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Christian Intolerance and Evangelism in India

This person whoever he is has wholeheartedly spoken on behalf of all the Christians about what many Christians hold it as true in their hearts but don't speak out in public in the fear of offending Hindus and receiving a backlash from them. Western and Indian media only broadcast the injustice done by Hindus on Christians although I feel none exists because Christians and Muslims are having the lives of their dreams in the metropolitan cities of India.

But these Western medias don't highlight the injustice done by Christians and Muslims against Hindus and yet we continue to tolerate these kinds of things. If you are a Christian I advice you not to read the comments of this video. You cannot win the hearts of Hindus in this way get that through your heads.

This is the reason why I feel multiculturalism is such a bad idea and the need to divide nations according to their religions so that people like these can spread their so called good news at their own lands and don't interfere into other people's religious life.

A token of advice to Christian evangelists, you cannot win the hearts of Hindus through the dogmatism of Catholicism or Protestantism, if you want any success in India try the Gnostic approach. Don't forget that there is one man who Jesus chose to be the apostle to the Gentiles. You Christians have a lot to learn from that man. Yes, I am talking of Saint Paul, the same person who said that nothing is unclean.

Romans 14:14
I am convinced, being fully persuaded in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for that person it is unclean.
If you Christians by your foul mouths say that our gods are all devils our gods will not become devils. What is clean and pure will not become unclean and impure just because of the fornification of a few so I am actually not at all offended by your words and there is no need to react aggressively against you guys because I have more confidence in my faith than anyone can imagine and will not be shaken by such blasphemous words but I do feel there is a limit to everything and therefore politely said that such Christian evangelists should be kicked out of India which is far more kind compared to the kind of reaction from Hindus over this video which would have given a sample taste of the state of the Hindu mind in India. 

Neither Hindus nor Christians care to read the history of their own religions. Incidents like this will lead to further hatred among these religions and will not help anyone's cause which the Roman Catholic Church need to understand and need to review the history of Christianity and other religions and drop its dogmatic nature.

What I hate about Christians is that they are not even ready to read the scriptures of other religions, they act as if the Bible is the only religious scripture in the world. They are so afraid to open their minds and read the history and scriptures of other religions that they fear that they would get converted to a different religion. In the same way the pope was afraid to see through Galileo's telescope. I don't blame them because that's what Jehovah has taught them so this is a problem with their god and not with them. This is the reason why I believe this kind of crazy deluded ideas where a god advises his followers to not make friends or advises them not to make any contact with their neighbor non-believers in the fear that his followers will learn false teachings from the neighbor non-believers is something which will not work in an Aryan land like India which strives for knowledge and truth rather than living one's life through fear and ignorance.

Believe it or not this is the fate of many Christians in the world they will never try to read the pre-Christian history and will never try to read or understand the scriptures of other religions. For them Bible is the true word of God and all other religions are from the Devil. I have always banged my head seeing the attitude and ignorance of these Christians. There is a limit to being deceived but a deception at this scale is just unacceptable.

Replacing Christianity and Science with Mithraism and Magic

Churches around the world will be destroyed and Mithraeums will be built on top of it. Science will be banned from schools and the children of the world will pursue the art of theurgy or magic instead of science. To achieve this grandiose vision requires the overthrowing of the established order and in bringing a new world order.

How am I going to bring in this new world order? Obviously this cannot be achieved without some bloodshed and without the help of a higher power than the power of science. That higher power is Yoga which will destroy science and the scientific community.

Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali

3.16 By samyama on the three-fold changes in form, time, and characteristics, there comes knowledge of the past and future.

(parinimah traya samyama atita anagata jnana)

3.19 By samyama on the notions or presented ideas comes knowledge of another's mind.

(pratyayasya para chitta jnana)

3.21 When samyama is done on the form of one's own physical body, the illumination or visual characteristic of the body is suspended, and is thus invisible to other people.

(kaya rupa samyama tat grahya shakti tat stambhe chaksuh prakasha asamprayoga antardhanam)

3.22 In the same way as described in relation to sight (3.21), one is able to suspend the ability of the body to be heard, touched, tasted, or smelled

(etena shabdadi antardhanam uktam)

3.23 Karma is of two kinds, either fast or slow to manifest; by samyama on these karmas comes foreknowledge of the time of death.

(sopakramam nirupakramam cha karma tat samyama aparanta jnanam aristebhyahva)

3.26 By directing the flash of inner light of higher sensory activity, knowledge of subtle objects, those hidden from view, and those very distant can be attained.

(pravrittyah aloka nyasat suksma vyavahita viprakrista jnanam)

3.27 By samyama on the inner sun, knowledge of the many subtle realms can be known.

(bhuvana jnanam surya samyamat)

3.28 By samyama on the moon, knowledge of the arrangement of the inner stars can be known.

(chandra tara vyuha jnanam)

3.29 By samyama on the pole-star, knowledge of the movement of those stars can be known.

(dhurve tad gati jnanam)

3.30 By samyama on the navel center, knowledge of the arrangement of the systems of the body can be known.

(nabhi chakra kaya vyuha jnanam)

3.31 By samyama on the pit of the throat, hunger and thirst leave.

(kantha kupe ksut pipasa nivrittih)

3.33 By samyama on the coronal light of the head, visions of the siddhas, the masters can come.

(murdha jyotisi siddha darshanam)

3.34 Or, through the intuitive light of higher knowledge, anything might become

(pratibhad va sarvam)

3.35 By practicing samyama on the heart, knowledge of the mind is attained.

(hirdaye chitta samvit)

3.39 By loosening or letting go of the causes of bondage and attachment, and by
following the knowledge of how to go forth into the passages of the mind, there comes the ability to enter into another body.

(bandha karana shaithilyat prachara samvedanat cha chittasya para sharira aveshah)

3.40 By the mastery over udana, the upward flowing prana vayu, there is a cessation of contact with mud, water, thorns, and other such objects, and there ensues the rising or levitation of the body.

(udana jayat jala panka kantaka adisu asangah utkrantih cha)

3.41 By mastery over samana, the prana flowing in the navel area, there comes
effulgence, radiance, or fire.

(samana jayat jvalanam)

3.42 By samyama over the relation between space and the power of hearing, the
higher, divine power of hearing comes.

(shrotra akashayoh sambandha samyamat divyam shrotram)

3.43 By Samyama on the relationship between the body and space (akasha) and by concentrating on the lightness of cotton, passage through space can be attained.

(kaya akashayoh sambandha samyamat laghu tula samatatti cha)

3.45 By samyama on the five forms of the elements (bhutas), which are gross form, essence, subtleness, interconnectedness, and its purpose, then mastery over those bhutas is attained.

(sthula svarupa suksma anvaya arthavattva samyamad bhuta-jayah)

3.46 Through that mastery over the elements, comes the abilities of making the body atomically small, perfect, and indestructible in its characteristics or components, as well as bringing other such powers.

(tatah anima adi pradurbhavah kaya sampad tad dharma anabhighata cha)
Scientists and Christians have to worship Mithras the Father if they wish to see their heads on top of their necks.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

My paper about Esotericism on

I don't believe in Intellectually property rights and neither did the Vedic rishis because all knowledge has come down to us from God and there is nothing for us to boast about.

There was no concept of intellectual property in the ancient world, and plagiarism was widely seen as a homage to the original author. The Stanford Encyclopedia claims "It must also be recognized that 'forgery' is a modern notion. Like Plotinus and the Cappadocian Fathers before him, Dionysius does not claim to be an innovator, but rather a communicator of a tradition."
However I would love to see my paper, Why the polytheistic mythos of the esotericists is inevitable?
published in an academic Eostericism journal but I seriously doubt anything like that even exists so I have uploaded a draft copy of my paper on so that at least others can benefit from my research and take it forward and review it.

Here is the updated draft copy.

Why the polytheistic mythos of the esotericists is inevitable?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Roger Penrose: Quantum Mechanics is internally inconsistent

Yet there remains a profound conundrum in the contradiction between the continuous deterministic U-evolution and the discontinuous probabilistic R-evolution, as we shall be seeing in §6. In any case, a probabilistic and discontinuous outcome (R) certainly could not be the result of a continuous deterministic process (U), unless some approximation procedure is involved. Most physicists appear to take refuge in the puzzling issues involved in finding the right ‘physical interpretation’ of the quantum state and its modes of evolution. For my own part, I would regard it as likely that the linear quantum mechanics that we now use is merely an approximation to some more refined nonlinear evolution that we shall someday discover, and according to which both the U- and R-evolutions would arise as excellent approximations in their respective contexts. If this proves to be the case, then the present-day inconsistency between the U and R procedures could be removed.

This is a banging paper by Sir Roger Penrose which clearly outlines his take on Quantum Mechanics.

My take on this is along with the arguments of John von Neumann and Eugene Wigner that a non-physical mind collapses the wave function since it doesn't obey the Schrödinger's equation and influences matter to behave differently when it encounters itself with the former.

Winger's friend paradox by Eugene P Wigner 

"Consciousness causes collapse"

In his 1932 book The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, John von Neumann argued that the mathematics of quantum mechanics allows for the collapse of the wave function to be placed at any position in the causal chain from the measurement device to the "subjective perception" of the human observer – the notion of such a chain, more specifically a chain of interacting systems in which the values of one system is correlated with that of the immediately following system, has since become known as the von Neumann chain. In 1939, F. London and E. Bauer argued for the latter boundary (consciousness). In the 1960s, Eugene Wigner reformulated the "Schrödinger's cat" thought experiment as "Wigner's friend" and proposed that the consciousness of an observer is the demarcation line which precipitates collapse of the wave function, independent of any realist interpretation. See Consciousness and measurement. Very technically, Wigner identified the non-linear probabilistic projection transformation which occurs during measurement with the selection of a definite state by a mind from the different possibilities which it could have in a quantum mechanical superposition. Thus, the non-physical mind is postulated to be the only true measurement apparatus. This interpretation has been summarized thus:
The rules of quantum mechanics are correct but there is only one system which may be treated with quantum mechanics, namely the entire material world. There exist external observers which cannot be treated within quantum mechanics, namely human (and perhaps animal) minds, which perform measurements on the brain causing wave function collapse.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Savitr the supreme lord of the cosmos

The proto Indo-Iranian religion started off as Sun Worship. 

 - Max Mueller

The tradition of Shukla Yajur Veda worships Savitr as Brahman and the Rishi of this tradition is the great sage Yajnavalkya who extolled the Sun God and received such fresh portions of the Vedas which was not known to anyone before. The famous Ishavasya Upanishad is from this tradition which contains with in itself the ultimate truth of the universe and a pathway to know Brahman.

The Sun God will be very pleased if one gives up Sankalpa and does unselfish holistic worship to him. The greatest mystery which is so astonishing is the truth that all other gods exists in his womb and form his body, this is the reason why he is called as Hiranyagarbha, the golden egg, (garbha means womb or egg). Each individual light ray emanating from his body is an individual god, this is baffling and one can experience it by sincere devotion and worship to him.  Scientists and atheists are ignorant of this and they are taking the world in the wrong direction. For those who have not gone through upanayana rituals like me i.e. not Brahmins by birth they can do Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutations along with silent utterance of mantras in the mind you will soon see the benefits yourself.

The Lord Savitr is indeed the Supreme Lord of the universe and the more we dig deeper in history the more we acknowledge that everything is pointing to this God. I should say even science is pointing to this God but many people don't see it because of bad scholarship and bad education system. Sun God is not a jealous god he is the most ancient of all gods. He is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as it is stated in the Adithya Hrudyam. He is the Prajapathi of the Brahmanas and the Brahman of the Upanishads. He embraces Jesus and Buddha too and if one studies Gnostic Christianity and Vajrayana Buddhism you will wonder whether they were also worshiping the same Father. We ourselves don't know what secrets is hidden in him and what secrets he will reveal to all serious followers of Sauram.

He is the god whom Julian the Emperor extols in his Hymn to King Helios. Helios-Aion-Mithras, the god mentioned in Mithras Lithurgy is the same Sun god, Savitr. He is Sol Invictus, the Invincible, the unconquered sun. He is the Holy Father of the Gnostics and the one who sent the Saviour to earth who came down in the form of a dove on to Jesus Christ's body at the time of his Baptism. Jesus Christ was sent by the Demiurge, Jehovah but the Saviour was sent by the Holy Father, Savitr from the above Pleroma. Its so disappointing that this pagan religion is not known to many people and academic scholars don't interpret the Vedas in this light.

Its true that as the Gnostic Christians of the 2nd century say that before Jesus Christ came down to earth all the people of the world were worshiping the creator who is a lesser god and not the true god of the cosmos. The Saviour saved the world from the evil Archons by giving us the gnosis of the Father of Truth. The Archons of the world whose leader is the Devil, the fallen angel, Lucifer who is actually also a son of the Demiurge (Jehovah), got angry, jealous and murdered Jesus Christ. But there was one tribe who were worshiping the Father of Truth even before since the time Jesus Christ came down to earth and that tribe was none other than the Indo-Persian Aryans who heavily influenced Neoplatonists like Proclus, Iamblichus, Julian, Ammonius Saccus etc through the Chaldean Oracles.

Below is a list of Vedic verses extolling the God Savitr. All other Vedic gods like Pushan, Surya, Bhaga, Mitra, Agni, Soma, Indra, Varuna, Aruna, Bhaga, Usha, Gayatri, Ashvins emanate from this one God. I have included verses only from the Rig Veda here but this God is extolled and revered by the Aryans in all of the Vedas from Sama Veda to Atharvana Veda and from Black Yajurveda to White Yajurveda.

1 AGNI I first invoke for our prosperity; I call on Mitra, Varuṇa, to aid us here.
I call on Night who gives rest to all moving life; I call on Savitar the God to lend us help.
2 Throughout the dusky firmament advancing, laying to rest the immortal and the mortal,
Borne in his golden chariot he cometh, Savitar, God who looks on every creature.
3 The God moves by the upward path, the downward; with two bright Bays, adorable, he journeys.
Savitar comes, the God from the far distance, and chases from us all distress and sorrow.
4 His chariot decked with pearl, of various colours, lofty, with golden pole, the God hath mounted,
The many-rayed One, Savitar the holy, bound, bearing power and might, for darksome regions.
5 Drawing the gold-yoked car his Bays, white-footed, have manifested light to all the peoples.
Held in the lap of Savitar, divine One, all men, all beings have their place for ever.
6 Three heavens there are; two Savitar's, adjacent: in Yama's world is one, the home of heroes,
As on a linch-pin, firm, rest things immortal: he who hath known it let him here declare it.
7 He, strong of wing, hath lightened up the regions, deep-quivering Asura, the gentle Leader.
Where now is Sūrya, where is one to tell us to what celestial sphere his ray hath wandered?
8 The earth's eight points his brightness hath illumined, three desert regions and the Seven Rivers.
God Savitar the gold-eyed hath come hither, giving choice treasures unto him who worships.
9 The golden-handed Savitar, far-seeing, goes on his way between the earth and heaven,
Drives away sickness, bids the Sun approach us, and spreads the bright sky through the darksome region.
10 May he, gold-handed Asura, kind Leader, come hither to us with his help and favour.
Driving off Rākṣasas and Yātudhānas, the God is present, praised in hymns at evening.
11 O Savitar, thine ancient dustless pathways are well established in the air's mid-region:
O God, come by those paths so fair to travel, preserve thou us from harm this day, and bless us.

- Rig Veda Book 1, HYMN XXXV. Savitar.
1. UPRISEN is Savitar, this God, to quicken, Priest who neglects not this most constant duty.
To the Gods, verily, he gives rich treasure, and blesses him who calls them to the banquet.
2 Having gone up on high, the God broad-handed spreads his arms widely forth that all may mark him.
Even the waters bend them to his service: even this wind rests in the circling region.
3 Though borne by swift steeds he will yet unyoke them: e’en the fleet chariot hath he stayed from going.
He hath checked e’en their haste who glide like serpents. Night closely followed Savitar's dominion.
4 What was spread out she weaves afresh, re-weaving: the skilful leaves his labour half-completed.
He hath arisen from rest, and parted seasons: Savitar hath approached, God, holy-minded.
5 Through various dwellings, through entire existence, spreads, manifest, the household light of Agni.
The Mother gives her Son the goodliest portion, and Savitar hath sped to meet his summons.
6 He comes again, unfolded, fain for conquest: at home was he, the love of all things moving.
Each man hath come leaving his evil doings, after the Godlike Savitar's commandment.
7 The wild beasts spread through desert places seeking their watery share which thou hast set in waters.
The woods are given to the birds. These statutes of the God Savitar none disobeyeth.
8 With utmost speed, in restless haste at sunset Varuṇa seeks his watery habitation.
Then seeks each bird his nest, each beast his lodging. In due place Savitar hath set each creature.
9 Him whose high law not Varuṇa nor Indra, not Mitra, Aryaman, nor Rudra breaketh,
Nor evil-hearted fiends, here for my welfare him I invoke, God Savitar, with worship.
10 May they who strengthen bliss, and thought and wisdom, and the Dames’ Lord and Narāśaṁsa aid us.
That good may come to us and wealth be gathered, may we be Savitar the God's beloved.
11 So come to us our hearts' desire, the bounty bestowed by thee, from heaven and earth and waters,
That it be well with friends and those who praise thee, and, Savitar, with the loud-lauding singer.

- Rig Veda Book2, HYMN XXXVIII. Savitar.

1. Now must we praise and honour Savitar the God: at this time of the day the men must call to him,
Him who distributes wealth to Manu's progeny, that he may grant us here riches most excellent.
2 For thou at first producest for the holy Gods the noblest of all portions, immortality:
Thereafter as a gift to men, O Savitar, thou openest existence, life succeeding life.
3 If we, men as we are, have sinned against the Gods through want of thought, in weakness, or through insolence,
Absolve us from the guilt and make us free from sin, O Savitar, alike among both Gods and men.
4 None may impede that power of Savitar the God whereby he will maintain the universal world.
What the fair-fingered God brings forth on earth's expanse or in the height of heaven, that work of his stands sure.
5 To lofty hills thou sendest those whom Indra leads, and givest fixed abodes with houses unto these.
However they may fly and draw themselves apart, still, Savitar, they stand obeying thy behest.
6 May the libations poured to thee thrice daily, day after day, O Savitar, bring us blessing.
May Indra, Heaven, Earth, Sindhu with the Waters, Aditi with Ādityas, give us shelter.

- Rig Veda Book 4, HYMN LIV. Savitar.
1. THE priests of him the lofty Priest well-skilled in hymns harness their spirit, yea, harness their holy thoughts.
He only knowing works assigns their priestly tasks. Yea, lofty is the praise of Savitar the God.
2 The Sapient One arrays himself in every form: for quadruped and biped he hath brought forth good.
Excellent Savitar hath looked on heaven's high vault, and shineth after the outgoing of the Dawn.
3 Even he, the God whose going-forth and majesty the other Deities have followed with their might,
He who hath measured the terrestrial regions out by his great power, he is the Courser Savitar.
4 To the three spheres of light thou goest, Savitar, and with the rays of Sidrya thou combinest thee.
Around, on both sides thou encompassest the night: yea, thou, O God, art Mitra through thy righteous laws.
5 Over all generation thou art Lord alone: Pūṣan art thou, O God, in all thy goings-forth.
Yea, thou hast domination over all this world. Śyāvāśva hath brought praise to thee, O Savitar,

- Rig Veda Book 5, HYMN LXXXI. Savitar.

1. WE crave of Savitar the God this treasure much to be enjoyed.
The best, all-yielding, conquering gift of Bhaga we would gladly win.
2 Savitar's own supremacy, most glorious and beloved of all,
No one diminisheth in aught.
3 For Savitar who is Bhaga shall send riches to his worshipper.
That wondrous portion we implore.
4 Send us this day, God Savitar, prosperity with progeny.
Drive thou the evil dream away.
5 Savitar, God, send far away all sorrows and calamities,
And send us only what is good.
6 Sinless in sight of Aditi through the God Savitar's influence,
May we obtain all lovely things.
7 We with our hymns this day elect the general God, Lord of the good,
Savitar whose decrees are true.
8 He who for ever vigilant precedes these Twain, the Day and Night,
Is Savitar the thoughtful God.
9 He who gives glory unto all these living creatures with the song,
And brings them forth, is Savitar.

- Rig Veda Book 5, HYMN LXXXII. Savitar.

1. FULL of effectual wisdom Savitar the God hath stretched out golden arms that he may bring forth life.
Young and most skilful, while he holds the region up, the Warrior sprinkles fatness over both his hands.
2 May we enjoy the noblest vivifying force of Savitar the God, that he may give us wealth:
For thou art mighty to produce and lull to rest the world of life that moves on two feet and on four.
3 Protect our habitation, Savitar, this day, with guardian aids around, auspicious, firm and true.
God of the golden tongue, keep us for newest bliss: let not the evil-wisher have us in his power.
4 This Savitar the God, the golden-handed, Friend of the home, hath risen to meet the twilight.
With cheeks of brass, with pleasant tongue, the Holy, he sends the worshipper rich gifts in plenty.
5 Like a Director, Savitar hath extended his golden arms, exceeding fair to look on.
He hath gone up the heights of earth and heaven, and made each monster fall and cease from troubling.
6 Fair wealth, O Savitar, to-day, to-morrow, fair wealth produce for us each day that passes.
May we through this our song be happy gainers, God, of a fair and spacious habitation.

- Rig Veda Book 6, HYMN LXXI. Savitar.

1. SAVITAR, golden-haired, hath lifted eastward, bright With the sunbeams, his eternal lustre;
He in whose energy wise Pūṣan marches, surveying all existence like a herdsman.
2 Beholding men he sits amid the heaven filling the two world-halves and air's wide region.
He looks upon the rich far-spreading pastures between the eastern and the western limit.
3 He, root of wealth, the gatherer-up of treasures, looks with his might on every form and figure.
Savitar, like a Godẉhose Law is constant, stands in the battle for the spoil like Indra.
4 Waters from sacrifice came to the Gandharva Visvavasu, O Soma, when they saw him.
Indra, approaching quickly, marked their going, and looked around upon the Sun's enclosures.
5 This song Visvavasu shall sing us, meter of air's mid-realm celestial Gandharva,
That we may know aright both truth and falsehood: may he inspire our thoughts and help our praises.
6 In the floods' track he found the bootyseeker: the rocky cow-pen's doors he threw wide open.
These, the Gandharva told him, Rowed with Amṛta. Indra knew well the puissancc of the dragons.

- Rig Veda Book 10, HYMN CXXXIX. Savitar.

1. SAVITAR fixed the earth with bands to bind it, and made heaven stedfast where no prop supported.
Savitar milked, as ’twere a restless courser, air, sea bound fast to what no foot had trodden.
2 Well knoweth Savitar, O Child of Waters, where ocean, firmly fixt, o’erflowed its limit.
Thence sprang the world, from that uprose the region: thence heaven spread out and the wide earth expanded.
3 Then, with a full crowd of Immortal Beings, this other realm came later, high and holy.
First, verily, Savitar's strong-pinioned Eagle was born: and he obeys his law for ever.
4 As warriors to their steeds, kine to their village, as fond milk giving cows approach their youngling,
As man to wife, let Savitar come downward to us, heaven's bearer, Lord of every blessing.
5 Like the Aṅgirasa Hiranvastupa, I call thee, Savitar, to this achievement:
So worshipping and lauding thee for favour I watch for thee as for the stalk of Soma.

- Rig Veda Book 10, HYMN CXLIX. Savitar.

1. MAY the God Savitar, rich in goodly treasures, filling the region, borne by steeds, come hither,
In his hand holding much that makes men happy, lulling to slumber and arousing creatures.
2 Golden, sublime, and easy in their motion, his arms extend unto the bounds of heaven.
Now shall that mightiness of his he lauded: even Sūrya yields to him in active vigour.
3 May this God Savitar, the Strong and Mighty, the Lord of precious wealth, vouchsafe us treasures.
May he, advancing his far-spreading lustre, bestow on us the food that feedeth mortals.
4 These songs praise Savitar whose tongue is pleasant, praise him whose arms are full, whose hands are lovely.
High vital strength, and manifold, may he grant us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

- Rig Veda Book 7, HYMN XLV. Savitar.

1 HIS bright rays bear him up aloft, the God who knoweth all that lives,
Sūrya, that all may look on him.
2 The constellations pass away, like thieves, together with their beams,
Before the all-beholding Sun.
3 His herald rays are seen afar refulgent o’er the world of men,
Like flames of fire that burn and blaze.
4 Swift and all beautiful art thou, O Sūrya, maker of the light,
Illuming all the radiant realm.
5 Thou goest to the hosts of Gods, thou comest hither to mankind,
Hither all light to be beheld.
6 With that same eye of thine wherewith thou lookest brilliant Varuṇa,
Upon the busy race of men,
7 Traversing sky and wide mid-air, thou metest with thy beams our days,
Sun, seeing all things that have birth.
8 Seven Bay Steeds harnessed to thy car bear thee, O thou farseeing One,
God, Sūrya, with the radiant hair.
9 Sūrya hath yoked the pure bright Seven, the daughters of the car; with these,
His own dear team, he goeth forth.
10 Looking upon the loftier light above the darkness we have come
To Sūrya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent.
11 Rising this day, O rich in friends, ascending to the loftier heaven,
Sūrya remove my heart's disease, take from me this my yellow hue.
12 To parrots and to starlings let us give away my yellowness,
Or this my yellowness let us transfer to Haritāla trees.
13 With all his conquering vigour this Āditya hath gone up on high,
Giving my foe into mine hand: let me not be my foeman's prey.

Rig Veda Book 1, HYMN L. Sūrya.

1. THE brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuṇa and Agni.
The soul of all that moveth not or moveth, the Sun hath filled the air and earth and heaven.
2 Like as a young man followeth a maiden, so doth the Sun the Dawn, refulgent Goddess:
Where pious men extend their generations, before the Auspicious One for happy fortune.
3 Auspicious are the Sun's Bay-coloured Horses, bright, changing hues, meet for our shouts of triumph.
Bearing our prayers, the sky's ridge have they mounted, and in a moment speed round earth and heaven.
4 This is the Godhead, this might of Sūrya: he hath withdrawn what spread o’er work unfinished.
When he hath loosed his Horses from their station, straight over all Night spreadeth out her garment.
5 In the sky's lap the Sun this form assumeth that Varuṇa and Mitra may behold it.
His Bay Steeds well maintain his power eternal, at one time bright and darksome at another.
6 This day, O Gods, while Sūrya is ascending, deliver us from trouble and dishonour.
This prayer of ours may Varuṇa grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.

- Rig Veda Book 1, HYMN CXV. Sūrya.
1. STRONG Pūṣan's majesty is lauded evermore, the glory of his lordly might is never faint, his song of praise is never faint.
Seeking felicity I laud him nigh to help, the source, of bliss,
Who, Vigorous one, hath drawn to him the hearts of all, drawn them, the Vigorous One, the God.
2 Thee, then, O Pūṣan, like a swift one on his way, I urge with lauds that thou mayst make the foemen flee, drive, camel-like, our foes afar.
As I, a man, call thee, a God, giver of bliss, to be my Friend,
So make our loudly-chanted praises glorious, in battles make them glorious.
3 Thou, Pūṣan, in whose friendship they who sing forth praise enjoy advantage, even in wisdom, through thy grace, in wisdom even they are advanced.
So, after this most recent course, we come to thee with prayers for wealth.
Not stirred to anger, O Wide-Ruler, come to us, come thou to us in every fight.
4 Not stirred to anger, come, Free-giver, nigh to us, to take this gift of ours, thou who hast goats for steeds, Goat-borne! their gift who long for fame.
So, Wonder-Worker! may we turn thee hither with effectual lauds.
I slight thee not, O Pūṣan, thou Resplendent One: thy friendship may not be despised.

- Rig Veda Book 1, HYMN CXXXVIII. Pūṣan.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hinduism is as misogynistic as Christianity and Islam

Yajnavalkya Upanishad

13. (If an ascetic is convinced that) the supreme God has entered into beings as the individual Self, then he may fully prostrate on the ground before dog, outcaste, cow or donkey.

14. What possibly is charming in a woman who is a doll made of flesh, in a cage of limbs which is moved by machinery and who is a conglomerate of tendons bones and joints ?

15. Are the eyes (of a woman) charming when we look at them after dissection into skin, flesh, blood and tears ? Why then do you get infatuated in vain ?

16. Similarly, Oh sage, is seen of the pearl necklace which shines bright (adoring women) in the onrush of the Ganga water down the shining slopes of the Meru mountain.

17. In cemeteries (situated) in remote places the same breast of a woman is eaten in due course by dogs as if it were a small morsel of food.

18. Having (attractive) tresses and putting on collyrium, women, difficult to touch but pleasing to the eyes are (verily) the flames of the fire of sin and they burn men as though they were straw.

19. Women pleasing and cruel, are the fuel for the hell-fires, that inflame even at a distance and though juicy (loveable) are devoid of moisture (flavour).

20. Silly women are the nets spread by the hunter called Cupid to entangle the bodies of men in the form of birds.

21. Woman is the bait stuck in the fish-hook at the string of evil propensity to catch men in the form of fish that are in the pond of worldly life and that are active in the mud of the mind.

22. Enough of women to me, forever, who are the strong caskets (to preserve) all gems of evil and are the chains of misery.

23. He who has a woman with him has desire for enjoyment; where is the scope for enjoyment to one who is without woman ? Discarding woman is discarding worldly life; one shall be happy after abandoning worldly life.

24. A son unborn worries the (would be) parents for long; when obtained (in the womb) he gives trouble due to miscarriage or the pangs of child-birth.

25. When the boy is born there is the worry of evil planes, illness, etc., and then his propensity to evil ways. When invested with the sacred thread he does not become learned and if he becomes wise he refuses marriage.

26. In youth he takes to adultery, etc., and has (the curse of) poverty when he has a family. There is no end of worry due to a son and if he is rich he (suddenly) may die.

27. The (good) ascetic has no fickleness of hands and feet; he is not unsteady in his eyes and he is not loose with his speech; conquering his senses he becomes one with Brahman.

28. When a person of discrimination sees equality and oneness between an enemy, a prisoner and his own body, where is (the scope for) anger, as towards the limbs of one’s own body ?

29. If you have any anger against a wrong doer, how is it you do not have anger against anger, as it forcibly blocks (the path to) duty, wealth, love and liberation ?

30. My salutation to the anger against anger, which well sets ablaze its substratum and which gives one dispassion and awakens one to one’s faults.

31. Where the people are always asleep the man of self-control is wide awake; where they are vigilant, Oh wise one, the prince among the Yogins, is in deep sleep. Be convinced that there is consciousness here, that (all) this is consciousness alone and is pervaded by consciousness, that you are consciousness and I am consciousness, and all these worlds are of consciousness.

32. Ascetics should accept this, the highest position of being a Paramahamsa. Oh best of sages, there is nothing higher than this.
Thus (ends) the Upanishad.

The seer of the Upanishad is quite right in saying that there is no scope for enjoyment without women and that only by renouncing women one will renounce worldly life which is very true. There is really no scope for enjoyment in life without women no matter what other things in life brings joy to you which are not anything like the joy of a woman.

The Upanishad treats women as evil beings who bring misery to men and advice men to completely avoid them by encouraging men to practice celibacy or Sanyas.

All women Sanyasins must be treated as prostitutes because there is no Sanyas for women in Hinduism.  

I am not saying this, in fact this was said by Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISCKON who is quite right when viewed from a traditional point of view because there is no Sanyas for women in Hinduism. So all women who have taken up Sanyas must be treated as prostitutes and no respect should be given to them at all.

Shrila Prabhupada comments on Women Sannyasinis: 1.
San Francisco 14th March, 1967 
My Dear Brahmananda, 
...A female is never awarded the order of Sannyasam. Because a female is never considered independent and Sannyasam was never awarded to any female in the past by the great Acharyas like Samkara, Ramanuja, etc. The female Sannyasins are to be immediately understood as pretenders or prostitutes. In India they have organised so many organisations where specially young females are maintained to attract rich women-hunters who pretend to pose as righteous in the society. This is the age of Kali which plunders away spiritual sense of the human being and it is only the Divine Grace of Lord Chaitanya Who can protect us from all these dangerous pitfalls....
Srila Prabhupada is quite right because even Yajnavalkya never awarded Sanyas to females and it is against the Vedic tradition. Given the case that we all know what happens to these women who are sexually abused by false Godmen in their ashrams wasn't the tradition right in denying Sanyas for women?

But some doesn't want to accept this, they want to falsely portray to the whole world that Hinduism is not misogynistic and that it is quite superior in treating women compared to Christianity and Islam. Some are embarrassed to accept these misogynistic elements in Hinduism. Well whatever it is, the fact is that there is no Sanyas for women in Hinduism and all women sanyasins should be immediately treated as prostitutes and Hinduism is indeed misogynistic and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it.

Jain Digambaras reject salvation for women who believe that women are evil and shallow creatures and think that they have received a women body because of their past sins. According to them all women have to be reborn as men to receive salvation.

Therefore the eastern religions are as misogynistic as the Abrahamic ones.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Zionists with the help of US and the West created ISIS

No wonder why this news is not published in either CNN, Fox News, Guardian, New York Times or any of the other Western Media websites because it would destroy their whole agenda to deceive people into believing that the West especially the United States is doing everything it can do in his hands to knock out ISIS from earth but the reality is United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and France have all aided, supported and directly funded the ISIS Sunni Muslim clan to become the World's Richest Terrorist Organization which is exactly what the West want in order to overthrow Assad's Shiah regime who is backed up by Russia, Iran and China.

Foolish American, Western and Indian citizens who are being fooled by their respective governments need to wake up to this reality and fact of life. CIA created the ISIS and it has gone out of control now and how many times it will do the same mistakes which it did in the past. Who are the real terrorists now? Is it the Muslims or the Jews? Is it the members of ISIS or the President of the United States, Barack Obama and his idiot ally David Cameroon?

What are these mother fucking Americans and Britons doing when their government uses their tax money to fund terrorism all over the world? Obviously they would have been misguided by the media which is fully in control of the government which is in directly controlled by Zionists. Fuck you American Jews.

Russians have got a lot of things right on various issues not only ISIS where the US have got it exactly wrong. No wonder why Putin was able to damage ISIS in 2 days what the US was unable to do for months. The simple truth is US created ISIS and they don't want them to die.

Because of the cruelty and greed of the Zionists innocent Muslims and civilians all over the world have to suffer. This is as serious a charge as it can get and if people don't wake up and realize the truth they will continue to suffer as mere puppets at the hands of their governments.

End of ISIS? Putin 'sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT evil Islamic State'

Finally Confirmed: US Created ISIS Terror Group

Monday, 16 November 2015

Catholics should abandon the doctrine of Trinity

This is an another example of the hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic Church. Their utter foolishness in not recognizing that the doctrine of Trinity is a Gnostic doctrine. What kind of an orthodox church chooses a Gnostic doctrine as their foundational belief system and at the same time charge these same Gnostics for heresy when they themselves are believing in a Gnostic doctrine? Are they so blind or the God of this age has made them blind?

Father, Son and the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit here actually represents the feminine goddess. In Valentinianism the Holy Father is androgynous, he is both male and female. In the psychic world the bride of Jesus Christ is Mary Magdalene who represent the Holy Spirit.
"Jesus Christ used to often kiss Mary Magdalene on her mouth."

- Gospel of Philip
How can these three individual distinct persons, the Holy Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit (Sophia) can be one and the same thing? Mary Magdalene was Jesus Christ's companion in the psychic world. Its quite clear that these three persons are distinct individual beings and at the same time they are basically one and the same God. This can only be understood through Valentinian Monism.

Trinity is a disguised form of the doctrine of Emanationism.

The doctrine of Trinity indirectly implies Emanationism. The Father emanated the Son and the Holy Spirit which is in direct opposition to the creationism of Catholicism.

Marcellus of Ancyra warned the church fathers of the Nicene Creed to abandon the doctrine of Trinity as it was a Gnostic heresy.

In the fourth-century, Marcellus of Ancyra declared that the idea of the Godhead existing as three hypostases (hidden spiritual realities) came from Plato through the teachings of Valentinus, who is quoted as teaching that God is three hypostases and three prosopa (persons) called the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: 
"Now with the heresy of the Ariomaniacs, which has corrupted the Church of God... These then teach three hypostases, just as Valentinus the heresiarch first invented in the book entitled by him 'On the Three Natures'. For he was the first to invent three hypostases and three persons of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and he is discovered to have filched this from Hermes and Plato." 

Since Valentinus had used the term hypostases, his name came up in the Arian disputes in the fourth century. Marcellus of Ancyra, who was a staunch opponent of Arianism but also denounced the belief in God existing in three hypostases as heretical, and was later condemned for his views, attacked his opponents (On the Holy Church, 9) by linking them to Valentinus: 
"Valentinus, the leader of a sect, was the first to devise the notion of three subsistent entities (hypostases), in a work that he entitled On the Three Natures. For, he devised the notion of three subsistent entities and three persons — father, son, and holy spirit."

It should be noted that the Nag Hammadi library Sethian text Trimorphic Protennoia identifies Gnosticism as professing Father, Son and feminine wisdom Sophia or as Professor John D. Turner denotes, God the Father, Sophia the Mother, and Logos the Son.

Muslims are right in accusing Christians for practising Polytheism and Idolatry. 
The doctrine of trinity is nothing but Emanationism in a disguised form and there by, by believing in three distinct individual persons and by attributing a feminine companion to God the charge of the Muslims is absolutely right on Christians as it goes entirely against the will of their God Jehovah. We can safely conclude that Jehovah is not representing the Holy Father in the doctrine of Trinity as Saint Paul was a Gnostic and believed in a higher god above him who was residing inside the Pleroma.

The worship of Jesus Christ by nailing him to a cross and there by making an idol of him also goes against the will of their God Jehovah. Either Catholics should admit that they no longer believe in Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament or abandon the Gnostic doctrine of Trinity. I hate hypocrites.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Transfer of Consciousness: How to enter into another's body?

According to Eastern Mysticism and Tantra it is very much possible to transfer one's consciousness from one body to another which will give new insights into our understanding of Consciousness and this phenomena is perfectly in accordance with the dualistic model of Mind and Body. Although practices like Phowa are considered to be the path of the Left it is very much important to study them as it provides empirical evidence for the existence of soul and consciousness independent of the human body proving that physicalism is false which many stupid scientists stubbornly adhere to.

Dialogue between Shankara and Mandana Mishra's wife
After debating for over fifteen days, with Mandana Misra's wife Ubhaya Bharati acting as referee, Mandana Misra accepted defeat. Ubhaya Bharati then challenged Adi Shankara to have a debate with her in order to 'complete' the victory. She asked him questions related to sexual congress between man and woman - a subject in which Shankaracharya had no knowledge, since he was a true celibate and sannyasi. Sri Shankracharya asked for a "recess" of 15 days. As per legend, he used the art of "para-kaya pravesa" (the spirit leaving its own body and entering another's) and exited his own body, which he asked his disciples to look after, and psychically entered the dead body of a king. The story goes that from the King's two wives, he acquired all knowledge of "art of love". The queens, thrilled at the keen intellect and robust love-making of the "revived" King, deduced that he was not their husband, as of old. The story continues that they sent their factotums to "look for the lifeless body of a young sadhu and to cremate it immediately" so that their "king" (Shankracharya in the king's body) would continue to live with them. Just as the retainers piled Shankracharaya's lifeless corpse upon a pyre and were about to set fire to it, Shankara entered his own body and regained consciousness. Finally, he answered all questions put to him by Ubhaya Bharati; and she allowed Mandana Misra to accept sannyasa with the monastic name Suresvaracarya, as per the agreed-upon rules of the debate.
Esoteric Teachings of Tibetan Tantra

According to Tantra there are three different teachings of the Transformation practices: the special Transformation Yoga; the Teaching of the self-mind (or soul) entering into another's corpse; and the teaching of expelling another's soul from his body so that one's consciousness may enter this body. All these three Transformation practices require, first, the capability of closing the nine gates by words; second, the mastery of Vase Breathing, by means of which all the pranas of different organs are gathered and entered into the Central Channel; third, the mastery of Tumo, whereby the small Ah-word of the red-element in the navel center is able to attract and hold the wisdom Hūṃ word (which is the rider of the subtle prana) at the Heart Center. This is said in the Tantras of Vajra Dakini and of Gdan-bzhi and in their common commentary Bhaba Bhad-ras; and in the Tantra of G’a-sbyor and its commentary, the Fruit-Bearing Pith-Instruction.

I believe that in both cases, whether the self-consciousness enters into the corpse or into another's living body, a special prana performance is required in addition to the requirements and qualifications mentioned before. The details may be found in some other sources.

It would be difficult to benefit sentient beings on a great scale with a low-born human body; therefore, it is desirable to have a human body of high class to accomplish the undertaking. Because the possession of a sick, aged, crippled body would handicap self-improvement as well as altruistic deeds, one resorts to the Yoga of Entering Another's Body to procure a fair and healthy body.

According to gurus there are three requirements for practicing this Yoga: first, the person who intends to practice this yoga must have an infinite compassion for all sentient beings; he must be absolutely sure that great benefits and boons for sentient beings will be achieved if he performs this yoga; he also must have mastered both prana and mind. A yogi who meets these requirements and conditions may then proceed to a very secluded, sheltered place. He should dispense with all distracted thoughts, keep away from all wordly activities, prepare the offerings, and establish the altar for the patron Buddha. With all these arrangements made, he should then engage himself in meditation under strict Confinement of Contemplation104.

Then he should prepare a Mandala painted black as the supporting-platform and put a human skull on it. In the center of the human skull a Hūṃ word should be clearly written with a white stone (chalk). Visualizing himself become the Patron-Buddha, he then recites and meditates on the prayer of Seven Wishes of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. Then the yogi visualizes a Hūṃ word in the center of the heart, and, when the exhalation goes through the right nostril, he should think the Hūṃ word comes out along with the exalted air and enters into and is identified with the Hūṃ word in the skull. Meantime the yogi should hold the air outside as long as possible. When he cannot hold it any longer, he slowly takes the air in. Then he exhales and visualizes as before. Continuing this practice for a while, the yogi will see the skull shake, jump and move—these are the signs that will appear.

The yogi may now proceed to the actual transformation of soul. First, he should procure a fresh corpse with no signs of decomposing, not being dead from any injuries or disease; or he may procure a clean and fresh corpse of cattle or any livestock. Then he washes the corpse with clean water, decorates it with pleasing ornaments, and places it well on the Mandala in a sitting position. Then, the yogi visualizes the Hūṃ word which symbolizes the mind, both in his own heart and that of the corpse. He then arouses his prana to drive the Hūṃ word out through his right nostril and through the corpse's left nostril into the Hūṃ word at the Heart Center. If the yogi practices this again and again, the corpse will start to breathe and to regain its senses. When these signs take place, the yogi should know his performance is effective and should (temporarily) stop the practice.

When the yogi is ready to carry out the real performance, he should release himself from the Confinement and go out to find a qualified and fresh corpse, bring it back, and place it on the Mandala facing him. Having decorated the corpse, the yogi then visualizes the self-Yidam-body and lays aside the attachment to the vulgar human body. He then reminds himself that all Dharmas in the cosmos are magic-like and illusory. Now it is time for him to cut off all vulgar, fallacious thought, as well as delusory habitual thinking, and render his body as an offering to the gurus and guards.

With great earnestness, he should pray them to protect him from all evil hindrances and influences. Then the yogi should clearly visualize both himself and the corpse transformed into Patron Buddha and vividly visualize the Hūṃ word in the Heart Center of both. Then the yogi contacts the air-gate of the corpse and actuates his prana to drive the Hūṃ word in his Heart Center out through his right nostril and into the Hūṃ word of the corpse through its left nostril. At this time the yogi should pull up all his strength to aim at the Hūṃ word of the corpse with his prana-mind. By means of this exercise, the corpse will begin to breathe and jerk, etc. Whereupon, the yogi's friendly companions should take care of him, foster him with proper food for half a month in a solitary place. Until the yogi can stably live with the new body, he should not appear before people. In order to express his gratitude to the deceased one, the yogi should perform the Offering Rituals, such as the Ritual of Tsa Tsa and the Ritual of Burning Performances. With this new human body, the yogi should devote himself to the welfare of sentient beings on a great and broad scale.

These instructions were given by gurus. Thus, the instruction on the Yoga of Entering Other's body which are based on the genuine contents of (several) Tantras and their commentaries has now been given here without wavering ambiguity.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Embarrassment among Physicists grows

One doesn't have to dig far too deep inside the scientific literature in order to see how bizarre the current state of Physics is today just a glance on to their blogs will suffice.

Think about it — quantum mechanics has been around since the 1920’s at least, in a fairly settled form. John von Neumann laid out the mathematical structure in 1932. Subsequently, quantum mechanics has become the most important and best-tested part of modern physics. Without it, nothing makes sense. Every student who gets a degree in physics is supposed to learn QM above all else. There are a variety of experimental probes, all of which confirm the theory to spectacular precision.

And yet — we don’t understand it. Embarrassing. To all of us, as a field (not excepting myself).

- Sean Caroll

One of the greatest thinkers in physics says the human brain—and the universe itself—must function according to some theory we haven't yet discovered.

Now adding more oil to their wounds.

Superdeterministic - Conspiracy theories (LOL)

Local realism might not be dead yet because there is still one last loophole in Bell's theorem which is not ruled out yet i.e. the assumption that the experimenters have the degree of freedom to prepare a quantum ensemble of states independent of the detector settings.

A view which I touched on in a post long time back.

We must also describe the states of the observer along with the quantum system to fully understand the evolution of the wave and its further collapse. Both the choice of the observer as well as the observed system are responsible for the results that are observed. The measurement problem is at the heart of quantum physics and it is one of the cornerstone of QM even though it has with stood the test of times, accurately predicting the possible outcomes of the system but science is more than just finding probabilities physicists like John Bell, Einstein, Penrose will not be satisfied by the positivist approach and one has to make deep in routes into its philosophical implications and look for an alternative world view and move forward.

- Author of the Blog,  A new world view.

This is where it gets really funny where one camp takes the idea of Super-determinism very seriously while the other camp is dumbfounded as to what the other camp believes in.

I'm about to fly to Vienna where I'll be attending a conference on Emergent Quantum Mechanics. I'm not entirely sure why I was invited to this event, but I suspect it's got something to do with me being one of the three people on the planet who like superdeterministic hidden variables theories, more commonly known as "conspiracy theories".

- Sabine Hossenfelder

Soon came the Back-reaction from the orthodox camp.

Superdeterminism: The ultimate Conspiracy Theory - Lubos Motl
A recommendation both for men and women (because I don't want to discriminate against anyone): if you're lying pregnant in the hospital, don't write physics papers because they are likely to be even stinkier bullshit than what you write most of the time. And make no doubt about it: none of Sabine's 10 most recent papers is correct.

 - Luboš Motl


None the less the pagan mystery religions long knew that the world is superdeterministic. If not what was the whole point of the existence of the Oracles and the precognition of the future. We would welcome a superdeterministic world but I don't think the answer to the current problems of Physics lies in some kind of Superdeterministic theory yet unknown to us. In fact the whole endeavour of Science has reached a dead end. The reason why passionate young people like me who loved science once abandoned it long time ago and have turned to Esotericism, Magic and Theurgy.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Romans 9: Election, Predestination and Free Will

This post is a continuation of the post 'God is both a murderer and a saviour'. I actually wanted to make this post as part-II of "God is both a murderer and a saviour' but retracted from it as I thought the above title was better suited for this post even though the topic was on the similar lines.

I didn't knew that Saint Paul has already touched on this topic in Romans and that it is an hotly debated topic among Christian circles as the below sources show.

Christians should be grateful to Saint Paul since they have such a great doctor to guide them and always places them closer to truth compared to the people of other religions who don't have charismatic people like Saint Paul to guide them to truth. As you can see from the above links this is an hotly debated subject among Christian circles and it upsets a lot of people and others rest in peace by not questioning too much believing that their finite minds cannot possibly understand the works of God.

We can safely conclude from my previous post "God is both a murderer and a Saviour" that our salvation is not in our hands. I think we (Christians and myself) including Saint Paul can all agree on this one single point. Now the problem is does God elects few people and rejects some based only on his personal whim? Does he play dice while choosing his elect or does he say in pin safety pin in pin out and selects the elect? LOL. Isn't this unfair on the part of God? If God is doing that then obviously he must be a malevolent bully but read on.

The answer is a clear NO. There is a logic behind his election. When God said I love Jacob and not Esau he is not literally loving Jacob and hating Esau instead he is only loving the pneumatic nature of Jacob and rejecting the psychic nature of Esau. Now was it preordained that Jacob will be born with a pneumatic nature and Esau will be born with a psychic one? Yes, it was predestined like that. Why did God gave a pneumatic heart to Jacob and a psychic one to Esau? Is God's grace arbitrary? Is God being unfair here? Is he doing partiality to the soul of Esau? 

The answer is again a clear NO. Well these three qualities Pneumatic, Psychic and Hylic was pre-existent inside the Pleroma from the very beginning, all these three qualities were there inside the Pleroma in an un-manifested state before the creation i.e. even before the manifestation of the cosmos. Now since the unknowable Holy Father of the Pleroma did not gave full knowledge to his emanated Aeons and retained their perfection with in himself they all fell into ignorance and ignorance gave rise to error and sin which in turn led to the tripartite division of human beings according to their respective qualities which is Pneumatic, Psychic and Hylic.

Now what we have to understand is that a soul's nature will not be fixed through out its journey instead God prepares those souls and molds them for a pneumatic nature. Now the only way to receive redemption is through the grace of God which is provided only when the Holy Spirit gives permission to release the soul from the bondage of this world. So when God elected Jacob and rejected Esau its not that Esau was rejected forever from ever returning to his Kingdom instead it only means that Jacob's time to return had come now and Esau's soul is still being prepared and molded to receive a pneumatic heart in the future and finally his soul too will receive salvation. All of this is a part of God's divine plan. Saint Paul is right this is his world, this is his body and who are we to question him as to what was in store for us when none of the things belongs to us in the first place.
All this is for habitation by the Lord, whatsoever is individual universe of movement in the universal motion. By that renounced thou shouldst enjoy; lust not after any man’s possession.

 - Isha Upanishad, Verse 1

God is both a murderer and a saviour

I have been concentrating way too much on the concept of Pleroma in my posts and many people might think that I am a dualist. So in order to clear out those misconceptions I am going to unleash the real Kraken in this post. I am concentrating too much on the concept of Pleroma rather than talking about Non-dualism because that's a path of attaining Non-dualism which people have forgotten, very few people take that road to reality nowadays and I emphasized on Pleroma so that people can see and understand how radically different the concept of Non-dualism really is than what you hear from spiritual gurus or from New Age fellows. I stressed on Pleroma so that people can understand the true implications of the idea of Non-dualism.

What if I am going to say to you that Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela are equivalent to Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and Abu Bhakr Al Bhagdadi?

The former and the latter persons are equivalent to one and another because they are neither responsible for the good and evil actions that they did or committed. Mahatma Gandhi was not a Mahatma and neither was he a great human being and nor Adolf Hitler was a bad human being. Now one might ask how is Adolf Hitler not a bad human being when he was responsible for the death of millions of Jews? This is where the whole world slips. According to the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Valentinianism and the pagan mystery religions we human beings really have no free will, we are not in control of our lives, everything we dream of, think of and possess is not really ours.

Just as the Demiurge secretly moved by Sophia thinks that he acts alone the same also with human beings.

- Excerpt of Theodotus, Valentinian Christian

God is really the demon of Rene Descartes who deceives us into falsely believing that this world is real, that these bodies are ours, deceiving us that the voice which speaks inside us is us, deceiving us into believing that the psyche or the character is what make us who we really are only to wake up to realize to the truth that the dreams which we are chasing all our lives are not truly ours but instead it was someone else's to begin with. Its like we all are being set up to fight, to kill and to love each other without being aware of the fact that none of our thoughts are truly originating from us.

Western psychology has a very loose definition for the concept of Pride or Ego but in the traditional Indian psychology "Ego" is directly identified with God. In fact this is the whole essence of the Gayatri verse that many people chant it blindly today that God is the one who stimulates our thoughts.

  • God is the one who makes us commit sins and he is also the one who brings the wrath upon us for those sins.
  • God is the one who murders people and he is the one who saves us.
  • God is both evil and good.
  • God is both heat and cold.
  • God is both fire and water.
  • God is both love and hate.
  • God is both moral and immoral.
  • God is both our enemy and our friend.
  • God is both omnipresent and he is also omniabsent.
  • God is omnibenevolent and he is omnimalevolent.
  • God is omniscient and he is omniweak.
  • God is the one who sends us to hell and he is the one who sends us to heaven.
  • God is the one who makes us cry and he is the one who makes us laugh.
  • He is the one who forces us to take revenge upon others and he is the one who makes us to forgive those who do bad to us.
  • God is the one who make us commit adultery and fornification and he is the one who makes us be loyal to our husbands or wives.
  • God is the one who makes us fall in love and he is also the one who breaks our heart.
  • God is the one who brings famine and drought and he is also the one who brings harvest and rain.
  • God is the one who implants bombs at Churches, Mosques and at Temples and he is the one who sends aid to those who are killed at those places.

Can you see where am I going with this? To make you guys understand the real message out of this I have to quote the words of a great Quantum Physicist, Erwin Schroedinger who was deeply immersed in the Upanishads and contemplated its true implications.

"Our perceiving self is nowhere to be found with in the world picture because it itself is the world picture."

- Erwin Schroedinger, From Science to God by Peter Russell
Nārada Muni continued: What I referred to as the chariot was in actuality the body. The senses are the horses that pull that chariot. As time passes, year after year, these horses run without obstruction, but in fact they make no progress. Pious and impious activities are the two wheels of the chariot. The three modes of material nature are the chariot’s flags. The five types of life air constitute the living entity’s bondage, and the mind is considered to be the rope. Intelligence is the chariot driver. The heart is the sitting place in the chariot, and the dualities of life, such as pleasure and pain, are the knotting place. The seven elements are the coverings of the chariot, and the working senses are the five external processes. The eleven senses are the soldiers. Being engrossed in sense enjoyment, the living entity, seated on the chariot, hankers after fulfillment of his false desires and runs after sense enjoyment life after life.

Ego is a much more higher concept than Intelligence and the casket of Intelligence by itself cannot do anything without someone from behind stimulating our thoughts and that chariot driver is none other than Ego or God or in terms of Advaita Vedanta, it is Ishvar.

Now are we really in this world picture? Think about it, if none of our thoughts, our inner voice, our tastes, desires, dreams, our looks and characters are not truly ours then is there anything left that makes us who we are.

We all are prisoners of the cave whose souls are caught up in this world and this world is the cave of Mithras, now we have got two choices after realizing this truth, we can take the blue pill and continue to lead our lives experiencing all the pain, joy, sorrow, torments, insults, injustice, abuses, love, hate, kindness and cruelty that life has to offer us or take the red pill and escape from this world and realize who we really are.

There is no doubt that our souls are captivated in this world otherwise what's the whole point of trying to attain salvation. Now many believers of Advaita Vedanata have a false notion that they have already become Brahman or God since Non-dualism insists that "Thou are Brahman or God". They find the view that Brahman is caught up in this world and is being subject to suffering irreconcilable with the view that Brahman is all knowing and all blissful.

A question which I asked on Quora just to let people know that they have misunderstood Advaita Vedanta if they already thought that they have become God or Brahman since Advaita Vedanta says so.

We must accept the fact that our souls are caught up in this world and we are still in duality and not falsely believe that we have become one with God when we are not truly there yet. Remember, to attain Non-dualism one must ascend to all the higher heavens just like the apocalypse of Saint Paul and how he went high up to the Ogdoad to meet the Holy Father and just like the Egyptian priest in Mithras liturgy ascended to various heavens to finally meet King Helios Aion Mithras in order to receive immortality. That's how crazy the idea of Non-dualism really is, if you think you can attain Non-dualism by meditating silently at the footsteps of the Himalayas then you are wrong. You have to be the next Saint Paul of Tarsus or at least get caught up in some of the higher heavens because only a pure soul can pass over the guardians of the heavens.

Most people are just embarrassed to hold such a view of Non-dualism in this 21st century age, everyone wants to talk about Quantum Physics and science so that somehow it gives them some kind of credibility and more respect to their shitty ideas by mentioning some scientific words and by the invocation of few reputed scientists. Sorry jackasses if you want to attain Non-dualism you need to be the next Dante or the next Carl Gustav Jung, you need to rise up to the Ogdoad and meet the Holy Father in the heavens, that's how crazy it is so don't even imagine in your dreams that you know Brahman or God just by reading a few Upanishads and texts of Shankara and trying to find parallels to it from Modern Physics.

Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychologist and Gnostic cracked this mystery through his studies of the Nag Hammadi Library which we can verify from his Red Book and the Seven Sermons to the Dead. (The Spiritually dead refers to the orthodox Christians).

Sermo II

In the night the dead stood along the wall and cried:
We would have knowledge of god. Where is god? Is god dead?
God is not dead. Now, as ever, he liveth. God is creatura, for he is something definite, and therefore distinct from the pleroma. God is quality of the pleroma, and everything which I said of creatura also is true concerning him.
He is distinguished, however, from created beings through this, that he is more indefinite and indeterminable than they. He is less distinct than created beings, since the ground of his being is effective fullness. Only in so far as he is definite and distinct is he creatura, and in like measure is he the manifestation of the effective fullness of the pleroma.
Everything which we do not distinguish falleth into the pleroma and is made void by its opposite. If, therefore, we do not distinguish god, effective fullness is for us extinguished.
Moreover god is the pleroma itself, as likewise each smallest point in the created and uncreated is the pleroma itself.
Effective void is the nature of the devil. God and devil are the first manifestations of nothingness, which we call the pleroma. It is indifferent whether the pleroma is or is not, since in everything it is balanced and void.
Not so creatura. In so far as god and devil are creatura they do not extinguish each other, but stand one against the other as effective opposites. We need no proof of their existence. It is enough that we must always be speaking of them. Even if both were not, creatura, of its own essential distinctiveness, would forever distinguish them anew out of the pleroma.
Everything that discrimination taketh out of the pleroma is a pair of opposites. To god, therefore, always belongeth the devil.
This inseparability is as close and, as your own life hath made you see, as indissoluble as the pleroma itself. Thus it is that both stand very close to the pleroma, in which all opposites are extinguished and joined.
God and devil are distinguished by the qualities fullness and emptiness, generation and destruction. Effectiveness is common to both.
Effectiveness joineth them. Effectiveness, therefore, standeth above both; is a god above god, since in its effect it uniteth fullness and emptiness.
This is a god whom ye knew not, for mankind forgot it. We name it by its name Abraxas. It is more indefinite still than god and devil.
That god may be distinguished from it, we name god Helios or Sun. Abraxas is effect. Nothing standeth opposed to it but the ineffective; hence its effective nature freely unfoldeth itself. The ineffective is not, therefore resisteth not. Abraxas standeth above the sun and above the devil. It is improbable probability, unreal reality. Had the pleroma a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation. It is the effective itself, not any particular effect, but effect in general.
It is unreal reality, because it hath no definite effect.
It is also creatura, because it is distinct from the pleroma.
The sun hath a definite effect, and so hath the devil. Wherefore do they appear to us more effective than indefinite Abraxas.
It is force, duration, change.
The dead now raised a great tumult, for they were Christians.

Sermo III

Like mists arising from a marsh, the dead came near and cried: Speak further unto us concerning the supreme god.
Hard to know is the deity of Abraxas. Its power is the greatest, because man perceiveth it not. From the sun he draweth the summum bonum; from the devil the infimum malum; but from Abraxas life, altogether indefinite, the mother of good and evil.
Smaller and weaker life seemeth to be than the summum bonum; wherefore is it also hard to conceive that Abraxas transcendeth even the sun in power, who is himself the radiant source of all the force of life.
Abraxas is the sun, and at the same time the eternally sucking gorge of the void, the belittling and dismembering devil.
The power of Abraxas is twofold; but ye see it not, because for your eyes the warring opposites of this power are extinguished.
What the god-sun speaketh is life.
What the devil speaketh is death.
But Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word which is life and death at the same time.
Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness, in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abraxas terrible.
It is splendid as the lion in the instant he striketh down his victim. It is beautiful as a day of spring. It is the great Pan himself and also the small one. It is Priapos.
It is the monster of the under-world, a thousand-armed polyp, coiled knot of winged serpents, frenzy.
It is the hermaphrodite of the earliest beginning.
It is the lord of the toads and frogs, which live in the water and go up on the land, whose chorus ascendeth at noon and at midnight.
It is abundance that seeketh union with emptiness.
It is holy begetting.
It is love and love’s murder.
It is the saint and his betrayer.
It is the brightest light of day and the darkest night of madness.
To look upon it, is blindness.
To know it, is sickness.
To worship it, is death.
To fear it, is wisdom.
To resist it not, is redemption.
God dwelleth behind the sun, the devil behind the night. What god bringeth forth out of the light the devil sucketh into the night. But Abraxas is the world, its becoming and its passing. Upon every gift that cometh from the god-sun the devil layeth his curse.
Everything that ye entreat from the god-sun begetteth a deed of the devil.
Everything that ye create with the god-sun giveth effective power to the devil.
That is terrible Abraxas.
It is the mightiest creature, and in it the creature is afraid of itself.
It is the manifest opposition of creatura to the pleroma and its nothingness.
It is the son’s horror of the mother.
It is the mother’s love for the son.
It is the delight of the earth and the cruelty of the heavens.
Before its countenance man becometh like stone.
Before it there is no question and no reply.
It is the life of creatura.
It is the operation of distinctiveness.
It is the love of man.
It is the speech of man.
It is the appearance and the shadow of man.
It is illusory reality.
Now the dead howled and raged, for they were unperfected.

Jung is speaking the same thing in terms of Gnostic terminology as what Erwin Schroedinger said that we are nowhere to be found within this world picture and that all the dualities of life is carried out by the supreme God Abraxas.

But do we really have the choice even to take the blue pill or the red pill, isn't it true that even that is preordained by God. Then how can we say that it is by our effort and by our works of the Law that we attained redemption. Did we? Really? This is where the grace of God comes into the picture. Obviously such a God is not worthy of worship who turns us away from him and at the same time brings the wrath upon us for not loving him when we have absolutely no freedom over the choices that we make.

Our only hope and belief is to believe that this God is good and he will free us from this bondage through his grace for us. In fact this is the belief in the pagan mystery religions that God is preparing all of us to make ourselves free from bondage so we must stop weeping for every small things that goes along with our lives.

There is no concept of Devil in the pagan mystery religions and also in the Upanishads and the Vedas. Now in a typical Christian environment all the good things would be attributed to God and all the evil things that happens in one's life would be attributed as done by the Devil. This is not our view, according to us both Good and Evil is carried out by the Supreme God for everything is working according to the Will of The Father and our true self is nowhere to be found with in this world picture.

All our souls have the potential within themselves to become God but the potential in us can only be extracted by God alone through his grace for us, he has to bring us to his feet and he has to make us pray for him and he has to show us the real truth as to who we really are.

Where then is boasting?

Isn't this the death of Ego and the emergence of the truth of Non-dualism that "I am God, God and I are One"?
I'm currently reading the latest 25 books I purchased a week ago, and some library books:

o Hellenistic myths and mystery religions
o The controversy over Copenhagenist quantum mechanics
o Tenseless (illusory) time
o Several ~$85 books on determinism, including in Stoic thought
o Rethinking "Gnosticism": An Argument for Dismantling a Dubious Category

The Gnostics, like the mystery initiates, understood the threat of block-universe fatalism to human freedom, and were motivated mainly by hating such a metaphysically disempowering jail cell of "astrological" cosmic determinism, and by *wanting* and *attempting* to find a way of transcending, in some sense, the frozen space-time cosmos.  

Whether they succeeded, in some sense, at transcending the ego-killing trap of illusory/frozen time is a matter of debate and a matter of investigating the notion of transcendence.  All the hatred and loathing of my block-universe idea exhibited by some contemporary Gnostics only serves to confirm the plausibility of my portrayal of how the ancients had mixed feelings about the Fatalism they perceived and believed in.

I'm not interested in truth per se, but by making sense out of mystery-experiencing.  I'm constructing a simple, consistent model of how our personal power of will and self-control sits with respect to the time dimension, and how the ancients experienced initiation in the mystery religions.  The ancients were concerned above all with the problematic metaphysical aspects of personal freedom.  

We cannot say, with low-level detail, that their myths had only one meaning, regarding our metaphysical freedom or lack of it, or our transcendence of metaphysical unfreedom.  But we can certainly say that the Gnostics and mysteries had one high-level, overarching meaning: grappling with the problematic nature of personal metaphysical freedom.   

Each Gnostic group or thinker, and each mystery tradition, and each myth, may have drawn different conclusions or told the religious story in different ways, but there is one commonality across all this diversity: they all were concerned primarily with the problematic nature of personal metaphysical freedom.  When certain contemporary Gnostics rail against my model of the frozen block universe, they only add support to the above thesis of what concern, what issue, what *problem* unites all the variant traditions of the diverse Gnostic groups and mystery traditions.  

I have cracked the code, penetrated the mysteries, and solved the puzzle, by identifying the question, the problem, what was really at issue.  The way to finally make sense of the various Hellenistic myths in an encompassing way is through reading them as encoded allegories of mystic-state encounters with the problematic nature of personal metaphysical freedom.  Cries by certain Gnostics against the frozen block-universe model only strengthen this thesis.  

o  Is the universe in fact frozen, with time being illusory? 
o  Is our power and freedom a frozen illusion as well? 
o Can we meaningfully transcend such deathly freezing or rock-embedding of the entire time axis? 
o  Is there a legitimate and coherent way that we can, like Mithras, exit from the rock-womb and become legitimately free?  

These are matters for debate and do not overthrow the value of my model of time and personal control, as a fundamental and basic model to consider as a hypothesis and reference point that all initiates must know.  No one should believe that time is an illusion, along with our personal power to author our own future, but *everyone* should *know* this idea as a fundamental hypothesis and point of reference.