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The entire Basilidian system and the more refined Valentinian system is Brahmanical in its origin.

Mosheim, the first historian of the church long maintained that the roots of Christian Gnosticism is not to be found in the religion of the Greeks or either in the Zoroastrianism of the Persians instead Christian Gnosticism is derived in its entirety from the religion of the Brahmans.

When one studies the ontology of the Ineffable Father of these two religions there is no doubt in my mind that they both are expressing the same Ineffable Father. In both of these traditions the totality of divine powers or Aeons resided in the womb of Father from the very beginning of creation.

"Hiranyagarbha - One who dwells in the womb (garbha) of the world (Hiranya). The Hiraṇyagarbha Sūkta of the Ṛkveda declares that God manifested Himself in the beginning as the Creator of the Universe, encompassing all things, including everything within Himself, the collective totality, as it were, of the whole of creation, animating it as the Supreme Intelligence."

        - Hiranyagarbha

"On the other hand, the treatise also contains elements that point toward an early phase of Valentinian theology, like the theory that the aeons initially existed inside the Father as in a womb--a theory also attested for Valentinus himself (Tertullian, Against the Valentinians 4.3) and found in the Gospel of Truth."

        - Einar Thommassen  on Tripartite Tractate

Abraxas is the Holy Father of the gnostics and this unique image of him riding a chariot clearly proves that he is a supreme deity belonging to the solar pantheon. 

                                                 From: C.W. King's Gnostics and their remains

Carl Jung is right, Abraxas is a god whom humanity have forgotten. Don't be carried away by the symbolism of the Basilidians I strongly doubt that the symbolism has anything to do with the Ineffable Father's ontology or his appearances. The irony is, what is orthodoxy in one part of the world is totally heretical on the other side. Its a knowledge which the west have rejected.

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