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MOSES - Revealer Of True Light

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                           Moses was the great figure who received the word of God  and led Israelites out from the bondage in Egypt and what better time we would have to perceive his story than during these holy lent days of the spring.  Moses was a Hebrew and he grew up in Pharaoh's court. At an early age he was thought good wisdom, leadership and priestly qualities as they saw some greatness in him above all other men. 

Moses ended up in the Pharaoh's court when his mother hid him in the round ark bushes and sent him downstream along the river Nile and he was under the protection of god as the pharaoh had ordered that all the new born infants of the Hebrews should be killed but for the glory of the lord this ark bushes was witnessed by the Pharaoh's daughter and when she opened the ark she saw a young baby of the Hebrew origin and she decided to adopt him and named him as Moses, since she drove him out of water and ordered a Hebrew servant to nurse him. Skeptics believe that the mother had intentionally sent him at that place by having a close look at the activities of the Queen. She was the same lady who served him as a nurse in place of the Pharaoh's daughter.

Moses was bought up with the view that he would be the next Pharaoh as they didn't had a heir to the throne. He was thought about Egyptian astrology and they infiltrated leadership qualities in him with a good voice to converse  and he was a practising priest and he knew all the religious frameworks of the Egyptians but God had different plans for Moses.

He was at the age of forty when he went to see his brethren who were brutally tortured by the Pharaoh's taskmasters. They had no hope and no faith in anything and they were praying for only one thing that is deliverance from this bondage. When he saw a taskmaster who was smiting one of his fellow Jews he couldn't tolerate it and seeing that there was no one he killed the taskmaster and buried him in the mud so that no one will be aware of the truth. Later having feared that the replaced Pharaoh might try a plot against him he fled to Midian for safety.
He stayed in Midian for forty years and married a shepherd girl and looked after his father-in-laws flock along with his assistant Joshua who will be an important figure in the later stages of the biblical story and a founder of the promised land. It was during this period that Moses was seeking for god.
One day as he was looking after his herd of flock he climbed the Mount of Sinai and there he saw a tree of bush fire sparkling out and it was no ordinary fire which burns our flesh but it was the lord, the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob and the lord whispered "I am the one" and "I am one" and the lord spoke with him that he has chosen him as the deliverer to rescue his people from the bondage which had put them into slavery for hundreds of years and Moses was never the same man again he was truly enlightened and his prayers were answered and all the prayers of the Hebrews were answered and he came back alone from the mountain which was forbidden for men and his wife was in fear that his husband didn't returned and Joshua whispered "He must be a great man, look his face his blooming with light" and his wife with disbelief said "He has seen god" and Moses came and said "I have heard the word of God and I am the messenger who will go back to Egypt to deliver our brethren from bondage and I know that the light which is shining inside me is the same light which is in everyone". He had found his true God after so much pursuit and everyone lost him including his wife because he was a completely different Moses.
God chose Aoran, Mozes's elder brother to be his spokes person and Moses returned to Egypt with his magical rod in his hand at the age of eighty and in the Pharaoh's court he said "I have come from the most high and I have bought you the word of God" asked the Pharaoh "let my people go". When the Pharaoh replied sarcastically that he knew no God other than himself Moses began to perform magic with his rod and praised the Lord for his glory and since the Pharaoh refused to accept his demand he made a series of miracles starting from turning the river Nile into blood, killing all the frogs from the lake and annoying the Pharaoh and finally the God pulled his wrath in the form of a series of 10 plagues of rodents, mosquitoes, flies, flu etc and God spoke onto Moses and said that at the 10th plague all the first born of Egyptian blood will be dead and as it was the word of god the plague struck all the first Born's of the Egyptian blood including Pharaoh's first born and passed over the doors of the Israelites without harming them. This day is celebrated as the Day of Passover by Jews by eating unleavened bread and bitter herbs and by re-narrating the story of the Exodus.
The Hebrews were let free by the Pharaoh and with loud trumpets they rejoiced their victory and collected water, wheat, gold and wine to cross the heated desert but no one knew where they were going and Moses stood on a tall obelisk and said "We shall go to the footsteps of Mount Sinai and let our Lord impinge the laws into our minds and our heart with his own fingers" and thousands and thousands marched to the foot hills of the mountain and when they were resting on the banks of the Red sea Pharaoh's chariots came on rushing wheels to attack these Hebrews and in panic they cursed Moses for this trouble and wanted to hit him with stone since he put them no where else other than into the jaws of death and Moses said "Ten times you have seen the glory of the lord and yet you refuse to believe in your lord, Stand still, Do not move my fellow brethren" and he hold his rod high up in the air pointing into the skies and the fire of God struck the Pharaoh's chariots and kept them at bay from attacking the Hebrews and they marched across the sea bed astonished by the power of their lord and when they saw that the Pharaoh's army including himself drowned in the Red sea, they played songs and shouted Hallelujah!! and praised the lord with joy.
Moses went up the hill which was forbidden to men to bring the laws on to his people from the holy god and God appeared and sculpted the Ten Commandments with his own fingers in two tablets but by the time Moses came back with the two tablets showing the Ten Commandments of the Lord his people had corrupted themselves and committed the mother of all sins of worshipping an idol god, a golden calf and their minds went wild with no proper conduct and they indulged in vile affections and when Joshua saw Moses with two carved tablets of the word of God in hand he kneel ed down to him and Moses said onto him "Don't kneel to me Joshua".  He saw his people corrupting themselves in disbelief and when Joshua played the trumpet there was a utter silence in the crowd and Moses spoke on to them and said "You don't deserve this laws the word of God for you are not worthy of it as you have gone against his word" and said "those who are on his side will receive these laws and those who don't will repent" and he threw the tablets on to the penitent sinners out of anger and they were killed and sent to hell by fierce some lightning and loud thunders and the tablets were destroyed and later Moses build the ark of the covenant.
Israelites crossed the river Jordan and settled their and grew as a nation for 10 years and ruled the world and Moses was an important figure to them as the shower of the promised land and also as the law giver to them.  Moses was 120 years old when he died as indicated by the bible and his legs were still so strong that he could walk a another thousand miles. God loves this nation and has great plans for them.
Mozes's story is a true example of how God sets out his plans and reveals himself to his people to know more about him and we have seen it throughout the history of mankind. He is the know er of the present, past and the future, he is the ultimate, he utters statements before it really happens. He spoked to Abraham and said "you're people will suffer from slavery and bondage for four hundred years" and the rest his history. He is omniscient. We all have to be prepared to have the wisdom to make the right choice to be in his kingdom as even we might have to make a choice or else face a judgement similar to the one faced by the Hebrews at Mount Sinai.
The light which is in me and stimulating me to do noble deeds is the same pure light which is in everyone. This one single piece of truth brings peace, joy and calmness to ones mind. He is the one who has sacrificed his body for his glorious works and only he has true faith in God. This brings an end to idolatry.


There is considerable controversy surrounding who the Pharaoh was during the period of Exodus, the childhood of Moses, who was the first-born who died in the 10th plague, Moses step-mother and the exact time-line and chronology of these events and it is not resolved till date as no arguments or views based on the dating of the bible or from the archaeological findings have correctly interpreted the story of the Exodus and it is not with its loopholes, weak points and critics today, the assumptions and arguments are weird, obscure and counter-intuitive and I am not compelled to make any conclusions since neither Bible or any other related sources disclose information about the identity of the Pharaoh.

There are many views and one can find some related links for information in this area of research below.

                       All this stuff are exciting and it will reshape on how we view the history and it will rewrite our historic books. Either Amenhotep II or Thutmoses III are believed to be the Pharaoh's of the Exodus since the biblical timescales and the biblical statements are in accordance with the 18th dynasty of this Egyptian period which is considered to be the period of the Exodus.

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