Saturday, 19 February 2011




    All my life I truly had dreamt of an angel who came down from the heaven just for me to shower lots of love and care upon me. An angel who would admire my thoughts and ideas and encourage me  to be a writer.
On One Sunday morning in this winter god opened his eyes for me and graced me with an angel to make my dreams come true. It was the best day of my life and my god didn't disappoint me for keeping good faith in him  in return he gifted me a lonely angel who had clairvoyant eyes with long curvy hairs and a tender heart to pour all the love and care in this world upon me.

       She was my waking dream the one who made me believe... who would have thought.... who on this earth would have thought that I would find her in such a strange place of low expectations and it was a pure coincidence or a plan set up by god for us. It was like a dream come true. She took me into her world in her arms and covered me with her hairs. She lived in my heart and her words which were as sweet as honey itself filled with the wisdom of god fully occupied my mind.

        My days started and ended with her and I lived in her breath. We were outside of space and time, for us time never existed. She filled my stomach with her golden words. She was so intelligent and a great philosopher who knew about right conduct. She was truly an angel. She was so pure that whatever she touched became blossoms. She was just great, its beyond words can make us comprehend. She made up stories for me and made me go asleep.

       One day she all of a sudden left from my heart leaving it empty filled with darkness and gave a beautiful rose in memory of her. I touched her feet and sent her with a smiling face. How can anyone forget the one who did so much to remember. My heart is in pain I truly miss her :( :( .. where is my angel ... I am eagerly waiting day and night hoping that she'll come and lighten up my lonely world.