Sunday, 22 May 2016

Christian girls are making a mockery of Jesus sacrifices

Why do christian girls sleep with multiple men despite knowing that adultery is a sin?

That's my question which I asked some time back.

As non-Christians and with the way the western culture is portrayed in the east and after seeing the behavior of western people it gives a false impression to us that it is okay in their religion to sleep with multiple men but a careful study of their historical religious culture shows that neither the Old Testament nor the New Testament provides any leeway for such actions.

While Jehovah ordains that such people should be stoned to death in the OT, Jesus on the other hand  tried to transform such people through his love and grace but Christian girls taking the idiotic concept of the Original Sin invented by the Roman Catholic Church for granted believe that it is okay to sin as much as we want because Jesus is going to forgive us anyway. Its definitely none of my fucking business to ask Christian girls as to why do they sleep with multiple men, well, its their lives, they can sleep with dogs who cares, my point is how can they sleep with multiple men and yet call themselves Christians. Aren't they mocking on the sacrifices that Jesus made for them?

Yeah some goat herder died for our sins two thousand years ago. Thank you, Jesus. I am going to continue what I do best which is to sin and commit adultery and you are going to forgive us and take us to heaven. This is exactly their attitude and their way of thinking.

This is an albeit false misunderstanding of the grace which Paul is teaching to us in his letters. Paul says to put off our old sinful self and reborn again with a new self in Christ. That's why we have sacraments, baptism and everything but if you just keep your old sinful self and continue to sin well you better stop calling yourself a Christian rather than making a mockery of Jesus sacrifices. In fact Gospel of Philip warns us "Those who think that they will die first and then raise are in error if they do not first receive the resurrection while they live when they die they receive nothing".

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