Thursday, 17 December 2015

Teaching Gnosticism in schools

I honestly had to wait for over 16 years of my life just to hear the word 'Gnostic' and 'Gnosticism' and that too I didn't hear it from one of my teachers or in any lesson of my school curriculum. I heard it while I was watching the National Geographic Channel who did a documentary on the lost gospels found in the Nag Hammadi library in the year 2006 Lost Gospel Revealed; Says Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him and yes I was 16 years old then.

So if the NGC had not made a documentary I wouldn't have heard about the existence of the Gnostic sects of Christianity to this day or would have encountered that term at some point in time later in my life. It was from their documentary that I was introduced to people like Marvin Meyer and Elaine Pagels and the likes of others. As I was not aware of the big picture at that time the documentary was interesting to watch but I didn't do any further research on Gnosticism. 

This clearly shows that the history which is being spoon fed to us in schools is entirely a fabricated false history of the world suppressing those things which goes against the established order. I prefer to have truth over an corrupt established order based purely on lies. I prefer to have light than be in the darkness like a prisoner in the cave.

Why there is not even a single lesson on the Inquisition of the Catholics or even just a paragraph on the existence of the gnostic sects of Christianity? The stupid Indian school curriculum wants us to believe in the idiotic doctrine of Sarva Dhama Sama Bhava (All religions are equal) and that's why they don't include any material in the school curriculum which goes against that doctrine. They want to make us believe that all religions existed peacefully throughout our human history like the way India believes itself to exist now. Why not a chapter about the Multan Sun Temple in the History subject of the school curriculum? Let the kids know who did what and who is evil and who is good. The Indian minds are so stupid they never question what is being fed into them and they rarely try to know how they got here in the first place. While some good teachers do encourage students to cultivate individual independent thinking rarely do students take such an advice seriously.

Doesn't our kids deserve to know the true history of the world? What are the established systems so afraid of? We have dickheads like David Cameroon who wants to ban esoteric websites. UK to censor esoteric websites. If I was a citizen of Britain I would have surely killed him to preserve free thinking of human beings. Who are these fuckwits to force us to think exactly like they do? Its nothing but shear mass control. No, no David Cameroon we will practice esotericism and will establish a New World Order and will overthrow your established corrupt secular world order which is based purely on a bunch of lies.

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