Saturday, 16 June 2018

Cogito ergo sum

Can an evil demon deceive everything including my own existence? The very fact that I am aware of my own doubting or thinking proves that I cannot deny my existence as long as I am aware that I am thinking.

This doesn’t prove that soul exists. Well, I could be just a voice simulator in my brain nonetheless I exist irrespective of whether I am virtual or real. To know whether we are souls or just a voice simulated being in a brain we need to face death.

Soul has three states. In the waking state it thinks it is the physical body and receives information from the sense organs of the physical body. This is what is dubbed as consciousness in the ordinary sense of the world. 

In the dream state it thinks it is the subtle body and receives information from the sense organs of the subtle body and in the sleep state it thinks it has no body and hence you get a feeling that you ceased to exist for that duration of time.

The soul is not the director of the activities that it is aware of instead it is just an passive actor collecting and remembering all the information that is being fed into it.

Brain, Mind and the Intellect all play an vital role in processing the information from the visible and the intelligible world providing a consolidated experience to the soul.

All these activities cannot occur on its own it requires an orchestrator and that organiser is none other than God.

Brain is just a sense organ in the physical body which collects information from the surroundings and feeds that information to the mind. All the decoding of information from chemical signals to audio, visual, speech, taste, color, depth, proximity is processed in the mind outside of the brain and an output feedback signal is sent from the mind to the brain which triggers the motor muscles.

How does anaesthetic chemicals causes unconsciousness? The mind withdraws itself from the brain and the soul goes into the deep sleep state when certain drugs are fed into the brain. The same thing happens with coma patients.

You do see brain activity but it has no meaning because there is no one there to receive that information and interpret it.