Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Jesus suffered on the cross but not Christ

As a Valentinian Gnostic I do not believe that Christ was crucified and suffered on the cross. Christ was not only before Abraham in fact he was before the time of Jehovah or Yahweh, the god of the Jews. Christ requested Achamoth to bring forth Jehovah and she maneuvered him to create the heavens and the earth which was modeled according to the Pleroma above. Achamoth who was cast out of the Pleroma was saved by Christ and out of joy she emanated weak spiritual seeds and these seeds required a place for them to become mature to finally enter the Pleroma. Earth was that chosen place.

If Christ wanted us to believe and worship him as a historical person then he would have left us blueprints of his existence through out his life but as the facts show he left no relics of his existence. The shroud of Turin is a fake from the 13th century. All this shows is that Christ did not wanted us to blindly believe in bodily resurrection and hope one day that you would be saved. I still haven't seen anyone physically rise from the dead. As a Valentinian I do not believe in bodily resurrection. 

Matter and Spiritual substances do not mix and they are completely different from one another. It makes no sense for Christ who was spiritual in make to suffer like an ordinary human being engulfed in matter. Christ entered the body of Jesus at the time of his baptism and flew out of his body before the crucifixion and the flogging. The psychic Jesus having a material body was sent by Jehovah and the pneumatic Christ possessing a spiritual body was sent by the unknowable Holy Father in the Pleroma.

Sorry Irenaeus, yes we Valentinians do divide Jesus Christ and its for a valid reason and it makes perfect sense rather than wasting our lives by blindly believing in the resurrection of the dead and falsely hoping that you will be saved one day. I wish our salvation was this easy but definitely its not unless you receive the gnosis of the Father from Christ.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

The world-view of a mystic or a gnostic

While scientists all over the world are busy working on to understand quantum entanglement, quantum gravity and the space-time continuum, we mystics or gnostics on the other hand have a problem of our own. According to the doctrine of Emanationism this whole cosmos was originated from the womb of a supreme anthropomorphic God.

How on earth can we reconcile this view with the vast number of distances known to exist between galaxies and our solar system? I always stress and use the word anthropomorphic because God is a person just like you and me. God is personal and you can converse with him.

The Gnostic view of Pleroma cannot be reconciled with the scientific empirical view and that's why statements like this: "What we call empirical reality is only a state of mind" by Bernard D'Espagnat, theoretical physicist, are very appealing to me. We have no other way other than to deny the whole of science and this empirical reality to accommodate the gnostic view of Pleroma in this modern age and time.

I am a Valentinian gnostic and I know that the Pleroma exists which implies this visible cosmos which we call as Kenoma was modeled from it. The problem is not that we have to update our classical notions of space-time in fact the problem lies more in our epistemology or ways of knowing things the way they are (or ontology). Physicists are still not settled in answering whether space is continuous, quantized or a 2d hologram. They have compiled a list of point particles that govern this cosmos which they call as the Standard Model but I am gonna ask the same question which Stephen Hawking asked, Is that a true understanding of the cosmos? I would say no, because according to the mystery religions space and time are anthropomorphic Aeons and without a true understanding of them its not possible to understand how they manifest in our visible Kenoma world.

Each one of the Aeons and including us (homo sapiens) is a Pleroma by itself. Just like a single cell has all the information with in it to encode a full human being (I mean regulation of gene expression in the words of molecular biology) similarly we have the full potential with in us to create an another universe. 

"If you have seen the Father in the real realm you will become the Father" - Gospel of Philip

The Holy Father emanated the Aeons and multiplied himself and entered into these Aeons. The cosmos is nothing but a manifestation of these Aeons which implies the Holy Father is everywhere and in everything. The cosmos is nothing but a playground for the Holy Father. How does this multiplicity of individual souls transforms back again to a unified world soul is one big mystery which the Father alone knows. Anything beyond this is ineffable.