Saturday, 23 July 2016

How astrology can help you in a relationship

My Venus is in scorpio. 

My friend's Venus is in Sagittarius.

That pretty much sums up my story. A Venus in Scorpio wants a committed relationship and its very difficult for them to move on while a Venus in Sagittarius wants to run away from one and its very easy for them to quickly move on.

I think it would be very odd to choose your relationship based on your compatibility with the zodiac signs because it just doesn't work out that way. It is quite often the case that you fall in love with some stranger which you don't know much about them. It would be very odd to ask for their zodiac and then decide whether you are going to fall in love with that person or not. Love just happens we don't pre-plan it. You might even fall in love with a person from a different culture and different religion too and later realize that you have a hell lot of differences between each other. All I am saying is that if it is pre-planned then it is not called love, it would be more like an arranged business than love.

So the place where astrology can help you out is when you have already entered into a relationship and then you can use astrology as a guide to decide how far you really want to take this relationship forward because there is no point in being in a relationship with lots of incompatibility and expecting each other to change for the better which is very difficult since people are hard-wired to behave according to their past karmic actions by the gods. It is much better to know in advance that the relationship is not going to work rather than going too far and getting terribly hurt. One can definitely use astrology as a damage control and helps us understand why people act like the way they do.