Monday, 2 January 2017

Quantum Physics and Veiled Reality

Reality is not what you make it instead reality is what has been constructively given to us to experience it. A view held by Immanuel Kant in the 18th century. Kant argued that the real world which we see has not been given to us to perceive it directly but the mind plays an active role in constructing a different reality for us. Kant made a very clear distinction between the noumenon (the thing in itself) and the phenomenon (the thing as it appears to us) claiming that it is impossible to know the noumenon.

One physicist figured out that quantum physics affirms Kantian views more than any other philosophical dictum and he was Bernard D'Espagnat who died out recently. Even Bohr held Kantian views when he said this, "There is no quantum world. There is only an abstract quantum physical description. It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how Nature is. Physics concerns what we can say about Nature." Bohr is right because experiments have confirmed that there is no reality independent of quantum measurements. To make the matters worse the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement is forcing us to re-consider our notions of space-time pushing us to a Kantian worldview because Quantum Entanglement has been shown to exist independent of space-time. There are not only spatial correlations but in fact there exist timely correlations which begs the question whether the effect precedes the cause.

Shoot a beam of photons to a polarizer with a vertical orientation and quantum theory predicts that there is a 50% probability that a photon may pass through the slit vertically polarized and a 50% probability that a photon may be polarized horizontally. The real problem of interpretation arises when you send the vertically polarized photons to a second polarizer which is oriented diagonally in the z-direction and in this scenario the photons stream out of the second polarizer randomly either polarized vertically or horizontally as accurately predicted by QM. The property of the polarization of the photon depends on the choice of the experimental context chosen by the physicists in this case of adding a second polarizer. The vertically polarized photons lost its reality and emerged out of the second polarizer randomly with either a vertical polarisation or a horizontal polarization showing us that the properties of a quantum system does not exist prior to measurements. We cannot assign any values to the properties of a quantum system without actually performing a measurement on them and their properties depend on the choice of the experimental apparatus chosen by the physicist. Its as though that nature can answer to only one question asked to it at a time. Ask it whether a photon will appear vertically or horizontally polarized when passed through a polarizer oriented vertically it gives you an answer and when you add a second polarizer oriented diagonally and ask the same question again the previous answer given by nature makes absolutely no sense whatsoever because by adding a second polarizer you changed the rules of the game and therefore you need to modify your wavefunction accordingly. This is the blunder which is plaguing quantum physicists worldwide for well over a century. The fact that the properties of a quantum system are contextual and are dependent on our measurements raising the question what do we really mean by a measurement.

To add more trouble to the pain measurements not only disturb an entangled quantum system here but it also instantaneously disturbs the entangled system separated at a spatial distance from the other giving rise to non-locality. Send two pairs of entangled photons in two different tunnels separated by kilometers apart and let Alice measure one of the photon at her end and Bob at the other end. Now as soon as Alice finds that the photon as a spin up the other photon immediately changes to spin down no matter even if the other photon is at the other end of the Milkyway. We cannot use this for superluminal communication between Alice and Bob because both of them choose the orientation of the apparatus randomly and it is only when they both communicate classically through a cell phone that they will come to realize that the results of their experiment was correlated. Its true that this does not conflict with relativity but raises the philosophical objection raised by John Bell which I approve:
Do we then have to fall back on ‘no signaling faster than light’ as the expression of the fundamental causal structure of contemporary theoretical physics? That is hard for me to accept. For one thing we have lost the idea that correlations can be explained, or at least this idea awaits reformulation. More importantly, the ‘no signaling …’ notion rests on concepts that are desperately vague, or vaguely applicable. The assertion that ‘we cannot signal faster than light’ immediately provokes the question: 

Who do we think we are? 

We who make ‘measurements,’ we who can manipulate ‘external fields,’ we who can ‘signal’ at all, even if not faster than light. Do we include chemists, or only physicists, plants, or only animals, pocket calculators, or only mainframe computers? (Bell 1990)

I am with John Bell, Einstein, Gerard 't Hooft and Roger Penrose here and I believe that some deeper superdeterminstic theory will explain those correlations and do away with the inherent randomness of Quantum mechanics. Correlations cry for explanations and such a super-determinstic theory might come from religion. The Aryan religion and even the Biblical religion teaches us that the external physical world was made up of just five elements: Space, Air, Water, Fire and Earth and these five elements mixed with each other to form the gross elements. Since we have found that the elements perceived by us is not made of these five subtle elements we can safely conclude that all the particles of the Standard model does not exist in the external physical world as it really appears to us. I am not claiming that those particles do not exist but that it doesn't exist in a way we imagine it to exist. All the properties of these particles like mass, color, parity, spin, position, velocity, angular momentum etc is assigned to it by the mind. We all know that there is no such thing as red photons or blue photons it is the mind which adds all these additional properties to a particle and retrospectively creates a reality for us. There is indeed an external physical world but it is actually made up of the above five elements and not by the particles of the Standard Model. Nature knows what choice you are going to make in advance and it stimulates the mind to make us perceive a reality accordingly.

Majority of the stupid physicists think that relativity and quantum physics describes the external physical world out there independent of us and there in lies their root problem but actually no, they do not, they describe only the perceived reality of the mind and it is with this foolishness that they think that they cannot do superluminal communication even though nature is using it every time as we speak. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are not the laws of the external physical world but instead they are the laws which can be applied only when the mind is in a particular state of affairs. Physicists fool themselves taking their models of reality with reality itself. There is one thing which can travel faster than the speed of light in the external physical world which physicists are not aware of and that is the elan vital life force Prana which pervades the entire cosmos and it is what causes the action at a distance.