Monday, 23 October 2017

Deepa Kaurav - a colleague of mine whom I like

It is very important to know the difference between like and love in a relationship. Let's define a few things upfront so that there will be no ambiguity later.
"Liking someone means that you are happy being with that person, while loving someone means that you absolutely cannot bear to be without that person."
Deepa is my colleague who works along with me in the same project. Since we do not have anyone else in our team apart from the two of us we get to share a lot of things with each other. She was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. She has completed her BCA and pursuing her MCA in her leisure while being a software developer which is what she does for her living. She is hoping to pursue Phd after her MCA as she wants to be a professor and also wish to do some charity.

She is very independent, pretty, talkative and jovial. She very well knows how to converse with different kinds of people. She is very athletic too. If for some reason she didn't happened to be a software developer she could have been a Chef, a script writer, a school teacher, an athlete, a singer, a dancer or any other talented job which you can find out there.

My mom is making fun of me by saying that these Deepa's and Deepika's are not leaving you alone. She is sometimes very upset with me as I will spend more time with Deepa rather than doing the daily household work. I try my best to keep my mom happy as her health is a big concern for me.

I do not want to make the same mistakes again which I did during my first relationship which was a long distance one. I know what I got back for suppressing my feelings and turning my first love into friendship. Even though I wanted a romantic relationship the girl on the other side said, "Even your wife needs your love, I just want you to admire me for now". I compromised my feelings and gave her what she wanted because I saw innocence in the above statement but later on I was called a selfish leech who was there with her just because it met my needs and quite a lot of other painful words which bleeds my heart even to this day. Once you make an opposite sex as your best friend its very odd and difficult to imagine her or him with you on a bed.

Even though our horoscopes match quite well we are not taking it seriously and as professionals we are letting each other to progress on our career ladder and are giving enough freedom to choose any path which is best for us.  

Let's see what God has in store for us. We have to remember that everything is from the grace of God.