Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Are we living in an Immersive Virtual Reality?

  1. Virtual reality applications can be of two types. In non-immersive virtual reality such simulations are used to simulate destroyed cities or other things like Titanic etc where as in Immersive virtual reality individuals see the world through the eyes of a virtual body which exists in a virtual reality environment. See Immersion (virtual reality)

    With the kind of advancements that is taking place in developing new synthesizing haptic, visual and auditory physical models achieving realism which is indistinguishable from the actual reality we are not far away from having our own virtual bodies in cyberspace.

    While such advancements are inevitable the question arises are we living in an Immersive virtual reality itself?

    The same hypothesis can be used as a God hypothesis since there are many religions who teach that we are living in an virtual reality.

    I think such a hypothesis is outside of science.

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