Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Venus is in Scorpio

Scorpio in Love

This explains why I am lonely and why its okay for me to remain single despite having no relationship with a girl for a decade or for years.

"Romantic dates, fun outings, and expensive gifts are all minor compared to their main priority: soul-level bonding like Romeo and Juliet."

My maternal aunt once said, "Look, no girl says hi to Harshit" and my maternal uncle said, "you have never taken a girl to a movie". Those are indeed harsh words but the point is that that's just not me, that's not who I am and that's not what I want. I don't like to flirt with girls and nor do I like girls who flirt. I would rather like to have one night stands rather than taking a girl to a movie and is our Indian society and an average Indian girl ready to accept that kind of a culture? So don't trouble me and its okay for me to remain single and I don't always have to be in a relationship to keep myself going and I don't like to have one night stands either because that's not what I truly want. If you think I do then you have not really understood me so well.

You can mess up with me on anything but not in the name of Love. I have a hard time forgiving people who mess up with me in the name of Love and this is the reason why I ask a girl thousand times "Are you matured?" before giving my heart away to her because this is something very very important to me and you now know why.