Friday, 28 February 2014

Savitr : A God whom Hindus have forgotten

"Savitr disappeared as an independent deity from the Hindu pantheon after the end of the Vedic period, but in modern Hinduism, his name occurs in the well-known Gayatri mantra (taken from book three of the Rigveda), which is also known as Savitri." 
"Savitr disappears in post-Vedic literature and is absent from the corpus of Pauranic Hinduism."
        - Savitr

Revivalism should not be confused with fundamentalism.

Hindu revivalism

"Some modern Hindu spiritual thinkers like Shri Aurobindo assign symbolism to the Vedic deities like Savitr. The Vedic deities are not only forces of nature, but also forces that exist within the human intellect and psyche and help the individual in spiritual progress. Shri Aurobindo has enumerated the symbolic significance of the Vedic Gods in his book "The Secret of the Vedas".
According to Shri Aurobindo, the vedic imagery are deeper than mere imagery. The gods, goddesses and the evil forces mentioned in the Vedas represent various cosmic powers. They play a significant role in the drama of creation, preservation and destruction in the inner world of a human being. 
Once the senses are controlled and the mind is stabilized through slaying of all the dark powers, comes the awakening, the goddess Ushas, who brings along with her Ashvins into the world of inner consciousness. After Ushas appear Aditi, the Primal Sun, the God of Light, first as Savitr, who represents the Divine grace essential for all spiritual success, and then as Mitra, who as the Divine love is considered as a friend of the illumined mind (Indra) and his associates (the other gods). The Sun is of Truth, after which appear Rta, Truth in Action and Rtachit, Truth consciousness."

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