Monday, 15 August 2016

India is beyond saving

Effects of Colonization on Indian Thought

India is beyond saving. Aryans are the natural inhibitors of India and it was their homeland. As an Aryan I should fight for my homeland and be a patriot. But hey hang on a second what are these Semitic people (Muslims and Christians) doing in my country and claiming that India belongs to them as much as to us by appealing to secularism. Now what shall we do of these ignorant Hindus who have absolutely no unity whatsoever among themselves and quarrel endlessly with the exoteric layers of a religion discovered by us and who are blindly following it without knowing its esoteric secret character.

Will it ever be possible for Hindus to come up with a common single set of beliefs like an Apostolic Creed which they all can agree upon? This is literally impossible not because such an Apostolic Creed does not exists but because majority of the Indians are still primitive and they are not so educated enough to even think or even question their own origins and their place in the world. Changing the worldview of these millions of Indians and to bring them to a common consensus is a daunting task which will take years of sincere effort in the right direction.

It is often assumed that the lack of unity among Hindus was the reason behind the Colonization but that was just one part of the problem. The real problem seems to me is that Hindus never really explored other cultures and their religions and always wanted to remain in isolation from the different parts of the world. They show absolutely no intent whatsoever to even colonize their surrounding countries and that goes to show that they lacked any knowledge about other cultures and their belief systems. It is with this same ignorance they showed hospitality towards various foreign nations without recognizing their true motives. All that was required was a clear pin to pin stripping of the Bible and the Quran and compare it with the Vedas and the Upanishads. They never really cared to fully understand the Semitic religions and their origins and foolishly believed that all religions are one and the same (Sarv dharma sama bhava). It was this shitty foolish feminine attitude which allowed foreign nations to rule over them.

You cannot go to your enemies and cry out I am innocent because they are going to quickly identify your weakness and take that as an advantage over you. He will not disclose his true motives to you and on your walk to your home say to you that we have come to rob and burn your house. Yes you have to be innocent but at what price? Even to the extent of allowing others to rule over you? No, never, that's unacceptable and when they really showed their true motives Indians had no strategy in place to tackle them because they had no knowledge of their cultural and religious origins. Its understandable that differences in language would have created some barriers from clearly studying other cultures but there can be no excuse for that. Hindus lacked proper anthropology not only of their own historical origins but also of other cultures. It was this reason which led to the colonization of India. No weapon is more powerful than the knowledge and the information of your enemy that's why all national security agencies send spies to foreign nations for secret operations.
Unity in diversity? What the fuck are we talking here? The statement itself is self contradictory there can be no unity in diversity and yet we are being taught about this in schools and the real history is hidden from us for the sole reason to prevent a blood bath. How can you be at peace with Islam when in every single page of the Quran it boasts itself as a supreme religion over all other religions in the world and incites Muslims to instill fear in the hearts of dar al-harb (non-muslim communities) every few months in a year? How can you be at peace with the Roman Catholic Church when they are treating you as devil worshipers and accusing your gods as demons? What Hindus don't understand is that the above two religions have a serious hormone imbalance syndrome. They will be friendly with you as long as they are trying to seduce you into their belief systems but the minute you refuse to join they will kill you and show no mercy whatsoever upon you. We call such people as intruders.

Majority of the Indian Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains etc have not shown their ugly faces yet because Hindus have deliberately avoided conflict with them by compromising their freedom of speech. All it takes to reveal their ugly faces and their true motives is just Hindus have to be more aggressive that's it. A small example is the Owaisi brothers who challenged to kill all Hindus if all Indian policemen took leave for one day. This is just the beginning of a mighty war which is inevitable. It is ought to happen because intolerance has reached all new levels.

I don't see that India can be saved without a blood bath. It is for this reason all intelligent scientists and engineers have left India and are working in foreign nations because they know that the problems of India are intractable. The goal of the Aryans is not just to Aryanize India but it is to Aryanize the whole world, our strategies should be global and not just local because Helios-Mithras, the God of the Aryans is the real father of every living being in this world and not just for Afrikaans, Aborigines, Mongolians, Caucasians, Semites etc or for one particular clan or tribe or another. He never ever chose one race of people as holy over another like Jehovah, the god of the Jews. He is the God of the whole cosmos not of any particular country or another. We don't give a damn fuck what happens to India or any other nation nor are we going to work towards its progress like fools when it is in the hands of political organizations. We work for Helios-Mithras and we bow and give our honors only to him and not to any other entity, religion, nation or organization. He is our true King.

Monday, 1 August 2016

On the passion of the Saviour and the Eucharist

A Valentinian Interpretation of Baptism and Eucharist: And Its Critique of "Orthodox" Sacramental Theology and Practice by Elaine Pagels.

"Jews demand signs and Greeks search for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God." (1 Corinthians 22-24)

I exactly know how the Jews might be feeling in their hearts when Christians tell them that Jesus was their Messiah. The Messiah who was supposed to bring every Jew back to the promised land rebuilding the Jerusalem temple and preaching all the nations about the One God and his commandments is actually found dead on a cross. This is ridiculousness of the highest order, ROFL, laughable beyond control, blasphemy of the highest unpardonable sin, LOL.

As a Gentile I really don't like the idea of a God dying at the hands of the demons, this is the reason why I often quote Basilideans and the Sethians who viewed that it was someone else who died on the cross and that Jesus was actually mocking at the Pharisees sitting on the branch of a tree in not truly recognizing whom they were piercing with.

Well, jokes apart, I am a Valentinian Christian and I take the words of Paul and his followers quite seriously and am sensitive to it. Unlike other gnostic sects Valentinians accepted that Jesus died on the cross, that he was crucified and nailed to the Cross. However they interpret this historical event in a different way compared to the Roman Catholic Church, the above work of Miss Pagels entails just what the difference was.

It seems as though the Saviour wanted to re-enact the whole Valentinian myth on this realm in order to show its significance and taught to keep it as a remembrance for us. The passion of the Saviour actually remembers us the passion of the Sophia in seeking the unknowable Holy Father, the suffering of the Saviour at the hands of the Pharisees remembers us the suffering of Achamoth as to what she went through after she was cast out of the Pleroma and the suffering which each of her seeds had to go through at the hands of the evil archons of the world. The Saviour's crucifixion remembers us the recovery of our lost knowledge through the gnosis of the Holy Father which helps in maturing the seeds here and finally the cross represents the restoration of Achamoth inside the Pleroma and restoration of her spiritual seeds with the bridegrooms of Christ at the wedding marriage feast inside the Pleroma.

In this way the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is actually a re-enaction of the Valentinian myth and of the Demiurge and his psychic believers. I think it is better for the Jews to understand that the rule of Demiurge has ended with the reign of Christ and their god Jehovah himself is actually like the Centurion who ran towards Jesus Christ after knowing who he was and after knowing that Jesus existed before him or else the Jews will continue to suffer if they hold on to their old beliefs.