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How to worship the Sun God?

This is one of the ways to worship the sun god which is easier and effective for the modern people who go through hectic working hours and for those who don't have time to sit and do meditation for long hours. Meditation never worked for me, you cannot do meditation and gain something in a busy area like New York, Tokyo or any other capital cities and hence people travel to Himalayas to lose all contacts from the people around them to find a lonely and a silent place for personal investigation.

There is no need to travel anywhere to know god giving up your loved one's, god is personal and he will reveal himself to you where ever you are if you're preparing yourself to see him. Many people in the west and across the world perform yoga just for the sake of keeping their body fit and healthy but they don't realize that these are the same methods which was used by the sages of ancient traditions to have revelations about god, they were gnostic theists, they believed that the absolute truth or god can be known.

One has to pray the following verse in the begining of the method.

hiranmayena patrena satyasyapihitam mukham
tat tvam pushannya apavrino satya-dharmaya drishtaye

Isha Upanishad, Verse 15 from the scripture

It means that the truth is hidden behind God's pleroma of light rays and those light rays are preventing us from seeing him clearly and the ultimate truth, so we should plead him to remove those impeding light rays and show us the path of righteousness


* Om Hraam Mitraya Namaha (Mitra - friend)

1. Stand facing the Sun with palms folded and both the thumbs touching the chest.

Breathing: Inhale while raising the hands and exhale as hands are brought down to chest level.

* Om Hreem Ravaye Namaha (Ravi - radiance)

2. Raise hands upward, with feet firmly on the ground, bend backwards, stretch arms fully.

Breathing: Inhale

* Om Hruum Suryaya Namaha (Surya dispeller of darkness)

3. Slowly bend forward, hands touching the earth with respect, head touching the knees.

Breathing: Exhale.

* Om Hraim Bhanave Namaha (Bhanu Shining with luster)

4. Set both hands with the palms down firmly on the ground, pull the left leg backward, raise the head looking at the Sun, full weight resting on the two palm and ten fingers.

Breathing: Inhale

* Om Hroum Khagaya Namaha (Khaga all pervading)

5. Bring right leg back close to left leg, keeping hands and legs straight, bend the body at the hip forming an arch, just like a mountain, known as 'parvathasan or mountain pose'.

Breathing: Exhale

* Om Hraha Pooshne Namaha (Pushan mystic fire which gives)

6. Stretch yourself fully on the ground in the Saashtanga Namaskar pose (all eight 'anga' or parts of the body on the ground head, thigh, eyes (sight), mind, word, feet, hands and ears (hearing)). In reality, feet, knees, thighs, chest, forehead touch the ground with the hands stretched out and in folded position, with your mind and thoughts on the full namaskar, then slowly turn the head to the sides first to left and then to right so that each ear touches the ground.

                                                        Breathing: Inhale first and then Exhale fully.

* Om Hraam Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha (hiranyagarbha golden colored)

7. Slowly raise the head, bend backward as much as possible, hands straight, in the cobra pose.

Breathing: Inhale

* Om Hreem Marichaye Namaha (Marichi Ray of light)

8. Parvathasan same as Step 5.

Breathing: Exhale

* Om Hruum Adityaya Namaha (Aditya Sun, aspect of Vishnu, Son of Aditi.)

9. Same as Step 4 with the difference that the right leg is brought forward.

Breathing: Inhale

* Om Hraim Savitre Namaha (Savitru Light of enlightenment.)

10. Same as Step 3

Breathing: Exhale

* Om Hroum Arkaya Namaha (Arkah a ray of light, a flash of lightning, Sun)

11. Same as Step 2

 Breathing: Inhale

* Om Hraha Bhaskaraya Namaha (Bhaskara Shining Light)

12. Same as Step 1

 Breathing: Exhale, Inhale and Exhale.

( Caution: This exercise has to be performed under the guidance of a master I am not responsible for any side effects on your body if you do not do it correctly and approach it with egoistic mind and the verses given in asterisk should be silently uttered in mind while one is performing the exercise and this has to be performed two times in a day morning and evening)

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