Monday, 4 April 2016

Following this blog post 'I am rolling out my own discussion forum' I have released the landing page for my forum which will be available on The landing page neatly sums up what I have been arguing for through out my life and as you can see the website is geared up for the revival of pagan mystery religions, Valentinianism and Vedism.

Its quite amazing how quickly you can turn your meme into a reality with the latest technologies available out there today. The job is not even half done as I have started to code my own forum and design its layouts. Finally it seems I have cleared my indebtedness to Helios and Jesus for all the wisdom and grace they have given me.

The idea was to combine advances in Modern Science, Neoplatonism and Gnosticism and Vedism under one robust philosophy so that it can be conveyed easily onto the masses without too much baggage and what better philosophy to turn to than Platonic Realism. It fits the bill perfectly for my philosophical view of the world and it is indeed the correct true reality and falsifies a thousand other philosophies including Solipsism, Idealism, Pantheism, Panpsychism, Panenthianism, Scientific Realism, Vedanta, Illusionism, Transcendental Idealism, Cartesian Dualism, Monism, Non-dualism etc etc proving them all wrong. Platonic Realism certainly had the appeal to be the default philosophical view combining Western Esotericism, Eastern mysticism and Modern Science shattering people's most cherished beliefs and ridiculing the stupidity and idiocy of the Hindu Vedantic thinkers who believe that only Brahman is real and consider the world to be an illusion which was never really the view of Vedic Aryans at all which has been rigorously shown to be true by Sri Aurobindo.

The Pleroma or The Agnishoma Mandala or The Intelligible realm does exist independent of us so there is a real world out there independent of us and that world is the abode of King Helios-Aion-Mithras. Actually the shocking truth is that the only thing that exists is the body of Christ or the body of Helios and nothing exists apart from that. We are actually surrounded by the body of Christ or the body of Helios or in other words our place in the cosmos is not in space but it is inside the Pleroma or inside the body of Christ. We don't know this because we all are prisoners of the cave and the first lesson of the mystery religions is to turn back and look where we came from and where we are going. This is nothing but the theory of modalistic Emanationism or in other words the world is an emanated expansion of only one God and the multitude of beings are indeed individualistic but are not separate from him instead they are situated in his womb from the beginning of time. So all that exists is nothing but God.

Some people or the enemies of my philosophy might try to destroy my pious movement after I die by saying that Harshit endlessly tried to persuade a Christian girl and when his love was unrequited he got angry and ran a polemic hate-crime against the orthodox Christians just like Ebionites try to destroy Saint Paul's image by saying that he converted to Judaism just to win the daughter of Jewish priest and just like Tertullian tries to neutralize the piety of Valentinus by saying that he turned against orthodoxy after losing the election for the Bishop of Rome by a narrow margin. So I want to make it very clear yes the pain of unrequited love is something impossible to bear but whatever it is it is between me and God.
The faith that you have, keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves. (Romans 14:22)
I will pick a sword not for Helios, not for Mithras, not for Jesus but I will pick one for Saint Paul of Tarsus not for anything else but for the retaliation of the repeated persecution of the Valentinian Christians at the hands of the orthodoxy in the name of Catholic Inquisition and there is simply no excuse or compromise on this for sure.