Sunday, 26 April 2015

Establishing an Aryan state

       Aryans does not mean a race or a creed or an ethnicity or a nation instead Aryan means venerable, highly civilized and cultured people known for their learning, wisdom and large heartedness. Yes Hitler was wrong about the Aryan master race but he wasn't wrong about his decision to persecute the Jews. Only those people who literally believe in the existence of the Vedic gods and offer proper sacrifices to them are Aryans and the rest are Anaryans.

"The term Arya is used 36 times in 34 hymns in the Rigveda. According to Talageri (2000, The Rig Veda. A Historical Analysis) "the particular Vedic Aryans of the Rigveda were one section among these Purus, who called themselves Bharatas." Thus it is possible, according to Talageri, that at one point Arya did refer to a specific tribe.
While the word may ultimately derive from a tribal name, already in the Rigveda it appears as a religious distinction, separating those who sacrifice "properly" from those who do not belong to the historical Vedic religion, presaging the usage in later Hinduism where the term comes to denote religious righteousness or piety. In RV 9.63.5, ârya "noble, pious, righteous" is used as contrasting with árāvan "not liberal, envious, hostile":
índraṃ várdhanto aptúraḥ kṛṇvánto víśvam âryam apaghnánto árāvṇaḥ
"[the Soma-drops], performing every noble work, active, augmenting Indra's strength, driving away the godless ones." (trans. Griffith)"

Are modern Indians qualified to be called as Aryans? When India is already the homeland of the Aryans what is the need to establish a new Aryan state?

No, modern Indians are not Aryans. Modern Indians are the sons and daughters of a mother fucker named Macaulay. Macaulay was the fucker who over threw the Aryan  Gurukula system of education and introduced English education of the mlechhas in India. The fucker Macaulay succeeded in what he wanted to achieve i.e. bringing up a class of Indians who are only Indians in blood but entirely British in their outlook.

Aryans were not cowards like Hindus who should be ashamed of themselves that they are sharing their land, air and water with their enemies and living their lives like slaves. If they really had even a pinch of Aryan nature in them they would have kicked these Jewish, orthodox Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh fundamentalists out of India but instead they foolishly believe that all Gods are one and the same without knowing that the Vedic nature of the Gods is entirely incompatible with all these religions.

The caste system is so inter-woven into the fabric of the Indian society that it is impossible to get them out of it.

It is absolutely impossible to fix the mess of the Indian system now with Muslims and Christians both claiming that India is a Muslim state or a Christian state respectively. Aryans do not have an habit of sharing their lands with liars because truth and lies cannot go hand in hand, they are mutually exclusive and therefore rather than fixing India it is more wise to work towards establishing a new Aryan state rather than clearing up the mess that India finds itself in.

Veer Savarkar should have been the father of the Indian nation rather than a coward named Gandhi who doesn't deserve to be called as Mahatma.

Aurobindo has criticized the principles of Gandhi by saying that Gandhian spirituality is not Vedic spirituality but instead Gandhi was more influenced by Russian spirituality. Taking up arms and fighting a War for the right justice of ones society was always an integral part of the Aryan society, look at Rig Veda it is full of wars between the various Aryan tribes, look at Mahabharatha, the greatest war epic that happened in India, look what Krishna teaches in Bhagavad Gita, "Shastr utaho Yudh Karo" (Take up your arms and fight).

When this was the true powerful nature of the Aryans, here comes a five foot man preaching non-violence to us, if Indians were truly of Aryan nature then surely they would not buy the principles of this five foot coward man named Gandhi who was ignorant of the Aryan nature of the ancient Indians but unfortunately by the year 1000 B.C itself Indians had lost their Aryan nature.

Veer Savarkar was truly an hero of India who knew the dangers that was to come by keeping Gandhi alive and there by he rightly assassinated him in order to prevent more losses to the Aryans of India.

If India and Indians do not agree for the establishment of the Aryan state I might have to go on an all out war against India and Indians too.

Yes, as I have said earlier Indians are no longer Aryans because not even a single Aryan nature exists in them, they are basically sons and daughters of a mother fucker named Macaulay and they will never ever see the truthfulness of their ancient Aryan culture and will forever suffer at the hands of their cruel enemies. Knowing this truth and not acting is merely self-betrayal, I have already declared war against at least 3/4th of the world's population and Hindus and Pagans are what is left off from the total world population and if they oppose my rightful cause I might have to wage war against them too and it will be for my own self defence.

How will the new Aryan state will be governed?

1. Vedas and Upanishads will be the national books of the Aryan state.

2. Vedic Sanskrit will be the national language of the state and languages like English which does not have the power of Theurgy will not be taught in schools. Egyptian, Parsi, Aramaic and Greek languages might be taught along with Sanskrit.

3. Idolatry will flourish throughout the state and on every street.

4. The Aryan state will have no notion of Intellectual property rights because it is our belief that all knowledge has come down to us from Savitr, the God.

5. Vedic Polytheism will be the default mode of worship in temples.

6. Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and Jain fundamentalists will have no place in the Aryan state simply because their religions are false and false religions and lies have no place in the Aryan state.

7. Zurvanism, Valentinian monism, Platonic realism and Vedic philosophy will be the main philosophical schools of the Aryan state.

8. How to practise Theurgy and how to perform proper Vedic sacraments will be the main things that will be taught in schools.

9. The election of leaders or philosopher-kings of the state will be based on meritocracy and they will not be elected based on either democracy or aristocracy.   

10. Savitr, the God of the Aryans will be worshipped in vogue across the state and the same position will not be given either to Vishnu or to Shiva or to any other deity for that matter.

11. The Aryan State will fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria.

12. The Aryan State will take revenge against the Roman Catholic Church for burning the Valentinian Christians alive to death.

13. Theurgy will be our only weapon against our enemies who might be having chemical or nuclear weapons for which we really don't care because we are well equipped to defend our state against such attacks.

14. Tests will be conducted to assess the qualities of a Person and based on these tests it will be decided whether a Person is Rajasic (hylic), Tamasic (psychic) or Sattvic (pneumatic) and accordingly their work and their position in the state will be decided. 

15. A person can be promoted to an higher position if he clears the tests. i.e a Rajasic (hylic) person can go on and become a Sattvic (Pneumatic) and similarly if a person is a Sattvic and if he acts like an asshole then he will be demoted to a Rajasic position.

16. The goal of the Aryan state will always be to establish righteousness and right human conduct and to defend itself against the enemies of the Aryans and Aryan culture.