Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dr.NERDY heart surgeon (M.D)

            My angel always wanted to be a doc. She is very much suited to that profession. She has got everything in her that one needs to be a doc. I always imagined her in the white coat. It was also my dream that one day she pursues her dream of being a doc. She has a very soft and caring nature. She has immense strength to go through the stressful job and at the same time handling the pressures in her life. I just wish and pray to god that she pursues her dream of being a doc and serves the needy and the people who are in sick. 
               She can cure any disease just by her touch and by her words. She is such a gifted person. She can give her strength to her patients and make them go through the difficult situations. She is very matured and  very well knows on how to get along nicely with her job. One would feel so happy if their passions and dreams come true in their life. I just hope her dream comes true and make small medical camps for the people in the rural areas. She is very good at multi-tasking and she has a brilliant informative mind.
Only she can cure my sickness.