Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My Puppy

                    I thought of sharing my strange experience that I had with my puppy today. I was sitting outside infront of my house thinking about my Nerdy as I was missing her too much and suddenly my puppy came running towards me from no where and placed his neck on my feet and started licking my feet. I wondered "kyun achanak ithna pyaar dikha rahi ho muje beta ... thume kya chaiye" and I gently moved my hands on his head and neck and it started to show more love towards me. I cried for having someone in this world who loves me. He covered his face with his feet out of shyness and it made me smile after a long time and it went running towards his mother. There are so many animals who desperately need shelter and care in this world. It is our responsibility as human beings to care for them and open up shelters for them to reside peacefully as it would please god too since he resides in each and everyone of us. It is something which I learnt from and admired the caring heart that my Nerdy had.
                  One day she was so upset that she didn't opened up any shelter for street dogs by seeing the foot steps of a street dog looking for shelter in the damn cold night lurking around her house. She was the one who showed the way of love and care to me.