Sunday, 10 April 2011

JJ.Heller ** What Love Really Means ** Cover By Nerdy

                           What love really means by J.J Heller is the top christian song of the year which was sung by a female artist. The message of the song gives a spare of hope to millions of people who are lonely and who require immediate care and who are desperate to recieve the love from the God for who they are. Everyone deserves the love of God and he will surely send someone who will love us if we recieve him with a pure heart in the first place.
                     God did send someone to show his love for me when i was crying alone in a dark room in the form of My Nerdy. She was the one who showed me what love really meant. God gave all the strength to her to shower all the care and love upon me and she took me out of my lonely world and gave all the joy in the world and my life was never the same again.
                   My Nerdy is a wonderful guitarist and when she puts her fingers on the six strings the world comes alive. She has learnt it all by herself. One day people will applaude and cheer her for her talents. This video will always have a special place in my heart. I am so happy that I set her up to tune this song.