerable to sin and drive men away from the truth.

14. The Demiurge sends his son Jesus as the messiah of the Jews to proclaim his message and to fulfil the prophecy of the Prophets.

15. Christ, the Saviour descends onto the body of Jesus in the form of a dove when he was baptized by John the Baptist and as soon as Jesus raised from the Holy water he showed contempt to this world and laughed at this imperfect creation which was modelled according to the Pleroma above.

16. Jesus used to often kiss Mary Magdalene on her mouth and she was probably his companion. Jesus loved Mary more than the rest of the Apostles and silenced Peter who always objected to Mary's leadership during the early times of the church. The Saviour offered a way for women too to enter into heaven.

17. Judas Iscariot was the only one who truly understood the Saviour and Christ ordered Judas to hand him over to the Romans so that Christ could finally be freed from his material bondage with Jesus.

18.  The Saviour, possessing a spiritual body did not suffered at the cross and was mocking at the Pharisees by sitting on the branch of a tree. The Pharisees did not knew whom they were piercing with.

19. God, the Demiurge took the soul of Jesus and he will stand at the right hand of God till the end of times.

20. The Saviour then resurrected the body of Jesus and appeared to Mary first in the form of a vision and to the rest of the Apostles. The Saviour came back only in the likeness of the flesh and the Valentinians did not believed in bodily resurrection.

21. The Saviour appeared to Saint Paul on the road of Damascus and gave him the Pleromic revelation, the greatest mystery ever revealed to mankind. The Saviour chose Paul to take the good news of the Gospel to the Gentile nations and hence he was called as the Apostle to the Gentiles. The Saviour also appeared to Valentinus in the form of a vision of a young child and after few years ascended back to the Pleroma.

22. Therefore there is one Pneumatic Christ at the Pleroma level and there is an another psychic Christ who is the son of the Demiruge, the God of the Jews at the Kenoma level.

23. The psychic Christ is the one whom the Roman Catholics worship and they too will receive a lower salvation in the end.

24. The Pneumatics are those who have a pure heart and they are preordained to be saved by their nature and not by works of the Law. The Pneumatics cannot sin because God's very nature is in them. The Pneumatics cannot boast about anything no matter what and they have to be humble, strong and lead a sinless existence with the help of gnosis which they have received from the Pneumatic Christ.

25. The Psychics on the other hand do have free will and depending on their works of the Law they either chose to give their heart to the Demiurge or to the Devil.

26. The Hylics namely atheists are the sons of devil and these Hylics who worship matter which is evil will perish along with it at the end of the cosmos.

27. The Demiurge, the God of the Jews is the Centurion described in the Bible who will run towards Christ during the end times when he realizes the One who brought forth him into existence.

28. The Pneumatics perform the Bridal Chamber ritual which is holy of the holiest and unite with their angelic counterparts in the Pleroma.

29. The Roman Catholics, the Protestants, the Mormons and other countless sects of Christianity who are lower Christians will wait with the Demiurge till the end times and they too will return to the Pleroma and receive their angelic counterparts and join the common feast of the Pleroma. So the only difference between the Pneumatics and Psychics is only in the timing of their redemption. The Pneumatics redeem themselves here and now with the help of gnosis and unmerited grace and the Psychics on the other hand are saved by blind faith and by the works of the Law.

30. Everything happens according to the will of the Father and no one can receive gnosis without Faith.