Friday, 8 January 2016

Arrogance: My problems with the western world

“The Western arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them is not just.” 

― Martin Luther King Jr., The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin is right here because when I was discussing esoteric concepts which most westerners have no knowledge of one of the person immediately threw at me a rhetoric question asking "You're educating us?" which echoes with what Martin said above. Either the person was extremely jealous of me that I knew more on this subject compared to all of them put together or he was extremely arrogant and did not wanted to learn anything from an easterner.

God hates arrogance and I am a believer in God which in turn makes me hate all those people who are arrogant. Since the person cannot be separated from his arrogance one has to inevitably attack the person to teach them a lesson and to bring them back on the path of humility and righteousness.

Another problem with the western world is their cultural misappropriation of Yoga. According to them Yoga is just a stretch, one of them said, "We just practice Yoga and we don't give a damn fuck about its spiritual nature, we are not indoctrinated by anything." which contradicts with loads of evidence that Yoga is more than just a stretch and actually it is a pagan ritual practice to unify oneself with the pagan Sun God despite this blatant fact they continue to abuse the roots of Yoga and the Sun God while taking all the benefits from him. Well, what shall we say to this kind of arrogance? Mind you if there is ever a reason for the next world war it could be for this reason, it will be for the War on Yoga. Its real and its coming.

Just as evil should be fought with evil even arrogance should be fought with arrogance. We have to believe that the western world can be beaten and believe that they can be easily brought to their knees just as Jehovah wanted to see the Egyptian Pharaoh on his knees because they are ordinary men and women like us and are no special as they often boast and behave themselves to be. As long as the western world does not believe that all knowledge has come down to us from God and give up Intellectual property rights and their pride in having discovered technology it will never win the grace of God and the wrath of God will be surely on its head. 

The root culprit for this isolation from other cultures and this kind of mindless arrogance is not due to their wealth, science or even militant atheism. The main culprit for the current state of the western world is the Roman Catholic Church and its other orthodox Christian offshoots. Majority of the westerners just don't like to even read any other religious scripture other than the Bible because according to them anything which is not from the Bible has come from the Devil. Bible is not the only religious scripture in the world. If you do not even make an attempt to read the literature of other people how can you even understand their values, culture or even appreciate it for that matter. Its not that other cultures are incompatible with the western world it is the western people who with their arrogant mindset are intolerant of other cultures. This kind of attitude and cultural isolation to demonize other cultures is the prime culture which the western world has learnt itself from Catholicism and its ilks.

Its shocking to believe that they claim themselves to be Christians and yet behave so arrogantly which is so unlike of Saint Paul and Jesus Christ. If Saint Paul if by any chance was teleported to two thousand years ahead in future which is the present time now since the era of Saint Paul he surely would have been saddened seeing the arrogance of his fellow Christians and would have immediately started a polemic campaign against the Roman Catholic Church in having hijacked and corrupted his true teachings. As long as Saint Paul is falsely associated to the Roman Catholic Church his true legacy will never be known to people. Catholicism is the most ridiculous of all religions in having combined elements from both Peterine Christianity and Pauline Christianity into an incoherent whole which were poles apart from one another at the time of early Christianity. Saint Paul would have been devastated seeing that the church which he established is actually preaching and spreading a good news which is very different from the one he intended to spread.

Why is church attendance is declining and atheism is growing in the west? The Roman Catholic Church has utterly failed to bring back atheists into Christianity. In fact its ridiculous nature is pushing many people to convert to atheism instead and with no God in their lives its quite easy for the evil archons to enamour them with worldly pleasures and make them arrogant and lead them to a sinful life. The problem of the western world is not due to lack of good political leaders who have a stiff backbone rather it is due to the lack of knowledge in the matters of the divine.

 Look who have the highest retention rates and this says it all.

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