Wednesday, 23 March 2016

You've got mail

Long distance relationships can be hard to maintain as it requires a lot of commitment to make it work but surprisingly the feelings in these kind of relationships are much more stronger than normal relationships. If you were in such a long distance relationship before or if you are in one presently the screenplay 'You've got mail' is quite inspirational and is scripted perfectly for such a relationship although in reality things often don't work out that well.

For me too it was like a Kathleen Kelly, "I don't actually know him" cringing moment with the only difference being for me it was an, "I don't actually know her" cringing momentWhat does this mean? Does it mean it is not sane to fall in love with a person through the internet without knowing anything about the person? Are we falling in love with a real person who claim themselves to be what they are or are we falling in love only with a fictitious character on the internet who doesn't exist in real life? This is kind of hard to answer but its definitely not your fault if you truly loved a person on the internet then came to realize later that the person was hiding his or her true character just to win you over rather than being with their true character all along which in such a case you would never have fallen in love with such a person in the first place. Well, the movie certainly contests that such make ups and break ups are perfectly alright given how the technology has advanced over the years.

The innocence of true love is something which is priceless and unchanging irrespective of whether you love someone through the internet or through the real world. I have made a sincere effort not to lose that innocence because if I lose that I will lose myself. In other words true love remains unshaken despite technological boundaries or technological advances which keeps introducing us into alien situations challenging and testing human behavior every time.

Some people think that a wrong deed committed over the internet is not sin at all just as Kathleen Kelly asks Christina, "All right. Is it infidelity if you're involved with someone on e-mail?". You might not be   committing sins through your actions as in a real life event but you are definitely committing sins through your thoughts. There is actually no difference between a sin committed physically through your actions and a sin committed through your thoughts since both corrupts the purity of the heart equally.

Given the above case a long distance relationship can be as serious a relationship as you have in a normal one. It has the same feelings, expectations, commitments, dramas and roller coasters. So the lesson is to not to get confused when you encounter yourself with such a relationship, a common mistake which we all do instead we should handle it just as you handle a normal one in your real life.


Oh, well, it's not like that.We just e-mail. It's really nothing... On top of which I am definitely thinking about stopping because it's just getting-- 


Outta hand?


Confusing. But it's not-- Because it's nothing.

When are women not confused BTW? They always are.