Monday, 7 March 2016

The Psychic Jesus vs the Pneumatic Christ

"They (Valentinians) confess with their mouth that they believe in one Lord Jesus Christ but in their minds and hearts they divide him".

- Irenaeus

Valentinians indeed believed in two different Jesus Christs. A psychic one sent by the Demiurge, Jehovah, the God of the Jews and a pneumatic one sent by the un-knowable Holy Father from the above Pleroma.

This dual concept of the Valentinians perfectly explains many hard to resolve problems residing at the heart of the Bible. For example -  The Jesus in Matthew teaches his followers to completely observe the Torah Law till the last stroke of the prophecy is fulfilled but Paul completely contradicts this and says people are only saved by grace and apart from the works of the Torah. Christians often go mum when they are asked this specific question. Scriptures cannot contradict each other because they are the true words of a God and it would mean God is a person who makes contradictory claims  which would be blasphemous to assert. 

The above problem can be easily reconciled with the understanding that the Jesus who walked on earth with the twelve apostles was a completely different person from the Jesus who appeared to Saint Paul of Tarsus on his road to Damascus. Without understanding this basic truth the Ebionites and the Jewish Christians run a huge polemic against the innocent Saint Paul and make him a villain of Jesus of Nazareth while the actual truth is that Paul is basing his Gospel on an entirely different Jesus Christ who never ever walked on earth.

Ebionites, Jewish Christians and many famous scholars, thinkers and philosophers of all ages have accused Saint Paul as the first arch-heretic and are angry against him because he never gave any authority or any concerns whatsoever to the Jesus who walked on earth.

Paul placed his authority over the authority of Jesus Christ because the Jesus of Paul was completely different from the Jesus who walked on earth with the other twelve apostles. Paul being a pneumatic is only concerned about the pneumatic Christ and his teachings and not with the teachings of the psychic Jesus of Nazareth who walked on earth. When the Bible is interpreted in this way all the problems between Paul and Jesus Christ of Nazareth and all the problems between the Jewish Christians and the Roman Catholic Church will be resolved quite easily.

The Pneumatic Christ flew down from the above Pleroma and entered inside the body of the psychic Jesus at the time of his Baptism and flew out of his body at the time of his crucifixion and was mocking at the Pharisees by sitting on the branch of a tree in not recognizing the one whom they were piercing. When the earthly Jesus was dead after his crucifixion at the hands of the Pharisees and when his dead body was placed inside a tomb and when his soul was already placed at the right hand of Jehovah how could he resurrect all by himself while he was a dead man lying inside lifeless inside a dark tomb? The fact is that it was the pneumatic Christ who raised the body of the earthly Jesus from death and took the psychic and the spiritual elements from his dead body and appeared in the likeness of the flesh to all the apostles including Saint Paul as the post resurrected Christ. The post resurrected Christ was not the same Jesus as the one who walked on earth before he was nailed to the cross. 

Psychic Christ gives salvation to Catholics, Protestants, Jewish Christians and the countless many other sects of Christianity and the Pneumatic Christ on the other hand gives salvation to the pneumatic Gentiles and to the followers of the Gospel of Saint Paul of Tarsus. In this way there is no contradiction between the Gospels of the twelve apostles who followed the teachings of the Psychic Jesus and the Gospel of Paul who followed the teachings of the Pneumatic Christ.

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