Sunday, 10 July 2016

Revering emperor Julian and Saint Paul together

     Julian the Emperor and Saint Paul of Tarsus, the two most charismatic influential figures in the history of the western world. There can be no other joy in the world when you have these two personas standing beside you. Julian representing Helios-Mithras was an initiate of Mithraism and Saint Paul of Tarsus representing Christ was the second founder of Christianity who wrote some of the fantastic passages in all of Bible.

Saint Paul predated Julian but Julian who was raised under the tutelage of Christian teachers was very much aware of Saint Paul's writings. Julian being a Gentile was very much disinterested and irritated by the dogmatic exoteric interpretation of the Bible which his Christian teachers were shoving onto his throat. Unfortunately, Julian never encountered the esoteric Gnostic Paul in his studies of Christian scriptural texts and held a negative view on Paul due to his dogmatic orthodox Christian upbringing who portrayed Paul in a rather uninteresting way to him. Had if Julian encountered the Gnostic Paul the relationship between Julian and Paul would be something completely different.

Mithraism and Christianity the two rival religions competing for the world dominion could never ever have gone together hand in hand because each of these two religions claimed two entirely different divinities, Mithras and Jesus respectively as the sole path for the salvation and immortality of the human race. Christians could never ever accept Mithras and delineate from Jesus and Gentiles could never ever accept the exclusive worship of Jehovah, the God of the Jews as their heavenly holy father. So these two faiths were mutually exclusive either there has to be one or the other. As usual Christian church fathers being threatened by Mithraism charged them with devil worship since they do not know anything else other than to show such cheap shallow display of ignorance which many Christian pastors often do till this day. Similarly Julian rejected Christianity by claiming Jehovah as one of the terrestrial gods out of many and denied him as the supreme god of the Cosmos.

If Julian's reign had continued the western world would have worshiped Mithras and instead of a church across their streets there would have been mithraeums erected with tauroctony depicted on its walls. The chaldean oracles would have been the canonical scripture of their daily prayers. As it turned out as we all know Julian died and the dogmatic orthodox Christianity triumphed.

So how can the relationship between these two representatives of a rival faith be strengthened, pacified and changed from being rival enemies to friends. Julian and the Paul of orthodox Christianity would continue to remain as rivals and they never like to see each other faces in future but Julian and the Gnostic Paul will embark on a new journey of friendship which is everlasting due to the sincere efforts of a pious 2nd century, Syrian Christian mystic named, Valentinus.

Mithraism and Valentinian Gnostic Christianity can indeed be reconciled into a single common faith destroying every other faith in the world including secularism. One can imagine the power of Jesus and Mithras combined into one producing a new generation of pneumatic Pagan Gnostic Valentinian Christians. Its a irony that the followers of Julian and Paul worshiped the same heavenly father and yet remained as rivals throughout the ages most probably because they didn't had the technology and information which we have now compared to the past.

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