Saturday, 1 October 2016

Does God allow evil to exist in the world?

If God is omni-benevolent then he must not allow evil to exist in the world. How did evil came into existence in the first place? As it is said in the Gospel of Truth when God emanated 30 odd Aeons and created the Pleroma he held their perfection with in himself and kept all of them in ignorance and did not gave them the Gnosis of the Father which they all were lacking. It was at this point that ignorance entered the world, it was at this point sin entered the world, it was at this point evil entered the world. Good and Evil, Gnosis and Ignorance, Sin and Righteousness are mutually exclusive if one exist then the other disappears into non-existence.

Why did God held the perfection of the Aeons with in himself which in turn led evil to enter the world? Think about it in the other way around if God had given the perfection to the Aeons and if all the Aeons had the knowledge of the unknowable Father then Sophia wouldn't have to search for the unknowable Father, she didn't had to err in her passion to know the Father and the Father did not had to cast her non-spiritual elements which emanated in the form of Achamoth outside the Pleroma. Jesus did not had to descend from the above Pleroma to save Achamoth and Achamoth did not had to emanate the immature spiritual seeds out of happiness while seeing Jesus descend from the above Pleroma and without the immature spiritual seeds Jesus need not had to request Achamoth to bring forth the Demiurge Jehovah, the God of the Jews to create the heavens and the earth and create Adam and Eve in the image of the above Pleroma for the spiritual seeds to grow and become mature.  

As you can see we wouldn't have existed if God had given the perfection to the Aeons. All the above course of events would not have taken place if God had given the knowledge of himself to the Aeons. He deliberately held back their perfection within himself. Why did he do like that? According to Gospel of Truth God held back their perfection because he expected them to love him back and wanted the Aeons to return to him out of love to receive his gnosis in return. We often notice that if we get something very easily we don't get to realize its true value its only when we earn something out of hard work we will realize the true worth of something or someone. Even parents don't buy whatever their kids ask without making them realize the fact that life is a difficult road to drive in. In the same way God held the perfection of the Aeons with in himself in order to make us know his true value and the true worth of his gnosis otherwise if the gnosis of the Father could be easily bought for a few penny then no one would have given respect to the Holy Father.

Okay, God created this world in the hope that the beings in it would love him back and return to him but hang on a second on one hand he expects us to love him back and on the other hand he has held back our free will without allowing us to make a choice for ourselves. How does God decide whom to give gnosis and whom to keep in ignorance? Is God's grace arbitrary? By keeping us ignorant of him and there by holding back our perfection which belongs to us is he allowing evil to exist in the world? If he really wants us to love him back he could have really wiped out the evil archons of the world who is keeping humanity in ignorance and stimulate our minds to love him back.

It seems God is in a dilemma here if he gives our perfection too early there is a danger that the fruit of gnosis may rot due to our immaturity and if he delays it he will be responsible for allowing evil in the world. The advice from the Gospel of Truth is to not to take evil too seriously and not to weep for all the evil done by the archons of the world but instead we must prepare ourselves to return to the Pleroma and wait for our time to receive the gnosis of the Father.

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