Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christian Evangelists and sympathizers of Islamic Radicalism should be kicked out of India

India is an Aryan Nation and we don't believe in democracy and secularism. How dare you mother fucking Christians and Muslims that you come to our land and preach to us that our gods are all demons? Do you thought that we would fall to your trap and convert to your bastardized Semitic religions?

We are extremely offended by Allah who in every verse offends polytheists by treating them as the vilest of all creatures. We are die hard polytheists and that would directly make us an enemy of Islam and Allah. If you offend one of us we will offend one thousand of you, if you kill one of us we will kill ten thousand of you. Go and tell your deluded Allah that he is an inferior god and not the true God of the cosmos and if he along with his deluded followers think that by terrorizing us we will succumb to his Islamic domination then that's a wet dream of Muslims.

Rather than my children and my grand children facing a war against Jihadism and from the whore of Babylon which is the Roman Catholic Church let the war begin now.

Pope Francis has no right to speak against the atrocities of ISIS when his own religion committed one of the greatest atrocities in the history of the world in the name of Catholic Inquisition which killed more than 150 million people in the world all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Wow, let us stand and applaud them for their achievements, me pukes at them because their means of killing was more barbaric than the Islamic desert wankers. On what moral grounds that he criticizes the acts of ISIS? There is actually no difference between the extremism of Islamic Salafism and the Catholic inquisitors. Catholics should be grateful that their pejorative pagans and the Gnostics have not retaliated yet

If you guys are so confident of your religion and in your faith in Jesus Christ why don't you guys put your Inquisition, the Crusades and the bad parts of Deuteronomy and Leviticus first on the table before evangelizing anyone? Why give a false portrayal of your religion that Jesus Christ is all loving, kind-hearted, all merciful and the forgiver of sins when actually his followers are one of the most cruel, selfish, vile and power sucking leeches of the world? Is this the humility of Saint Paul? No wonder the ones who fall into your trap are innocent rural people and poverty stricken Africans who are ignorant of the history of your religion.

We welcome Gnostic Christians but absolutely reject and oppose all other kinds of Christian evangelism whether it is Catholicism, Anglicanism, Protestantism, Calvinism, Mormonism, Pentecostalism or any other orthodox Christian denomination for that matter.

Next time when any moderates from these religions tries to be apologetic and lures you to win you to their side just show them your middle finger and say please fix your fucking religion first.

We are no longer proud of our multiculturalism, our teachers and our constitution have lied to us when they taught us this, Sarva dharma sama bhava. There is no separation of church and the state like in the US in India. India has its own definition of secularism by treating all religions as equal and by allowing all religions to equally preach and convert and to interfere in the affairs of the governance and therefore there are different laws for different religions in India. This is a disastrous view, all religions do not lead to the same truth and all religions are not equal and Islam itself in each and every verse of the Quran proudly proclaims that its religion is superior to all other religions. I don't know on what basis they made this as part of the constitution of India. It might be due to the influence of the coward Gandhi who was rightly persecuted for his deluded beliefs and doesn't really deserve to be called as the Father of Nation. A Father is someone who knows the values and culture for what his forefathers stood for and died for but Mr. Gandhi by ignoring those values and by introducing his own has destroyed India and has taken us into a collision coarse with other false religions who are plotting to mass murder us.

This is the current state of modern India but there is no need to give up hope, for the Vedic Gods are with us and will fight along with us to drive away the godless ones. Krishna says, "Shastra utao Yudh Karo" to Arjuna. Its high time we all do it.

índraṃ várdhanto aptúraḥ kṛṇvánto víśvam âryam apaghnánto árāvṇaḥ " 
[the Soma-drops], performing every noble work, active, augmenting Indra's strength, driving away the godless ones." (trans. Griffith)

This kind of hatred and intolerance will not stop or grow just because one form of government is in majority or the other but will continue to exist as long as the enemy of Aryans are completely destroyed and the delusions of our enemies are uplifted.