Sunday, 12 June 2016

My Venus is in Pisces in Navamsha

Following the blog post "My Venus is in Scorpio" this is the second post which is along a similar lines. Now some people might be wondering how Venus can be both at Scorpio as well as in Pisces at the time I was born. Well, in Vedic astrology there are two charts which is taken into consideration, one is your Birth Natal chart and another is your Navamsha chart. So my Venus is in Scorpio in my birth chart and it is at Pisces in my Navamsha chart. So what's the point of having two charts well it is said that the planets on your Birth chart will only show the kind of desires you have i.e. How do you actually want to be rather than How you actually behave in a real world scenario.

So if you really wanna know how you actually behave and how your personality is due to the influences of other planets on you, you should actually take a look at your Navamsha chart rather than your birth chart. I am no expert in Astrology and I don't believe in astrology too much as I believe God's grace is a much higher thing than fate. I am just curious to know about how the gods influence my behavior and psyche.

"Some lovers may find you difficult to understand, especially because of your sensitive nature and tendency to brood or to become silent when unhappy."

Now this is true as one of the main reasons why I lost my friend was because of this reason. Well, I cannot change things about myself for which I have no control of.