Tuesday, 6 February 2018

I am letting her go

         If anyone has ever tried to build a house of cards they would know how difficult it is. In both of my relationships the first one as well as the second one I have always sincerely tried to build the relationship by carefully placing each leaf infusing my sweet memories and load of feelings on to it so that the foundation of the house does not fall apart. I have shown lot of patience and have compromised in-numeral times to keep the house running smooth and safe but it hardly took a few seconds from the other side to crush it down by blowing through it without any care.  

People are born differently and will have different tastes and different levels of morality. Its true that I do not express my feelings but I show it in my actions. Its mature enough to accept that some people are not the right one for you no matter how hard you try. It just does not work out. They may not be capable of going to the same depth as you are or you may not be the right person for them.

Venus in Scorpio will either love you deeply or hate you deeply, never anything in the middle.

Since she wanted an answer from me soon I have taken the responsibility to write this post so that she does not have to wait any longer or bear my presence anymore. I wish her good luck for her future. I always wished best for you and will always do.