Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Why Vedism? - Honouring the old Vedic gods

"Vedism is about honouring the old gods."

"I worship the old gods. I give no respect to the new gods whether they are post-Vedic, pre-Vedic or man made smrti creations."
        - Adhitin Ratrija, Druidic Fellowship, Why Vedism?

As someone who was brought up in an Hindu atmosphere and as someone who has watched them closely and having read their scriptures, for the most part I am extremely sympathetic to the above article and in way completely agree if not fully to the contents of that article. I am not a Hindu. Does anyone know what does it mean to be a Hindu? Gosh, Hinduism is worse than atheism, at least atheism has a clear cut definition but Hinduism doesn't even have one, throw a thread to define Hinduism you'll get as many definitions as the number of heads you can count.

A common saying among Indians is that Hinduism is a way of life, what nonsense!, even pigs and dogs have a way of life, what does it mean to be a Hindu? what do we believe in? what are our core values? how should we conduct? what is our goal? which scriptures do we accept as the true words of our gods? and which scriptures do we reject? 

Any attempts to answer those questions will be deemed as let's not go the Abrahamic way or will get segregated into different sects for ever fucking differences imaginable or the real answer will be pushed under the carpet by stating all paths will lead to the same truth which is fucking bullshit.

"The reality is that few people reject the indoctrination they received from their parents. They don't adopt a radically different religion or philosophy. They don't risk being ostracised by their friends, family and community. When they realise that their religion is false, the vast majority react by adopting various coping mechanisms. For example, they pretend that they are still true believers. They know all the things they are expected to say and do, so they keep saying and doing them, albeit without any enthusiasm now. Or they enter a state of denial, or doublethink. A few even become more zealous believers than they ever were before, in the hope that if they fanatically re-embrace their beliefs they will somehow dispel the unbelief that now plagues them."
         - Author of Illuminati, New World Order, Armageddon Conspiracy

Vishnu is a minor god in the Vedas.
"In the Indo-European myth of the old gods and the new gods, the Vedic gods would be the old gods. The new gods are those of the offshoot religions. Rather than fight the old gods, the new gods have created new myths which ignore many of the old gods. This results in the vast majority of the old gods being forgotten with the remaining being demoted to lesser beings. The vast majority of Vedic gods are no longer worshipped. The exception to this is Vsnu.

Vsnu is a Vedic god and he did make it over to Hinduism favourably. Unfortunately, the Vsnu of Hindu lore is not the Vsnu of Vedic lore. The same is said of Surya, Usas and Sarsvati. Surya now has a very minor role, the brilliance of his consort Usas is all but forgotten in favour of Kali, Laxmi and Durga. Sarsvati, who was a minor river goddess deity in the Vedas, is seen as a major goddess of learning in Hinduism having swallowed up the Vedic goddess Vac."
         - Adhitin Ratrija, Druidic Fellowship, Why Vedism?

I agree, thumbs up! 

Why don't we have a festival for Indra or Mitra rather than celebrating Ganesh Chathurti?  Why don't we have statues for Agni and Soma? Why not for Savitr? Its quite simple Vedic rishis were not idolaters. They practised inner yajna or Theurgy which Hindus have forgotten. This does not mean we shouldn't have any festivals or remembrance for the old gods but the vast majority of the Hindus are ignorant of their own history.

Hindus have got nothing to be proud of and all their boasting about their culture is just bullshit. Vedas have got nothing to do with Modern Science. Isn't it interesting that modern Hindus find themselves alien to the concept of Hard Polytheism and find themselves hard to believe in Hard Polytheism when their very religion was one of the oldest ancient religion which stamps Hard Polytheism on each and every verse it utters.

Why don't modern Hindus accept Hard Polytheism and take it more seriously or seldom understand it? It is quite simple it shatters their world view, it is anti-science, it shatters their agenda to reconcile their dead Hinduism with Modern science because science and gods are like oil and water, they don't mix and they never will. It shatters all of their philosophical schools built on top of the Upanishads which they seldom understand it and hence they reject the Hard Polytheism of the Vedas which is too hard for them to swallow without the right insights.

This is the reason why I am anti-Hindu, a rebellion against Hinduism who have corrupted the Vedas in favour of Vedism. Its all about honouring the old gods and rejecting the new gods of Hinduism because the former gods were good, were higher in Rank, were wise, powerful, extremely intelligent, loving and bestowed immortality for us. More important than anything else their names still invoke powerful forces of nature through the practise of Theurgy, Rituals and Magic which straight away threatens the job of these puny scientists.