Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Muslim radicalists please kill all those who perform Yoga

Can you radical Islamist's do me a favor? I want you to walk into a Yoga studio and open fire on all those who are performing Yoga. Do not care whether they are women or children just kill everyone. We will no longer tolerate any kind of cultural misappropriation anymore. Yoga belongs to the pagan Sun God, it is an heathen ritual practice and one needs to give a prayer of thanks to the Sun God, Hiranyagarbha before performing Yoga otherwise their heads should be chopped off.

I myself would have persecuted those who take all the benefits from Yoga without giving any credit to the pagan Sun God, Helios or Surya but I have a wonderful career ahead of me which I do not wish to destroy since you Islam radicalists are up for lone wolf attacks I don't mind funding you guys.

Don't be fooled by these foolish mother fucking Hindus, neither do they know the history of their own religion nor do they know the truth of their own scriptures. They are cowards that's why they say Hinduism is a way of life and allow all kinds of shitty beliefs and practices because they do not have the courage to fight for their own gods. Not only Hindus are fooling themselves in not recognizing who their true God is they are fooling everyone too and many Hindus are fucking poor too so they have to thrive by telling lies to you that the Yoga poses which they are teaching has no connection to the spiritual side of Yoga.

Christians and Muslims have only two choices either give up Jehovah and Allah respectively and attend a Yoga session bowing to the pagan Sun God, Helios or give up Yoga and follow Jehovah and Allah respectively. The choice is yours. 

Please note that Helios allows the simultaneous worship of himself along with Jehovah and Allah because Helios is not a jealous God but the same is not true for Jehovah and Allah they would ideally want you to be dead if you try to serve any other gods other than themselves. Rather than blindly allowing both these contradictory theologies in your hearts it is better to convert to one religion completely and put all your focus on that particular god otherwise you will fail to win the grace from either of these three gods perhaps you might insult them rather than earning their unmerited grace.

You foolish bloody mother fucking Americans if you think you can misappropriate a culture and get away with it I bet you guys are wrong and you will pay the price for it. Want a good physique go to a fucking gym, yoga is not the answer for it. You stupid Americans.