Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Catholics and Protestants please drop the Pauline epistles from your biblical canon

As long as the Pauline epistles are in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church Saint Paul's true legacy will not be known to the world. Paul's letters are no way in agreement with the Apostolic creed of the Catholics. Paul vehemently rejected the resurrection of the flesh but the Catholic church demands his believers to believe in it by adding it to the very first clause of their creed to which Paul was always an adversary.

Roman Catholics hijacked Pauline Christianity which was supposed to redeem the anthropos and converted it into a political organization enslaving humanity forever. No wonder why they promote resurrection of the flesh and enforce eternal damnation of sins on the anthropos both of which will keep the masses under their control and maintain a large number of church visitors every day.

If the Roman Catholics truly cared and stood with Pauline teachings then they would have allowed realized eschatology in their belief system but they didn't because they knew if humans became Gods here and now then no one would have visited their stupid churches and nor would anyone celebrate their silly feasts which Paul always disliked as he was a Gnostic.

Either drop the Pauline epistles from your biblical canon and discharge yourselves from hypocrisy, dishonesty and foolishness or face persecution from us. We (Valentinians) will burn you guys alive just like you burnt our men without giving any mercy whatsoever.

Catholics and Protestants simply do not understand the Pauline Epistles their hylic nature will not allow them to comprehend such esoteric ideas preached by our Apostle Saint Paul of Tarsus.

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