Sunday, 26 January 2014

Google Authorship and Google+ sucks

I am a very reserved person and I wish to remain as anonymous as possible on the world wide web but unfortunately it was very disturbing to see my posts in search engines being assigned to a different person holding an identical name as mine (the person had a Google+ profile and his image appeared beside my blog posts which is very annoying to say the least). For this reason I was forced to create a Google plus profile just for the sake of obtaining Google Authorship for my blogger posts. Now it turns out that there is a big flaw in Google plus itself, any stranger can add you into their circles and you can do nothing about it.

People are not going to like this Google, I definitely doesn't like to be associated with any strangers and I can't even do anything about it. For now I'll close my Google+ profile and switch back to my Blogger profile. I hope Google fixes these issues soon.

Can I remove myself from someone's circles?

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