Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sousuke Aizen

 Sousuke Aizen is an anime character. My angel was a great fan of him. She admired him so much that she put his picture on the walls and watched him day and night. Aizen is a great warrior having brown eyes and brown hairs. He is six feet tall and wears  cute glasses. He has a soft deep male voice and he knows all the arts about fighting in this world. He has crossed all boundaries and he is beyond our imagination.

       Aizen was a kind and a very intelligent man having great knowledge about decieveing others with his hypnotism, magic and sense deception. He was invisible too.
   Aizen was agile and knew flight. He had strong arms and was a good swordsman. He could destroy an army of thousands just by his sense deception and magical powers. His character did changed through out his life. He changed his appearances as the situations demanded him. He always had a magical sword with him named Kyouka Suigetsu. It would destroy arms of thousands with in seconds. Aizen knew how to plan conspiracy strategies and to take over a kingdom.

      Aizen had spiritual powers. He used to put out a aroma of spiritual energy from his body. The spiritual energy is called as Reietsu. He was a attractive male. The aroma would conquer other minds with out themselves realizing it. He knew how to manipulate people's minds. He was very good at those things. He is known for his deception and hypntonism abilities and he has a mastery of his skills and abilities.

       Aizen wears a black suit inside his white jacket  and keeps his magical sword always with him. He has a great appearance and brown hairs which are unstraightened. He is known for his agility, flight, swordsmanship, hypnotism, and his levitation abilities.
   He is known for his illusions and magical powers and he would destroy the enemy with just a glare look. He conquered so many fans with his fighting abilities and had a deep bold fierce voice.

              Aizen was a quiet guy and he did all his deceptions and conspiracies behind the scenes no one was ever aware of this or no one doubted Aizen. He always looked innocent to everyone with his very kind nature to others.
           He mastered all the arts about fighting and no would could ever defeat him in a battle. He used to memerise the enemy with his illusion abilities, invisibility,  levitation and hypnotism skills. He was good at fighting with out a sword in his hand too. He had strong arms and agile feet.

  Aizen always kept a sword with him called as Kyouka Suigetsu which had magical powers. Aizen would go little weak with out this sword so he always kept it with him. It had a long handle and a sharp metallic blade and would pierce the flesh of the enemies with just a slight move. It was heavy and only a man like Aizen would easily carry it. It had all the magical powers hidden in it. I wish I had a sword like that.

       Aizen was a man who deserved true admiration from everyone. He was a kind and a perfect attractive male no wonder why my Angel admired him so much. He has all the qualities to run an entire kingdom. He is a great leader and knows how to conquer a kingdom with out any fights and just by creating conspiracies and illusions no wonder why his fans love him so much. My angel loves him a lot and this is in rememberance of her.