Thursday, 14 March 2013

Paul was actually a Gnostic

The origins of Pauline Christianity.

Paul was neither a Jew nor a Gentile, nor was he deluded, he was actually a Gnostic. If Christians want to spread the message of Christ and the Gospels then let them spread the correct message that 'Pleroma' has a local existence and forms the body of Christ and that they don't need to wait for the second coming instead they can embrace their angel here and now instead of a misinterpreted version of Christianity. What's in the Vedas is in the esoteric message of St. Paul and hence I need to defend Pauline theology more than the Vedas because the Vedas are difficult to understand for the common man. It will do a world of good to everyone and its so important for me.

Valentinian theology, their sacramentology and their Christology are derived from the same Pauline epistles which form the Biblical Canon. The evidence is on my side.

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