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Giving up Sankalpa, a simple secret of the Vedic Rishis to win the Gods and the Holy Spirit.

Every believer worships God but how many of them know what is the right way to approach the Gods, hardly a few, everyone worships God either to fulfil his desires or to achieve something in their life. Either they ask give me this or give me that, Oh! Father, or else I want to be this or that and their desires are endless. Do gods really love such people who worship them for their own selfish desires? No, absolutely not, even though gods do their duty to fulfil their desires but they all fail to receive the real grace from the gods.

Sankalpa (Hindu thought)

Everyone worships them asking various material goals, "I want a house", "I want to pass in exams", "I want to be a doctor", "I want my business to grow", "I want good wisdom", "I want knowledge", "I want a good job" and it goes on and on. In this part of the world this kind of worship is called Khand Upasana (Khand means individualistic or not wholistic). Rare are those who do Akhand Upasana or Nishkama Upasana (i.e. renouncing the fruits of your works).

What the Vedic rishis did understood very early is that work has been given free to us, we are not really doing any works at all by our own and yet the whole world is immersed in pride, everyone boasts himself that I achieved this, I did this, I created this but what they don't understand is that this kind of thinking is definitely not from our Father.

16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

How many of them really worship God saying, "Father, this is your world, this is your body, let everything go according to your will". Giving up Sankalpa means giving up your individuality, your whole personality, a life with no taste, a life with no existence. When the Sun God appeared to Yajnavalkya, the great sage, and asked him what he wants, he replied saying, "Give what this world wants". Then Sun God through Yajnavalkya gave the Shukla Yajurveda and the Isha Upanishad to the world.

Yes giving up Sankalpa is not easy, losing your individuality is not easy but the Vedic Rishis did gave up Sankalpa, so there must be something, some knowledge which prepares our mind to give up Sankalpa. This is what we shall discuss below.

In western psychology and meta-physics Ego is an abstract idea, not a physical entity but that's not how the pagan mystery religions viewed it. A view entirely lost to the western academic world.
"Our perceiving self is nowhere to be found within the world-picture, because it itself is the world-picture."
         - Erwin Schrodinger

Schroedinger was highly influenced by the Upanishads but he didn't dig deep and didn't knew how deep the rabbit hole goes. Let's understand and elaborate that statement by Erwin from the perspective of the pagan mystery religions.

In terms of Samkhya philosophy the external world consists of the five elements - (earth, water, fire, air and space), Manas(Mind), Buddhi(Intellect), Prana(The vital force), Ahankar (Ego or the indwelling God), Aion(Time). All these are anthropomorphic Aeons of the Pleroma.

We have to accept the fact that Purusha(The soul) is entrapped in nature (i.e. Prakrithi) and it is forcing us to make us desire either this or that, that's why our mind always wants to do something or thinks about something like "I have to plan my life like this", "I have to do this tomorrow" etc etc.

Everyone thinks this is what we are, our nature, but nope we all are in ignorance, what we think we are is our false ego, a false personality, the day one realizes that we are no where in this world-picture that we are neither this body, nor this mind, nor this intellect, nor these desires, nor this psyche, nor this ego then he will start giving up sankalpa.

Here we need to bring up the speculation of Rene Descartes, he speculated that an evil daemon can deceive him to believe in the existence of the external world, deceive him to believe in the existence of his own body and the existence of other bodies when no such external world or bodies exist, what would prevent the evil daemon to make us deceive that we are thinking on our own? He can easily deceive us and make us believe that we are thinking and doing works all by our own unless he himself reveals his true nature and the nature of the world. According to the pagan mystery religions that evil daemon is none other than Ego or the highest God of the Pleroma, The Holy Father, but unlike the deceiving evil daemon of Descartes, he is an all loving God and hence he sent the Savior Jesus Christ unto us to impart the Gnosis of the Father so that we can know our true nature and being.

So an initiate of pagan mystery religions first ascends and passes through all the heavens of five elements (i.e. earth, fire, water, air and space) who are basically anthropomorphic Aeons, if you have read Mithras Liturgy which exists in the Greek Magical Papyri then you can figure out as to what I am talking of here, then the initiate ascends to the heaven of the Intellect and then to Ego (King Helios Aion Mithras) and then Helios reveals Aion, the Time and only then you are really free from bondage and you become free and you become immortal. It is Time which does everything and it is what keeps the soul entrapped in this body. This is how esoteric the world-view of the Upanishads is and this is how deep the rabbit hole goes.

"People cannot see anything in the real realm unless they become it, if you have seen Christ you become Christ, if you have seen the spirit you become the spirit, if you have seen the Father you will become the Father"

- Gospel of Philip

So doing Akhand Upasana or giving up Sankalpa is the first step towards our redemption especially in the pagan mystery religions. As pagans this is how we view our world. We are not interested in evangelizing our religion to every nook and corner of the world because just by believing or by blind faith one shall not become free or be saved. Its a process which Sophia and the Holy Father are doing every time a new soul enters this world i.e. sowing the spiritual seed in all of us, in everyone of us and preparing everyone to return to the fullness of the Pleroma. We have no interests in evangelizing anyone because faith is a grace which one has to receive from God.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Scientific endeavor has reached a dead end.

After decades of research many good scientists are beginning to swallow the fact that scientific research or more precisely the scientific method might not always guarantee an answer to a given problem in hand. Just as other methodologies the scientific method too has its weaknesses and it can lead you to a road which is a dead end.

The problem of abiogenesis is an unsolvable problem and biologists should accept the existence of life as an axiom of biology.

No biologist has defined life more precisely than the physicist Hubert Yockey, he is absolutely right about this one,
 Dr. Yockey defines the distinction between living and non-living matter as follows:   
“There is nothing in the physico-chemical world [apart from life] that remotely resembles reactions being determined by a sequence [the genome] and codes between sequences [the genetic code]. The existence of a genome and the genetic code divides living organisms from non-living matter.” (Computers and Chemistry, 24 (2000) 105-123)
Yockey continues to say this,
Evolution and the origin of life are separate questions. My publications on information theory show that the origin of life is unknowable through scientific methods. All that can be taught in the science classroom about the origin of life is why it is unknowable and why past theories, such as chance and self-organization, had to be discarded. There are many things in science and mathematics that are true, but unknowable. The earlier children learn about the scientific and mathematical concept of unknowability, the better they will be able to grasp the concepts that currently are re-shaping mathematics and science. 
       Hubert Yockey reply to FTE amicus brief 

What Yockey is arguing is quite simple, let's take a small example.



From the context of information theory there is no difference between those two sequences because information theory has nothing to do with "meaning", it treats and measures bits in both the sequences equally and cannot see any difference between those two sequences and hence Yockey argues that biological molecules are similar to Sequence 1 i.e. they carry meaning along with them and there is nothing in the physico-chemical world which can naturally produce such sequences because meaning cannot be measured and hence it doesn't fall into the domain of science.

There are many other problems too and I think the most difficult of them all to solve is the error catastrophe.

Lethal mutants and truncated selection together solve a paradox of the origin of life.

Many attempts have been made to describe the origin of life, one of which is Eigen's cycle of autocatalytic reactions [Eigen M (1971) Naturwissenschaften 58, 465-523], in which primordial life molecules are replicated with limited accuracy through autocatalytic reactions. For successful evolution, the information carrier (either RNA or DNA or their precursor) must be transmitted to the next generation with a minimal number of misprints. In Eigen's theory, the maximum chain length that could be maintained is restricted to 100-1000 nucleotides, while for the most primitive genome the length is around 7000-20,000. This is the famous error catastrophe paradox. How to solve this puzzle is an interesting and important problem in the theory of the origin of life.
Natural Selection can only work if there is a preexisting population of self replicating organisms but a self replicating organism by itself is such a complex organism that the chances of it arising naturally surviving all those auto-catalytic reactions is absolutely zero.

Measurement problem is an unsolvable problem in science. 

We all know the bizarre state of Schrodinger's Cat which is in a superposition of dead and alive states. When one tries to open the box a random outcome occurs, in the words of Bohr, a quantum system is closed in the sense that the very act of observation disturbs the state of the quantum system which is being subjected for measurement and in turn leads to randomness of individual outcomes.

Some scientists aren't happy with such inherent randomness in nature and they have put forward other theories such as multiverse where the other possible outcome is branched out into an another universe, what ever it is none of these interpretations can fully describe the nature of reality.

With local realism already dead we are better to accept the fact that what we call reality is only a state of mind, the moon doesn't really exist when you are not looking at it, this doesn't mean idealism but a form of open realism, mind and the external world is responsible for the retrospective creation of empirical reality.

One man is adamant that the universe is working in a completely different way and asserts that quantum mechanics and string theory is incomplete and he is Sir Roger Penrose.

There are statements in mathematics which are true but no algorithm exists within the axiomatic systems which can prove that these statements are true. If we know that these statements are true then our mind is not a computational Turing machine, our mind is non-computational, does this mean that we directly access mathematical truths directly from a platonic realm?

Read Foreword to Computable Universe by Roger Penrose for his full fledged argument and how he defends his views on quantum mechanics.

Scientific research indeed encourage esotericism and it can turn an atheist into an esotericist. This is what contemporary science is saying, a truth which many scientists are yet to swallow.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Religious experiences are not hallucinations but real phenomena which can be studied empirically.

Many neurologists try to simulate religious experiences and argue that we are hard-wired to be religious and are more susceptible to religious experiences. For example see: God helmet.

What these neurologists don't understand is that this theory doesn't address the varieties of religious experiences that is experienced by religious people or the mystics. All religious experiences doesn't just run inside our heads and it is more often the case that these powerful experiences always go beyond the brain and influence the body and the surroundings of the experiencing individuals. 

Often such experiences are ignored by connecting it with Temporal lobe epilepsy and other kinds of seizures. No such explanations are suffice to explain the timing and the varieties of religious experiences that are observed. Can neurologists simulate the experience of a body lifted from the ground?

"A rapture is absolutely irresistible; whilst union, inasmuch as we are then on our own ground, may be hindered, though that resistance be painful and violent; it is, however, almost always impossible. But rapture, for the most part, is irresistible. It comes, in general, as a shock, quick and sharp, before you can collect your thoughts, or help yourself in any way, and you see and feel it as a cloud, or a strong eagle rising upwards, and carrying you away on its wings. 
I repeat it: you feel and see yourself carried away, you know not whither. For though we feel how delicious it is, yet the weakness of our nature makes us afraid at first, and we require a much more resolute and courageous spirit than in the previous states, in order to risk everything, come what may, and to abandon ourselves into the hands of God, and go willingly whither we are carried, seeing that we must be carried away, however painful it may be; and so trying is it, that I would very often resist, and exert all my strength, particularly at those times when the rapture was coming on me in public. I did so, too, very often when I was alone, because I was afraid of delusions. Occasionally I was able, by great efforts, to make a slight resistance; but afterwards I was worn out, like a person who had been contending with a strong giant; at other times it was impossible to resist at all: my soul was carried away, and almost always my head with it,—I had no power over it,—and now and then the whole body as well, so that it was lifted up from the ground. 
This has not happened to me often: once, however, it took place when we were all together in choir, and I, on my knees, on the point of communicating. It was a very sore distress to me; for I thought it a most extraordinary thing, and was afraid it would occasion much talk; so I commanded the nuns—for it happened after I was made Prioress—never to speak of it. But at other times, the moment I felt that our Lord was about to repeat the act, and once, in particular, during a sermon,—it was the feast of our house, some great ladies being present,—I threw myself on the ground; then the nuns came around me to hold me; but still the rapture was observed. 
I made many supplications to our Lord, that He would be pleased to give me no more of those graces which were outwardly visible; for I was weary of living under such great restraint, and because His Majesty could not bestow such graces on me without their becoming known. It seems that, of His goodness, He has been pleased to hear my prayer; for I have never been enraptured since. It is true that it was not long ago. It seemed to me, when I tried to make some resistance, as if a great force beneath my feet lifted me up. I know of nothing with which to compare it; but it was much more violent than the other spiritual visitations, and I was therefore as one ground to pieces; for it is a great struggle, and, in short, of little use, whenever our Lord so wills it. There is no power against His power.  At other times He is pleased to be satisfied when He makes us see that He is ready to give us this grace, and that it is not He that withholds it. Then, when we resist it out of humility, He produces those very effects which would have resulted if we had fully consented to it. 
The effects of rapture are great: one is that the mighty power of our Lord is manifested; and as we are not strong enough, when His Majesty wills it, to control either soul or body, so neither have we any power over it; but, whether we like it or not, we see that there is one mightier than we are, that these graces are His gifts, and that of ourselves we can do nothing whatever; and humility is deeply imprinted in us. And further, I confess that it threw me into great fear, very great indeed at first; for when I saw my body thus lifted up from the earth, how could I help it? Though the spirit draws it upwards after itself, and that with great sweetness, if unresisted, the senses are not lost; at least, I was so much myself as to be able to see that I was being lifted up. The majesty of Him who can effect this so manifests itself, that the hairs of my head stand upright, and a great fear comes upon me of offending God, who is so mighty. This fear is bound up in exceedingly great love, which is acquired anew, and directed to Him, who, we see, bears so great a love to a worm so vile, and who seems not to be satisfied with attracting the soul to Himself in so real a way, but who will have the body also, though it be mortal and of earth so foul, such as it is through our sins, which are so great."
         - Life of Teresa of Avila

 So religious experiences are not hallucinations and in my opinion the argument from Religious experiences is one of the strongest arguments ever made in favour for the existence of the divine.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

People wanted Steven Gerrard to win the title more than Liverpool winning the Barclay's Premier League.

I don't follow football much but Liverpool is the only team which attracted me just for the simple reason that my favorite player Steven Gerrard leads that team. I have been following them since the time when Fernando Torres was their lead striker.

Liverpool's past season standings were worse and they were at the bottom of the table and I held on to them even though I was very disappointed.

This season there was a big spark in them and they were cruising along towards victory and it seems they have blown it away. This is a consolidation post since I wanted to post this blog post after they have won the title but its all over for them now. The last two games of Liverpool have shown that defense is as important as striking in football.

With all being said I wish best of luck to Steven Gerrard for his future career and life.

The career of Steven Gerrard