Friday, 4 March 2011

Nerdy My Angel

                 This is a small animation movie that I have created in rememberance of my angel when she visited my house. She was such a good friend of mine. I loved being with her and I used to admire her culture and values. She was my best besssst bessssst friend. I miss my nerdy :( :( ... I truly miss her.. tears just fall off from my eyes when I remember and think of her. She was everything for me. I have seen her as a friend and I have given her a lot of respect as my angel. She is the first person that comes to my mind whenever I feel sad seeing how uncivilized people act in and around me. No wonder why I admired her culture so much and why I used to just strive to be with her.  I just want to be in this virtual world of animation characters because this is where I find my true happiness. I realize how much she meant for me.  There is a multitude of difference between seeing one as a friend and seeing one as a sweetheart. My heart feels too heavy for both the former one as well as to the latter one.