Monday, 31 March 2014

Pistis Sophia cannot be the work of Valentinians

The work of Pistis Sophia is in more accordance with Ophites rather than with Valentinianism. Scholars have rightly abandoned the hypothesis that Pistis Sophia might be a Valentinian material.

Why do I think it is not a Valentinian material?

The reason being the concept or the role of demiurge in Pistis Sophia, almost more than 5 times the self willed Yaldabaoth tries to oppress Sophia who had fallen from her original 13th heaven and tries to take away all her light, compare this with the Tripartite Tractate of the Valentinians, it clearly says,

"The Logos uses him(Yaldabaoth or Demiurge) as a hand, to beautify and work on the things below, and he uses him as a mouth, to say the things which will be prophesied."
         - Tripartite Tractate

The role of demiurge in Valentinianism is quite unique among the gnostic sects, here he is not seen as a demon or as an oppressor of Sophia instead he is seen as an ignorant God who doesn't know about the higher pleromic Aeons. Sophia uses him secretly to sow the spiritual seed in all human beings, that's why this world even though its not real is very important, this is the reason why the Valentinians had such a positive attitude towards pro-creation, marriage and in creation overall.

With all being said Pistis Sophia is an extraordinary work and a must read for all those who have a love for the gnosis of the heart.

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